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    Default Pokemon: League of Ultimates

    Rating: PG

    Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon.

    Shippings: Advanceshipping (Ash x May), Amaroshipping (Gavin (OC) x Dawn), Anime Oldrivalshipping (Gary x Leaf), Wishfulshipping (Iris x Cilan), Orangeshipping (Misty x Tracey), Luckshipping (Brock x Lucy)/TeenCareShipping (Brock x Holly), Winstrateshipping (Max x Vivi)

    Chapter 1: “Unova League Final Battle! Ash V.S. Alder!”

    “Welcome, one and all, to the final battle of the Unova League Conference!” The announcer’s voice blared through the speakers of the stadium.

    Throughout the stadium, there were thousands of cheering people in the stands, including a girl with long purple hair and a boy with short green hair. In between the two sat two Pokémon. One was a reptilian Pokémon with long gray tusks with red tips and a green cowl. The other was a cat Pokémon with a golden charm on its forehead, cream-colored fur, and a brown-tipped tail.

    In the middle of the stadium was a large battlefield with two competitors on either side of it. One was a boy wearing a red cap with a white front and a blue Pokéball symbol on it that covered a head of messy black hair. He had intense brown eyes and little lightning bolt-shaped marks on his cheeks. He wore a blue and white jacket with a yellow zipper, black pants, and red and black high tops.

    Beside him was a small, yellow mouse Pokémon with red cheeks, black-tipped ears, brown stripes on its back, a mouth that looked like a sideways three, and a tail that looked like a lightning bolt.

    The other competitor was a tall man with red and orange hair put in a ponytail that made it look like his head was on fire. He wore a beige poncho with red, orange, and black stripes on it, white pants that looked like they were torn at the bottom, and black sandals. Around his neck, he wore a necklace of six Pokéballs tied together with thread.

    “It all comes down to this!” The announcer continued yelling into his microphone. “It’s an epic battle between young trainer Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town and the Unova League Champion himself, Alder!”

    Ash looked over at his opponent, who simply nodded at him. Ash looked into the stands and saw Iris, Cilan, Meowth, and Iris’s Fraxure cheering him on. Ash looked down at his partner, Pikachu, who winked at him, showing that he was ready to help him with the battle.

    The referee then stood on his podium in the middle of the field to the side. He raised both green and red flags.

    “This will be a six-on-six battle, substitutions are aloud,” The referee said to the two opponents. “Once all six Pokémon on one side are all knocked out the battle is over!”

    The referee raised his flags higher than ever. Ash grabbed a Pokéball from his belt, and tossed it into the air.

    “Serperior, I choose you!” Ash yelled as the ball popped open and large, green snake-like Pokémon appeared onto the field. The ball then flew back through the air and Ash gracefully caught it.

    “A Grass-type, eh?” Alder said with a smirk. He then took a Pokéball from his necklace and threw it to the field. “Accelgor, I need your assistance!”

    In a flash of blue light, a Pokémon that looked like it wore a pink helmet, wrapped up in blue strips of cloth-like material appeared on Alder’s half of the battlefield. It crossed its arms as if it was in an aggressive mood.

    “Serperior V.S. Accelgor!” The referee stated as he brought down both flags to signal the start of the battle. “Let the battle begin!”

    “Serperior, use Leaf Blade!” Ash commanded.

    Serperior’s tail sprig began to glow a light green color. It then sprung into the air and aimed to slash down on Accelgor using its tail.

    “Accelgor, use Me First!” Alder instructed.

    Accelgor then swiftly jumped into the air with great speed and hit Serperior with its arm, which was glowing green like Serperior’s Leaf Blade. Upon impact, Serperior was knocked to the ground.

    “How did Accelgor hit Serperior so fast and so powerfully?” Iris asked, surprised by how Accelgor had hit Serperior and knocked it to the ground.

    “It used Me First,” Cilan explained. “It’s a move that allows the user to hit the foe with a more powerful version of the foe’s move if its Speed is greater than the foe’s.”

    “So that means Accelgor is faster than Serperior!” Iris exclaimed.

    “Fra-xure!” Fraxure said, in shock like its trainer.

    “You said it!” Meowth said in awe of the Accelgor’s speed.

    Serperior struggled to get up from the ground. It had an angry look on its face. It glared over at Accelgor like it had damaged its pride.

    “Now, Accelgor, use Bug Buzz!” Alder ordered.

    Accelgor then made a loud, siren-like noise that caused red sound waves to be sent towards Serperior.

    “Serperior, use Coil to spring yourself into the air!” Ash yelled.

    Serperior nodded and then coiled its long body up tight. Then, just as the sound waves were about to hit it, Serperior launched itself into the air, dodging the Bug Buzz attack.

    “Now, use Leaf Storm!” Ash commanded.

    Glowing green leaves appeared and began spinning around Serperior’s airborne body. Then, they were shot at Accelgor, who was hit due to still using its Bug Buzz attack. As the many leaves struck it, it was pelted until it fell to the ground. It slowly got up, but was covered in the scratches from Serperior’s attack. At the time, Serperior had landed gracefully onto the ground.

    “Accelgor, use Focus Blast!” Alder instructed.

    A light blue ball of energy appeared in between Accelgor’s arms. It then threw the ball at Serperior.

    “Serperior, use Leaf Blade to hit it back!” Ash yelled.

    When the attack came close to Serperior, Serperior swiftly hit it back with its glowing tail. The ball then gained speed and hit the Pokémon who had created it, causing a cloud of dust to surround Accelgor. When the dust cleared, Accelgor was on the ground with swirls in its eyes.

    “Accelgor is unable to battle!” The referee stated to the crowd, pointing the red flag at Serperior. “Serperior is the winner!”

    The crowd cheered. Iris and Cilan watched as Alder held out a Pokéball and caused Accelgor to disappear into it in a flash of red light.

    “Ash is doing pretty well so far!” Iris said gleefully. “Who can say that they’ve beaten even one of the Champion’s Pokémon?”

    “That’s true,” Cilan said, focusing on the match. “But’s the battle’s far from over.”

    “Yeah, but the twoip will pull through!” Meowth said with a grin. “He always does!”

    Iris and Fraxure nodded and returned their gazes to the field.

    “Vanilluxe, I need your assistance!” Alder shouted as he took another Pokéball from his necklace and tossed it into the air.

    In a flash of blue light, what looked like and ice cream dish with two faces, one on each scoop, on a icicle cone with a straw sticking out of its right scoop. It floated in the air happily with snow clouds puffing out of the straw.

    Ash looked at the Pokémon. He had seen this Pokémon before in his earlier Unova League battle with Trip. Trip’s had been tough to beat, so he didn’t know how tough this one would be. He began to consider recalling Serperior.

    However, he looked up at Serperior and saw that it was still wanting to battle, despite the damage it had received from Accelgor.

    “You still want to battle?” Ash asked. Serperior nodded. “Alright then! Let’s do this!”

    “Serperior V.S. Vanilluxe!” The referee yelled. “Let the battle begin!”

    “Serperior, use Leaf Storm!” Ash commanded.

    Serperior launched the glowing leaves at its icy opponent.

    “Vanilluxe, use Light Screen!” Alder instructed.

    A golden box appeared around Vanilluxe and the leaves bounced off of it and fell to the ground, completely harmless now.

    “Now, Vanilluxe, use Blizzard!” Alder ordered.

    Vanilluxe opened its mouths and released blizzards from them.

    “Serperior, no!” Ash yelled. However, it was too late. Serperior now sat on the field in a block of ice, defenseless against any attack Vanilluxe used on it next.

    “Finish it off with Flash Cannon!” Alder yelled.

    Vanilluxe then fired a silver beam of energy at Serperior, creating an explosion. As the smoke cleared, Serperior lay on the ground with swirly eyes.

    “Serperior is unable to battle! The winner is Vanilluxe!”

    Ash returned Serperior to its Pokéball and then smiled.

    “Thank you, Serperior,” He said as he put the ball back onto his belt. “Take a good, long rest.”

    Ash then took another ball from his belt and tossed into the air, yelling, “Scrafty, I choose you!”

    On the field appeared a bipedal lizard-like Pokémon with red mohawk-like crest on its head, yellow molted skin hanging from its shoulders and legs, resembling a hoodie and pants, and orange-colored body with a gray, scaled belly.

    “Scrafty V.S. Vanilluxe! Let the battle begin!”

    “Scrafty, use Brick Break!” Ash commanded.

    Scrafty’s arm glowed white and it then leapt into the air. It brought its arm down on the golden box, causing it to shatter and completely fall apart.

    “Now, before Vanilluxe can react!” Ash yelled. “Use Crunch!”

    Scrafty’s teeth glowed white and then it bit down on Vanilluxe with its mouth. Vanilluxe screamed in pain and then fell to the ground, with Scrafty still clamped on it. It struggled to get up, but then it fell back to the ground with swirls in its eyes.

    “Vanilluxe is unable to battle! Scrafty is the winner!”

    Alder returned Vanilluxe to its Pokéball. It then switched it with another Pokéball on his necklace.

    “Druddigon, I need your assistance!” Alder yelled as he tossed the ball into the air. Soon, a large, blue, hunchbacked, reptilian creature with medium-sized wings shaped like thistle leaves and a red head appeared onto the field.

    Druddigon stood menacingly over Scrafty and roared. Scrafty, however, bared its teeth and stood its ground.

    “Scrafty V.S. Druddigon! Let the battle begin!”

    “Scrafty, use Hi Jump Kick!” Ash commanded.

    Scrafty leapt into the air, its knee glowing orange-red in color.

    “Druddigon, use Night Slash!” Alder instructed.

    Druddigon’s claws glowed red and it struck Scrafty down to the ground. Scrafty struggled to get up.

    “Now, finish it with Outrage!” Alder yelled.

    Druddigon’s eyes began to glow red and its body became outlined in a red aura. It then went on a rampage and then began to attack Scrafty violently with punches and kicks. When it moved away, Scrafty lay on the ground with its eyes swirled.

    “Scrafty is unable to battle! Druddigon is the winner!”

    “Scrafty, return and take a good rest!” Ash said as Scrafty’s Pokéball shot a red light at it and caused it to disappear in a flash of red light. He then took a Pokéball from his belt and looked at it, and then looked at the Druddigon with a look of determination on his face.

    “Samurott, I choose you!” Ash yelled as he threw the Pokéball into the air.

    In a flash of blue light, a quadruped, blue sea lion-like Pokémon appeared onto the field.

    “Samurott, use Aqua Jet!” Ash ordered.

    Samurott jumped into the air, its body surrounded by blue energy. It then became surrounded by water and rocketed itself towards Druddigon.

    “Druddigon, use Superpower to grab it!” Alder instructed.

    Druddigon’s body became outlined in a blue aura. It then held out its hands and caught Samurott as it came in for impact. The water fell to the ground and Samurott was still held in the air, being damaged by Druddigon’s rough skin.

    “Now throw it into the air and then jump after it using Night Slash!”

    Samurott was flung into the air and then Druddigon leapt after it with glowing red claws.

    “Samurott, quick, use Razor Shell to block it!” Ash shouted.

    Samurott then drew a large, beige colored sword from its leg and slashed the now glowing-blue blade onto the Night Slash attack, causing sparks to fly.

    The two then landed on the ground, both breathing heavily. This battle would be over in one more attack.

    “Druddigon, use Night Slash!”

    “Samurott, use Razor Shell!”

    The two then ran towards each other, claws and blade-ready. They both slashed at each other and landed on opposite sides of the field with their backs turned to each other. They both were breathing harder than ever.

    Then, they both fell to the ground, both knocked out.

    “Neither side is able to battle, so this round is pronounced a tie!”

    Ash and Alder then both returned their Pokémon to their Pokéballs and took another Pokéball each and threw it to the field.

    “Emboar, I choose you!” Ash yelled as an enormous, bulky, boar-like Pokémon with a blazing beard of fire appeared in front of him.

    “Escavalier, I need your assistance!” Alder said as a floating knight-like Pokémon with lance hands appeared onto the field.

    “Emboar V.S. Escavalier! Begin!”

    “Emboar, use Flamethrower!” Ash commanded.

    Emboar then released a stream of red-orange fire from its mouth at Escavalier.

    “Escavalier, dodge and use X-Scissor!” Alder ordered.

    Escavalier swiftly dodged the Fire attack and then put its lances together and charged towards Emboar with a light blue energy shaped like an “X” appearing in front of it.

    “Emboar, quick, dodge it and use Hammer Arm!” Ash yelled.

    Emboar just barely dodged the X-Scissor attack and then, as Escavalier was passing it, it hit Escavalier to the ground with an arm that was glowing white.

    “Now, use Heat Crash!” Ash instructed.

    Emboar jumped into the air and an orb of red-orange fire appeared around it. It then fell straight to the ground and landed on Escavalier. After getting off of Escavalier, everyone could see that Escavalier had been knocked out.

    “Escavalier is unable to battle! Emboar is the winner!”

    Alder then returned Escavalier to its Pokéball and put the ball back onto his necklace, grabbing another and tossing it into the air.

    “Volcarona, I need your assistance!” He yelled as a white moth-like Pokémon appeared in the sky.

    “Emboar, return!” Ash said, holding its Pokéball up and causing Emboar to disappear in a flash of red light. He then took another Pokéball and threw it into the air.

    “Unfezant, I choose you!” He said as a gray game bird-like Pokémon appeared in the sky.

    “Unfezant V.S. Volcarona! Begin!”

    “Unfezant, use Aerial Ace!” Ash commanded.

    Unfezant’s body was surrounded by white streaks of light as it flew towards Volcarona.

    “Volcarona, use Bug Buzz!” Alder ordered.

    Volcarona began to make a loud screeching sound, and then, red sound waves came from it and hit Unfezant, hurting it and causing it to fall to the ground.

    “Now, use Hyper Beam!” Alder yelled.

    Volcarona sent a large, orange beam of light down from its mouth onto the grounded Unfezant. It was so powerful that it knocked it out in an instant.

    “Unfezant is unable to battle! Volcarona is the winner!”

    Ash returned Unfezant to its Pokéball, and just as he was about to send out Emboar, he felt a tug on the leg of his pants. He looked down and saw Pikachu with a look of intensity in its eyes.

    “You want to battle, Pikachu?” Ash asked. Pikachu nodded. “Alright then, Pikachu, I choose you!”

    Pikachu ran onto the field. It looked up at its opponent with sparks dancing on its cheeks.

    “Pikachu V.S. Volcarona! Begin!”

    “Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!” Ash yelled.

    “Volcarona, use Overheat!” Alder shouted.

    An explosion occurred as yellow lightning and white-and-orange fire collided in mid-air.

    “Now, Pikachu, use Iron Tail!” Ash commanded.

    Pikachu ran and jumped into the air, its tail taking on a metallic shine. It then struck Volcarona down with its tail.

    “Pikachu, finish it off with Electro Ball!” Ash instructed.

    At the end of Pikachu’s tail, a yellow orb of electricity appeared and Pikachu used its tail to launch the orb at Volcarona, creating a cloud of dust.

    As the dust cleared, everyone could see that Volcarona lay on the ground with swirled eyes.

    “Volcarona is unable to battle! Pikachu is the winner!”

    Alder now returned Volcarona to its ball and took the final Pokéball off of his necklace.

    “This has been a great battle, Ash!” He yelled across the field. “However, it all ends now! Bouffalant, I need your assistance!”

    In a flash of blue light, a large, brown buffalo Pokémon with an afro appeared onto the field.

    “Pikachu V.S. Bouffalant! Begin!”

    “Pikachu, use Volt Tackle!” Ash commanded. Pikachu began running at Bouffalant with yellow electricity surrounding its body.

    “Bouffalant, stop it using Earthquake!” Alder instructed.

    Bouffalant stomped its foot into the ground, causing the ground on the field to break apart. Pikachu was stopped right in front of Bouffalant.

    “Now, finish it off with Stone Edge!” Alder ordered.

    Stones appeared around Bouffalant’s body and began pelting down on Pikachu. Because it had been so close, Pikachu was knocked out.

    “Pikachu is unable to battle! Bouffalant is the winner!”

    Ash ran out to Pikachu and picked him up. As he held him in his arms, Pikachu smiled at him, showing Ash that he was okay.

    “Thanks, buddy. Now why don’t you take a nice rest?” Ash said as they walked back to their corner.

    After setting Pikachu down, Ash took out his final Pokéball.

    ‘It’s up to you.’ He thought as he threw it into the air. “Emboar, I choose you!”

    In a flash of light, the Mega Fire Pig Pokémon appeared onto the field. He then began to glare at Bouffalant, who just glared right back.

    “Emboar V.S. Bouffalant! Final Battle Begin!”

    “Emboar, use Flamethrower!” Ash commanded.

    “Bouffalant, use Stone Edge!” Alder ordered.

    Ash grimaced as the fire and the stones exploded in midair.

    “Emboar, use Hammer Arm!”

    “Bouffalant, use Megahorn!”

    The two ran towards each other. Emboar hit Bouffalant with its arm, and Bouffalant hit Emboar with its horns. They both were breathing heavily.

    “Let’s finish this!” Both Ash and Alder yelled. “Use Flame Charge/Head Charge!”

    Emboar began flying down the field surrounded by fire and Bouffalant charged towards it with a glowing red afro. Upon impact, a huge explosion occurred.

    “The two attacks hit!” The announcer yelled into the microphone. “But who won?”

    As the smoke cleared, Emboar and Bouffalant both stood breathing heavily. Emboar grinned at Bouffalant, who returned it with a similar grin. Then, Emboar winced and fell to the ground with swirls in its eyes.

    The stadium then burst into cheers as they clapped and yelled for the winner. Iris, Cilan, Meowth and Fraxure, however, looked sadly at their friend.

    On the field, Ash fell to his knees. He then returned Emboar to its Pokéball.

    “Thanks, Emboar,” He said sadly. “You did a great job.”

    Pikachu rushed over to comfort its trainer. Ash looked over at Pikachu and smiled.

    “You’re right, Pikachu,” He said, wiping the tears from his eyes. “I shouldn’t be down about this. Thanks.”

    “Pika!” Pikachu smiled happily.

    Alder then walked over to Ash with Bouffalant.

    “Thank you, Ash,” He said with a grin. “I haven’t had a battle like that in a long time. It was great!”

    Ash got up and shook Alder’s hand.

    “Thank you, Alder,” Ash said gratefully. “You showed me that I still have a lot of training to do.”

    That night, after the awards ceremony, Ash and the others went to their cabin and fell asleep. Well, at least Iris and Cilan did.

    Ash lay in his bed with Pikachu. He held a small object in his hand.

    “When we get back, Pikachu,” Ash whispered as he looked at it in the moonlight, “There’s someone there that I’ve got to talk to.”

    “Pika!” Pikachu said with a yawn.

    “Goodnight, buddy,” Ash muttered. With that, the two fell asleep.

    The next morning, the three and their Pokémon got up and left for Nuvema Town. After arriving, they first went to Professor Juniper’s lab and picked up his other three Pokémon. Then, they went to the Nuvema Town Harbor and said goodbye to each other. Ash, Pikachu, and Meowth were all going together back to Kanto. Iris and Cilan were going back to Opelucid City and Striaton City, respectively. Ash and the two Pokémon then climbed aboard the plane and flew back to their home of Kanto.

    After a few hours, the three looked out the window of the plane and saw the Pallet Town Harbor in the distance.

    ‘We’re almost home,’ Ash thought as the plane began its descent. ‘Soon, I can finally tell you how I feel.’

    Next Chapter- Chapter 2: “The Homecoming of Ash! A New Rival Appears!”- Ash, Pikachu, and Meowth are back in Kanto. After being picked up by a certain someone, they make their way back to Professor Oak’s Lab. However, when old enemies attack, stronger than ever, a mysterious trainer from Ash’s past appears just in time to save the day! Who is this trainer? Is he on the good side? Or is he a greater threat than the enemies of old? What is his connection with Ash? Will they defeat the evildoers? Plus, who has Ash been wanting to talk to? Find out next time in Pokémon: League of Ultimates!

    This story has been out for a long time on Fanfic.Net, but I wanted to see how it would do on here and maybe get some constructive criticism! So, if you have any comments or constructive criticism, feel free to comment!
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    Default Pokemon: League of Ultimates

    Chapter 2: “The Homecoming of Ash! A New Rival Appears!”

    As the plane landed in the Pallet Town harbor, Ash, Pikachu, and Meowth trembled with excitement with the thought of returning to Pallet Town, Ash’s home. Meowth, who had never had a home before, was especially excited and ready to prove to all of Ash’s friends that he could do good.

    After stepping off of the plane, the trio stood on the dock and looked around, waiting to see if someone was there to pick them up. After several head-turns, they saw that no one was there.

    “Uh, twoip?” Meowth said with a tug on Ash’s jeans. “Shouldn’t there be somebodies to pick us up?”

    “Pika pika pika pika!” Pikachu said with a relaxed composure.

    “I am being patient, you yellow fuzzball!” Meowth yelled angrily.

    While the two Pokémon began to squabble, Ash looked up into the sky with a sigh. Then, all of the sudden, he saw a glint in the distance.

    “Hey, guys!” Ash said, getting the Pokémon to stop fighting immediately. “I think I see something!”

    Pikachu and Meowth then squinted in the direction that Ash was looking and then they saw it, too.

    As the thing in sky got closer and closer, Ash was finally able to see what it was. It was an orange, dragon-like creature with extremely sharp claws, a long neck, and two horns protruding from the back of its head. It had blue-colored wing fronts, a cream-colored belly, light blue-colored eyes, and a long tail with a flame burning at the tip.

    “Charizard!” Ash exclaimed happily.

    Charizard roared happily at the sight of its trainer, breathing fire onto Ash, who fell to the ground dazed and covered in ash.

    After Ash got back to his feet, he saw that there was a person riding on the back of his Pokémon. It was a girl around his age with long, brown hair, dazzling blue eyes, and a wonderful smile. She wore an orange sleeveless T-shirt with a black collar folded down, black bike shorts, black socks, red and white sneakers. Around her waist, she wore a green waist pack that matched the green bandana that she wore on her head.

    “May!?!” He said in a shocked and happy expression.

    “Hey, Ash!” She waved happily. “Long time, no see!”

    After Charizard landed, May jumped off of its back and ran to Ash, hugging him with joy. Soon the two began to blush, however, and they broke apart.

    “May, when did you learn to ride my Charizard?” Ash asked.

    “Well,…” She said, thinking back to when she first rode Ash’s Fire-and-Flying Type Pokémon.


    Weeks before Ash’s return, we find May watching the Unova League Conference with her parents, Norman and Caroline.

    ‘Wow!’ May thought as Ash defeated yet another trainer. ‘Ash has gotten really good!’

    The telephone then began to ring.

    “I’ll get it!” May said, running towards the phone, her eyes still unwavering from Ash’s match.

    After answering and turning on the video screen, she heard a familiar male voice saying, “Hey May, how’s it going?”

    “Brock!” May exclaimed with glee. “How’ve you been?”

    “Great! I’ve just finished my final essay for Pokémon Medical School!” Brock said proudly.

    “You’re already done with medical school?” May asked in shock.

    “Yeah, but it’s still gonna be a few years until I can become a doctor, so I’m free for a few years!” Brock answered. “So, have you seen him on T.V.?”

    “Yeah, he’s doing great!” May said happily.

    “You know what that means, right?” Brock said knowingly. “He’ll soon be home.”

    “Oh, yeah!” May remembered. She then became excited. “You know, we should do something for when he comes home!”

    “Sure,” Brock said in agreement. “I can contact Misty, Gary, Tracey, Professor Oak and Ash’s mom, and you can get Max, Dawn, and a few of his old Pokémon!”

    “Awesome!” May said enthusiastically.

    “Plus, May,” Brock said perceptively, “I think you and Ash need to have a talk when he gets home.”

    May blushed. Ever since Drew had tried to ask her out in Johto and she had refused, she had been thinking about Ash nonstop. She opened her pack and took out half of a pink and white ribbon with an orange semicircle on it.

    “You’re right, it’s time,” May said confidently.

    She then told her parents the news and got her things and Pokémon together. She ran outside and was about to start running when she saw an orange dragon Pokémon fly down towards her.

    “Charizard!” She exclaimed. She then embraced the Flame Pokémon, who happily returned the hug. As they broke apart, May asked, “Did you want to help me get everything ready for Ash’s return?”

    Charizard roared happily and nodded. It then allowed May to climb onto its back.

    “Okay, let’s go!” May ordered. The two then took off.

    (End Flashback)

    May didn’t answer, so Ash just shrugged it off. May then looked down and saw Meowth. She then jumped behind Ash, scared.

    “Ash, isn’t that Team Rocket’s Meowth!?!” She asked, glaring at the Cat Pokémon.

    “Not anymore!” Meowth said with a grin. “I’m now officially a good guy!”

    May looked at Ash, who sweat dropped and rubbed the back of his head.

    “You see, during my journey in Unova, Meowth got fired from Team Rocket and deserted by Jessie and James,” Ash explained. “Since then, he’s been traveling with us.”

    “Meowth, that’s right!” Meowth said, putting its arm around Pikachu, who sweat dropped.

    “So, shall we go back to Pallet Town?” May asked, stepping towards Charizard.

    The three nodded and all climbed onto Charizard’s back with May. Charizard then took off and they all began the trip back to Pallet Town.

    Meanwhile, on a cliff overlooking Pallet Town, which sat in the distance, a boy sat in a meditation pose with a small Pokémon sitting beside him in the same pose.

    Then, the small Pokémon’s ears began wiggling and it opened its eyes. It looked in the direction where the noise came from and saw something. It then tugged on the leg of its trainer’s jeans, pointing towards the thing that made the sound.

    “I know, buddy,” The boy said calmly. “I hear it, too.”

    The boy then opened his eyes and looked in the direction his Pokémon was pointing. He plainly saw an orange dragon flying towards Pallet Town. On its back were two humans and a cat and a mouse Pokémon. One of the humans was a boy and the other was a girl. The boy wore a hat, a jacket, jeans, and he had messy black hair.

    “So,” The boy said with a smile. “He has finally returned.”

    The boy then took a Pokéball from his belt and threw it into the air. A large, light green, insect-like dragon Pokémon appeared in the air. The boy caught the ball and put it back onto his belt. Then, he and the small Pokémon jumped on the back of the green dragon and flew off in the same direction as their target. They followed closely, but at a far enough distance not to be detected.

    Ash and May soon began to make their descent towards the laboratory and corral of famous Pokémon Professor Samuel Oak. Ash had started his journey here, Prof. Oak having given him his first Pokémon, Pikachu.

    Ash also left all of the Pokémon from his previous journeys here. Well, everyone except for a select few. His Charizard, for instance, had traveled with him until they had found the Charicific Valley in Johto. Ash had then decided to leave Charizard there for training to become more powerful.

    Other Pokémon, such as his Squirtle, Gliscor, Primeape, and Haunter had been left with others to give them special training. Ash also had left his Pidgeot on Route 1 to protect the Pidgeotto and Pidgey there from the Spearow and their Fearow leader. He had also released his Butterfree to be with its mate, his Lapras to be with its family, and the Larvitar that he had hatched from an egg to be with its mother on Mt. Silver.

    Soon, they landed on the front lawn of the laboratory. Ash literally ran up the stairs with Pikachu right behind him. Meowth and May took their time up the treacherous steps. Charizard discreetly flew to the back of the laboratory, to the Oak Corral.

    Ash opened the door, and stood there, expecting to be immediately welcomed by the Professor, his mother, his friend Tracey, but no one was there. He didn’t even see his lovable Muk trying to smother him with excitement.

    Ash and Pikachu ran around the laboratory, looking everywhere for someone that he knew. May and Meowth stood watching him, Meowth with a confused expression like Ash and Pikachu. May had to try with all of her might to restrain a giggle. Meowth looked at her with a raised eyebrow. May pointed over at the glass door leading outside to the Oak Corral, and Meowth then smiled with understanding and winked at her.

    Ash and Pikachu, after looking everywhere inside, fell to the couch in the living room, both clearly pooped. As they heavily panted from running so much, Ash saw May walk over towards the door, going through it, and gesturing for Ash to follow. Ash, Pikachu, and Meowth walked over towards the door and opened it. Soon, Ash was grinning broadly at the sight he saw.

    Waiting outside were nine people that Ash knew very well. There was a girl with orange hair in a ponytail with green eyes, wearing a sleeveless yellow top with a hood, blue shorts, a small white belt with a pink buckle, and reddish-brown penny loafer shoes worn with white socks. Next to her was a tanned boy with spiky brown hair with squinty eyes, wearing an orange-and-gray vest, khaki pants, and blue-and-white sneakers. Ash knew these two as his original travel mates, Misty and Brock.

    Next to Brock was a boy around Ash’s age with long, spiky brown hair, wearing a black collared shirt, a blue medallion, indigo wristbands and pants, black sneakers, and a gray waist pack. This was Ash’s first rival, Gary Oak.

    Next to Gary was an old man with gray hair, wearing a white lab coat with a red collared shirt, a brown belt, khaki pants, and brown shoes. This was the man who had given Ash Pikachu in the first place: Professor Oak, Gary’s grandfather.

    Standing by the professor was none other than Delia Ketchum, Ash’s mom. She had brown hair and Ash’s brown eyes, and next to her was her Mr. Mime, Mimey.

    Next to her were Dawn and Max. Dawn was a coordinator that Ash had traveled with in the Sinnoh Region. She had blue hair and blue eyes, wearing her golden hair clips and her white beanie with the pink Pokéball symbol on it. She wore her black, V-necked, mini dress with the white inner shirt, a short pink skirt, her magenta scarf, and her pink, knee-high boots with black socks.

    Max was May’s younger brother and the son of Norman, the Petalburg City Gym Leader. He wore a green T-shirt, green-and-brown sneakers, black glasses, and brown shorts.

    Next to Max was a boy around Brock’s height with green hair, a red headband, a green t-shirt, red shorts, and blue-and-yellow sneakers. It was Ash’s friend from the Orange Islands, now Professor Oak’s assistant, Tracey Sketchit.

    Standing at the end of the row was May, who blushed when Ash grinned at her.

    “WELCOME HOME, ASH AND PIKACHU!” They all said together.

    Ash and Pikachu were all welcomed into a large embrace. Because May had told the others about Meowth before Ash had come outside, he was allowed in the hug, too.

    “Thanks, guys,” Ash said with a smile. “It’s so great to see you all again!”

    “We’re not the only ones who have been waiting to see you, Ash,” Tracey said with an evil grin. “Come and get him, everyone!”

    Then, all of the sudden, a multitude of Pokémon were stampeding across the field towards their trainer. They were as follows: Bulbasaur, Kingler, Muk, Tauros (All 30 of them), Snorlax, Heracross, Bayleef, Quilava, Totodile, Noctowl, Donphan, Swellow, Sceptile, Corphish, Torkoal, Glalie, Staraptor, Torterra, Infernape, Buizel, and Gible.

    Ash was tackled by all of his Pokémon. He laughed, saying, “It’s great to see all of you!”

    “Actually, Ash,” Professor Oak said with a grin, “that’s not all of them.”

    “Huh?” Ash asked with a questioning look. Then, he looked over towards the lake and saw them.

    There was a large, blue sea creature with four flippers, a long neck, a heavy shell on its back, and a horn protruding from its forehead swimming in the lake. Swimming beside it was a small, light blue turtle with a brown shell on its back and a squirrel-like tail. On the ground beside the lake was a furry, pig monkey with brown boxing glove-like hands and metal shackles on its arms and legs, a small dark green reptilian creature with an erect spine on the top of its head and a red chest, and a floating, purple ghost-like creature with spikes all of its body, triangular eyes and purple teeth, and a pair of disembodied hands floating in front of it. Charizard could be seen flying in the air with a large, brown bird with a red-and-yellow head crest, a purple butterfly with white wings and red eyes, wearing a yellow scarf, with a pink version of itself flying next to it, and large, bluish-purple vampire bat/scorpion-like creature.

    Ash ran towards the group of Pokémon and embraced them. They were the Pokémon mentioned earlier: Lapras, Squirtle, Primeape, Larvitar, Haunter, Pidgeot, Butterfree, and Gliscor.

    Ash looked at Professor Oak and asked, “But, how did you get them here?”

    “Well, if you really must know, they were all gathered by May here,” Professor Oak said, gesturing towards her. Ash looked over at her with a look of gratitude, which made May turn red again.

    “Well, why don’t we all eat?” Mrs. Ketchum said, pointing towards the large spread of food on the table. Ash, Pikachu, and Meowth’s mouths began to water.

    “Hang on,” Brock said, causing the three to stop drooling. “Why don’t we let our Pokémon out so that they can enjoy the party?”

    “Okay!” Everyone said in agreement. Misty, May, Dawn, Brock, and Tracey threw their Pokéballs into the air. Out came Azurill, Corsola, Luvdisc, Horsea, Staryu, Psyduck, Politoed, Blaziken, Glaceon, Wartortle, Venusaur, Munchlax, Skitty, Beautifly, Piplup, Buneary, Pachirisu, Mamoswine, Quilava, Togekiss, Croagunk, Sudowoodo, Forretress, Marshtomp, Chansey, Marill, Venonat, and Scyther. There were also a few new ones that Ash didn’t recognize.

    “May, Dawn?” Ash said, looking at them. “Did you two catch some new Pokémon in Johto and Hoenn?”

    “Yes,” May said enthusiastically. “Meet Ampharos, Ledian, Miltank, and Altaria!”

    The Light Pokémon, the Five Star Pokémon, the Milk Cow Pokémon, and the Humming Pokémon all nodded respectively.

    “Is that Altaria the Swablu you took care of in Hoenn?” Ash asked.

    “Yup,” May said with a smile as Altaria flew to her arm. “I met up with Altaria when I went home to Hoenn!”

    “And Ash,” Dawn said as Ash and May looked to her, “I’d like to introduce you to Illumise, Gardevoir, Mawile, and Breloom!” All of Dawn’s new Pokémon waved.

    Ash then looked at Max. He then said, “So, Max. Didn’t you start your journey not too long ago?”

    Max nodded and said, “Yup, and here they are!”

    Max threw some Pokéballs into the air and out popped nine Pokémon.

    “Meet Grovyle, Camerupt, Kirlia, Masquerain, Vigoroth, Mightyena, Shuppet, Glalie, and Manectric!” He said proudly.

    Ash then saw Max’s starter, Grovyle, a Vigoroth that he probably got as a Slakoth from his dad, the Kirlia that they had met in Hoenn as a Ralts, the Shuppet from the haunted house, the Mightyena that Max had helped to evolve and four Pokémon that Max had caught himself.

    “Great team, Max!” Ash said, impressed by his Pokémon. “We might just have to battle soon!”

    “Yeah, but not yet,” Max said with a grin. “I want to make sure that they’re ready to beat you and your Pokémon!”

    “By the way, Ash,” Professor Oak said, turning the attention to himself. “What sorts of Pokémon did you catch in the Unova Region?”

    Everyone looked at Ash who smiled.

    “Well, besides Pikachu and Meowth,” Ash said, bringing out his Pokéballs. “These were the Pokémon that I traveled with!”

    He then threw the balls into the air, and in a flash of light, eight Pokémon appeared onto the grass: the Regal Grass Snake Pokémon, Serperior; the Hoodlum Pokémon, Scrafty; the Formidable Sea Lion Pokémon, Samurott; the Mega Fire Pig Pokémon Emboar; the Proud Bird Pokémon Unfezant; the Compressed Pokémon Gigalith; the Nurturing Mantis Pokémon Leavanny; and the Vibration Pokémon Seismitoad.

    Everyone looked in awe at Ash’s new Unova Pokémon. Sceptile, Bayleef, Bulbasaur, Torterra, Heracross, Beautifly, Breloom, Grovyle, Venusaur, Illumise, Masquerain, Forretress, Venonat, Scyther, and Butterfree all went to greet Serperior and Leavanny. Charizard, Infernape, Blaziken, both of Ash and Dawn’s Quilava, Torkoal, Camerupt, Croagunk, and Primeape immediately took a liking to Emboar and Scrafty. All of the Water-and-Ground-type Pokémon said hello to Samurott and Seismitoad. The Flying Pokémon welcomed Unfezant. Gigalith was seen talking to Sudowoodo and a few Steel-type Pokémon.

    “Okay!” Ash said excitedly. “Now that everyone’s well acquainted, let’s eat!”

    “Same old Ash,” May said, soon following him to the table.

    Later, after everyone ate lunch, they all sat around awhile, enjoying each other’s company and telling tales about their adventures. Even the Pokémon were relaxing.

    Suddenly, however, a large net covered all of the Pokémon and began pulling them into the air.

    “What?” Ash said as he jumped from his seat at the table.

    In the sky, there was a large, black balloon with a red letter “R” on it. In the basket were a man with blue hair and a woman with red hair, both wearing white uniforms with red letter “R’s” on the front of them.

    “Team Rocket!” Misty yelled angrily.

    “Did someone call our name?” The woman asked in a start of a new motto.

    “Surely we’re not to blame!” The man said with a smirk.

    “Putting the world in devastation!”

    “Uniting all within the new sensation!”

    “Thrusting the black dust of shadows throughout the age!”

    “Blinding all with the fire of our rage!”



    “Causing evil and chaos wherever we show!”

    “Stealing Pokémon is the way we go!”

    “Now, say goodbye for our rhyme is done!” The two said in unison.

    “Jessie! James! How could you!?!” Meowth said in obvious disgust for what his former teammates had become.

    “Don’t you know that being evil is what we do?” Jessie answered with a sneer.

    “Although I guess he wouldn’t know anymore after joining the twerps!” James said with a chuckle.

    Meowth growled. He didn’t know that his old friends could go this low.

    “Now, we’re off to the boss’s with all of his brand new Pokémon!” Jessie said with glee.

    “And this time, we win!” James said happily.

    “Pikapi!” Pikachu yelled from the net filled with Pokémon.

    “Pikachu!” Ash yelled in protest.

    Piplup, Croagunk, Azurill, and all of the other Pokémon yelled for their trainers.

    Ash and the others growled. They couldn’t believe that Team Rocket was going to get away this time.

    “I can’t believe it!” Jessie said in disbelief.

    “For the first time, we actually stole Pikachu and all of the twerps’ Pokémon!” James said, thrusting a fist into the air.

    “Nothing can stop us now!” The duo yelled in harmony.

    “Flygon use DragonBreath!” A voice yelled from the distance.

    “Huh?” Everyone said, including Team Rocket.

    Soon, everyone saw a large, light green, insect-like dragon Pokémon appear in the sky and shoot a light blue beam of air at Team Rocket’s balloon, tearing it, and causing them and all of the Pokémon to fall, the Pokémon still in the net.

    “The Pokémon!” Dawn shouted in fear and worry.

    “Crobat, Weavile, come on out and use Steel Wing and Metal Claw!” The voice said from atop of the Flygon.

    In a flash of blue light, a purple, four-winged bat and a bluish-black bipedal feline appeared in the sky. They then slashed at the net with wings and claws, respectively, causing the net to fall apart and free the Pokémon, who all landed safely and unharmed.

    Team Rocket and their balloon, on the other hand, crashed into the ground. Everyone could see them covered in rubble.

    Ash and the others then looked up and saw the Flygon land beside Weavile and Crobat. The Flygon’s rider jumped off of it. It was a boy with short but messy brown hair, wearing a white jacket, a black shirt, brown pants, black-and-red sneakers, a dark green waist pack similar to Gary’s, red, fingerless gloves, and black, tinted goggles that covered his eyes. On his shoulder was a small, pale yellow mouse Pokémon with black-tipped ears, black markings on its neck, pink cheeks, a small nose, and a black tail similar to its evolved form.

    “Hey, it’s a Pichu!” Meowth exclaimed as the Pichu jumped to the ground from its trainer’s shoulder.

    Ash, May, Dawn, and Max took out their Pokédexes and scanned these four Pokémon.

    Pichu, the Tiny Mouse Pokémon. The pre-evolved form of Pikachu. It is not yet skilled at storing electricity, so it sometimes shocks itself.’
    Crobat, the evolved form of Golbat. With its two additional wings, Crobat is able to fly much faster than Golbat.’

    Weavile, the Sharp Claw Pokémon. It signals its companions by using its claws to leave mysterious markings on the surfaces of trees and ice.’

    Flygon, the Mystic Pokémon. Flygon is the evolved form of Vibrava. It's known as the desert spirit because of the song-like voice that emanates from the sandstorms it kicks up.’

    Ash looked at these Pokémon and could tell that all of four of the trainer’s Pokémon were extremely well-trained, especially the Pichu. It looked way more powerful than other Pichu.

    Team Rocket slowly climbed out of the rubble, angrier than ever.

    “How dare you!?!” Jessie said, angry about her damaged hair.

    “How dare you?” The trainer repeated. “How dare you steal other’s Pokémon that they have worked hard to raise?”

    “I think it’s time for you to pay for your insolence!” James said, he and Jessie then throwing Pokéballs into the air.

    In a large flash of blue light, six Pokémon appeared in the grass. There was a furry, blue bat, a magenta centipede-like creature, a slender, primarily purple-colored feline, a blue and yellow sarcophagus with four ebony hands coming out of it, a cactus-like creature, and a red, squat ape-like creature.

    “Swoobat, use Steel Wing! Scolipede, use Toxic! Liepard, use Slash!” Jessie ordered.

    “Cofagrigus, use Psychic! Maractus, use Solarbeam! Darmanitan, use Hammer Arm!” James yelled.

    The Pokémon all launched their attacks at the trainer. Gary tried to send out a Pokémon, but Professor Oak stopped him.

    “Let’s see how this trainer battles,” Prof. Oak said as he watched the battle with interest.

    “Shedinja, come on out!” The trainer said as he threw a Pokéball into the air.

    Soon, a brown, insect exoskeleton-like Pokémon with a halo over its head appeared in the air. The attacks came, but just bounced off of an invisible shield.

    “How come the attacks didn’t do anything?” Dawn asked.

    “That’s Shedinja’s ability, Wonder Guard,” Gary explained. “It makes it so that only super-effective hits can hurt it.”

    “Now it’s my turn!” The trainer said, throwing six Pokéballs into the air.

    In a flash of light, six Pokémon appeared onto the field. There was a fiery, mythical salamander-duck creature, a light-gray elephant-like creature, a large pink blob with a long tongue, a white gladiator-like warrior, a large penguin-like creature, and a large golem made of rocks.

    “Magmar, use Flamethrower! Donphan, use Earthquake! Lickilicky, use Power Whip! Gallade, use Psycho Cut! Empoleon, use Flash Cannon! Regirock, use Stone Edge!” The trainer commanded.

    The six Pokémon then launched their attacks on Team Rocket’s Pokémon, knocking them all out.

    “Now, Pichu, use Thundershock!” The trainer yelled.

    “Hahaha!” Jessie laughed.

    “Do you really expect to beat us with that pathetic little mouse?” James asked with a sneer.

    "Piiiiiiiiiiichhhuuuuuuuu!” Pichu yelled as it sent a large amount of yellow lightning at Team Rocket, sending them flying.

    “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” They yelled, disappearing into the horizon.

    The trainer then recalled all of his Pokémon. Pichu jumped back onto its trainer’s shoulder, and then they turned towards Ash and the others. Ash felt like he had seen this trainer before. Then, he realized who it was.

    “Gavin, is that you?” He asked.

    “Gavin?” The others said, all confused.

    The trainer looked directly at Ash and then moved his goggles to the top of his head. Everyone could plainly see the intense brown eyes that they had seen on their friend for all of these years.

    “That’s right,” He said coolly.

    Then, Mrs. Ketchum broke his cool by embracing him in a tight hug.

    “It’s so good to see you!” She said as she squeezed him and Pichu.

    “It’s good to see you, too,” Gavin said in a muffled sounding voice. “But you’re crushing me, Aunt Delia!”

    “Aunt Delia!?!” Everyone exclaimed.

    “That’s right,” Ash said, walking over to his relative. “Gavin here is my cousin.”


    Next Chapter: Chapter 3: “Family Matters! Ash V.S. Gavin!”- Everyone has just found out that the mysterious trainer Gavin is Ash’s cousin. Now, Gavin has decided to challenge Ash to a one-on-one battle. Also, we learn more about the love interests of the group. Plus, news about a new region are revealed! Who will win! Why is Gavin here? What is the new region? Tune in to Pokémon: League of Ultimates to find out!
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    Chapter 3: “Family Matters! Ash V.S. Gavin!”

    “Wait, hold on a second,” Brock said, breaking the awkward silence that had occurred when they heard this new information. “Ash, do you mean to tell me that this trainer is your cousin?”

    “That’s right,” Ash said calmly, wondering what all of the fuss was about. “Gavin and his family used to live in Pallet Town when we were younger. Then, his dad got a new job in Johto before either of us started our journeys. We haven’t really seen each other since then.”

    Everyone looked at Gavin. It was kind of hard to tell that he was related to Ash in any way. They were the same height and build, yes, but they looked completely different, except for their eyes. They both had the same intense brown eyes, filled with passion.

    At first, even after Ash’s explanation, it was still really awkward. Gavin began to feel uncomfortable. Then, out of the blue, they heard a large growling sound. Gavin’s cheeks turned red and he began to rub the back of his head.

    “Sorry,” Gavin said sheepishly. “We haven’t really had anything to eat in a while.” Then, everyone began to laugh.

    “He’s Ash’s cousin alright,” Misty said with a chuckle.

    ”Why don’t you all get to know each other and I’ll get some dinner ready,” Mrs. Ketchum said as she went inside with Mimey in tow.

    “Gavin, do you happen to have a Pokédex?” Prof. Oak asked oddly.

    “Yeah, it’s right here,” Gavin said as he took out a red device.

    “May I borrow it?” Prof. Oak requested.

    “Sure,” Gavin said, confused.

    Prof. Oak then asked Ash, May, Dawn, and Max for their Pokédexes as well. Holding in his arms a Pokédex from each region, he walked into the lab without telling them the reason.

    “So, Gavin, what brings you to Pallet Town?” Ash asked his cousin.

    “Well, I saw you on T.V., battling in the Unova League Conference,” Gavin answered, “so I thought that I’d come and visit you. Plus, there’s something I’ve wanted to do ever since I started on my journey.”

    Gavin took out a Pokéball, looked at Ash and said, “Ash Ketchum, I challenge you to Pokémon battle!”

    Everyone was surprised. Gavin hadn’t been there for ten minutes, and he had already challenged Ash to a battle. However, Ash was still smiling.

    “Sure, I accept your challenge,” Ash said calmly. “How about a 3-on-3 battle to really see how we both battle?”

    “That sounds awesome!” Gavin said enthusiastically. “Let’s do it!”

    Ash and Gavin stood across from each other on a field designated as the spot for their battle. All of the Pokémon had gathered around to watch the battle.

    Brock volunteered to be the judge of the battle. Tracey quickly took out a sketchpad to draw scenes from the battle on, while Max was ready to take notes.

    “This will be a 3-on-3 battle, no time limit!” Brock said to the opponents and the audience. “There will be no substitutions! When a Pokémon is taken down, both it and the winning Pokémon are to be returned! Whoever wins the most battles is the winner! Begin!”

    Ash looked at all of the Pokémon gathered around him. Then, a certain Pokémon caught his eye.

    “Larvitar, do you want to battle?” Ash asked, holding out an empty Pokéball since he had never actually caught Larvitar.

    Larvitar nodded and went into the Pokéball. After shaking a few times, Larvitar was caught.

    “Alright,” Ash said, throwing the ball into the air, “Larvitar, I choose you!”

    Larvitar appeared onto the field. However, as soon as it had, its body became engulfed in a glowing, white light.

    “Larvitar?” Ash said as he watched his newly caught Larvitar change its shape.

    Soon, after the glowing stopped, Ash saw a large, gray shell similar to his old Metapod, but instead, this Pokémon had several spikes all over its body, holes that showed its eyes, and holes that looked like eyebrows. It looked very strong.

    “Pupitar!” It said in a deep voice.

    “Wow! Larvitar evolved into Pupitar!” Max exclaimed, causing Tracey to begin sketching it frantically.

    “A Pupitar, eh?” Gavin said with a smile, holding a Pokéball. “Let’s see if you can handle this Pokémon! Donphan, come on out!”

    In a flash of blue light, the armored elephant Pokémon that they had seen before appeared.

    “Pupitar V.S. Donphan! Begin!”

    “Pupitar, use Rock Slide!” Ash commanded.

    Pupitar’s body took on a glowing blue outline. Then, rocks broke out of the ground and were thrown at Donphan.

    “Donphan, Defense Curl, and then use Rollout!” Gavin ordered.

    Donphan curled itself into ball and then began rolling at high speed, shattering the rocks as they hit it. It then began to roll towards Pupitar.

    “Pupitar, dodge it!” Ash yelled. “Then, use Thrash!”

    Pupitar vented gas to push itself out of the way. Then, it launched itself towards Donphan and began tackling it repeatedly.

    “Donphan, use Fire Fang to throw it!” Gavin instructed.

    Donphan’s tusks lit up on fire and it knocked Pupitar away.

    “Now, finish it off with Earthquake!” Gavin shouted.

    Donphan got up on its hind legs and then brought its front legs down hard. This caused the whole field to shake and Pupitar to be knocked into the air. Once it landed, everyone could see that it had swirly eyes.

    “Pupitar is unable to battle! Donphan is the winner of the first battle!” Brock announced.

    Ash walked over to Pupitar, who looked sad that it had lost its first battle as Ash’s Pokémon. Ash patted it and said, “Don’t worry about it, Pupitar. You did great. We’ll win next time.”

    Pupitar looked happier and then hopped right over to the others. May smiled.

    ‘He’s always so good to his Pokémon,’ She thought as Ash stood back up and face Gavin, who had returned his Donphan to its Pokéball. ‘In fact, he’s nice to anyone, unless they’ve given him reason not to. I wonder…’

    Soon, her gaze was redirected towards the battle as they prepared for the second round.

    “Ash, since you showed your Pokémon first last time, I’ll show mine first this time,” Gavin said, taking out a Pokéball. “Eevee, come on out!”

    In a flash of light, a small, brown fox-like Pokémon with a bushy tail with a cream-colored tip and a furry collar, also cream-colored, appeared onto the field.

    “Vee!” It said cutely, causing the girls to squeal at its cuteness. Eevee then saw its trainer and ran towards him. When it reached him, Eevee began to rub up against his legs, causing everyone to laugh. Gavin began to turn red.

    “Awww, that is so cute!” Dawn squealed.

    “Yeah, Eevee’s a new Pokémon on my team,” Gavin explained as the Evolution Pokémon continued to rub its trainer affectionately. Gavin then squatted next to Eevee. “Eevee, I need you to battle. Could you help me, please?”

    “Vee!” It nodded and then ran back onto the field, now looking ready to battle.

    “Alright then, I’ll choose Bulbasaur!” Ash said confidently. Bulbasaur ran onto the field.

    Ash bent down and whispered to Bulbasaur, “Be careful not to hurt Eevee too badly. It looks like it’s just a baby, so we need to go easy on it.” Bulbasaur nodded in agreement.

    “Bulbasaur V.S. Eevee! Begin!” Brock yelled.

    “Eevee, use Quick Attack!” Gavin commanded.

    Eevee began running towards Bulbasaur with a white streak trailing behind it.

    “Bulbasaur, dodge it and use Vine Whip!” Ash ordered.

    Bulbasaur jumped out of the way of the speeding Eevee and then grabbed it using its vines. It lifted it into the air and held it tightly as it struggled to get free.

    “Eevee, get out of there using Bite!” Gavin yelled.

    Eevee then opened its mouth wide and bit down on Bulbasaur’s vine, causing it to wince in pain and drop Eevee.

    “Now, use Dig before it can react!” Gavin instructed.

    Eevee then dug underground with its front paws. Bulbasaur began looking around for where it was going to come out.

    “Bulbasaur, follow it underground!” Ash directed.

    Bulbasaur jumped down the hole that Eevee had dug. Soon, Eevee came out of the ground with Bulbasaur right behind it.

    “Eevee, use Shadow Ball!” Gavin commanded.

    Eevee opened its mouth and created a black and purple ball in front of it. It then fired it at Bulbasaur.

    “Bulbasaur, use Solarbeam!” Ash yelled.

    Bulbasaur quickly gathered light in its bulb and then fired a beam of light at the Shadow Ball. The two attacks collided in mid-air and caused an explosion of black smoke.

    “Eevee, finish it with Last Resort!” Gavin shouted.

    Eevee’s body was surrounded by a white outline. It then began running at Bulbasaur.

    “Bulbasaur!” Ash yelled as Eevee got closer and closer.

    “Bulba!” Bulbasaur yelled. In its mind, it knew that the time was right. Its body began glowing in a bright, white light. Its bulb opened, revealing a pink bulb. It grew small fangs and had become darker blue in color. It also was a bit bigger than it used to be. Everyone was surprised.

    “Bulbasaur evolved into Ivysaur!” May yelled in shock.

    “Ivysaur!” It yelled as it opened its mouth and shot a bunch of glowing white orbs at Eevee, causing its attack to falter and it to fall to the ground.

    “And it learned Seed Bomb!” Gary said, impressed.

    Eevee was soon seen to have been knocked out with swirly eyes.

    “Eevee is unable to battle! Ivysaur wins the second round!” Brock announced.

    Gavin walked over to Eevee, picked it up and said, “Great job, Eevee! You did really well!” Eevee smiled at its trainer and licked him on the cheek.

    Ivysaur walked over to Ash, who said, “Thanks, Ivysaur! That was an awesome battle! It was really cool how you learned Seed Bomb!”

    “Ivy!” It said in a deeper voice than that of its previous form. It then walked over to the other Pokémon, who were admiring it and Pupitar for having evolved.

    After Gavin put Eevee down next to him, he looked at Pichu, who nodded and then ran onto the battlefield.

    “For this final round, I choose Pichu,” Gavin said confidently.

    “Then I choose Pikachu,” Ash said just as confident as his cousin.

    “The final battle will be between Pikachu and Pichu!” Brock yelled to the audience. “The winner of this battle breaks the tie and is the victor! Begin!”

    “Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!” Ash commanded.

    Pikachu released yellow electricity from its red cheeks and fired it at Pichu.

    “Pichu, use Thundershock!” Gavin ordered.

    Pichu also released yellow electricity from its pink cheeks and fired it at Pikachu. The two electrical attacks both collided in mid-air, creating a cloud of black smog. Once it cleared, the battle resumed.

    “Pikachu, use Electro Ball!” Ash yelled.

    Pikachu jumped into the air with a yellow orb of electricity forming at its tail. It then launched the orb at Pichu.

    “Pichu, use Light Screen,” Gavin instructed.

    Pichu held its hands out in front of its body and created a golden cube of light energy around its body. The orb hit the cube, but it only made Pichu slide back a little bit.

    “Now, use Reversal!” Gavin commanded.

    Three small, blue orbs of energy appeared around Pichu’s left hand and began circling its body until they reached its right hand. They then went inside of Pichu’s right hand, causing the hand to glow bright blue in color. Pichu then ran swiftly towards Pikachu, who tried to dodge, but was struck in the chest. It was knocked back a few feet, but it remained standing.

    “Pikachu, use Iron Tail!” Ash ordered.

    “Pichu, the same!” Gavin yelled.

    The two Electric Mouse Pokémon ran at each other, both of their tails glowing in a metallic shine, and struck each other’s tails in the air, causing sparks to fly from the tails. Eventually, there was an explosion, and the two were knocked back to their trainers.

    Ash and Gavin could see that their Pokémon were breathing heavily, both evenly matched. The battle would be over in one more attack.

    “Use Volt Tackle!” They both yelled.

    Both Pikachu and Pichu began running at each other at an unbelievable speed, their bodies surrounded by yellow lightning. Finally, the two collided in the middle of the field, and upon impact, a large explosion of black smog occurred.

    When the smoke cleared, everyone could see that both Pikachu and Pichu had both been knocked out in the explosion.

    “Neither Pokémon is able to battle! Since both trainers each have a win, I pronounce this match a tie!” Brock concluded.

    Everyone cheered. It had been a great battle, and Ash and Gavin went to their partners, picked them up, and then shook hands with each other.

    “Great battle, coz,” Ash said to the brown-haired boy he shook hands with.

    “Thanks,” Gavin said with a smile. “You did awesome, too.”

    “Dinner Time!” Mrs. Ketchum yelled out the door of the laboratory.

    After a great meal, Ash and the others sat outside and watched the Pokémon play. Ash then looked around and noticed that someone was missing: May.

    He got up and started looking around for her. He finally found her sitting alone next to the lake. He quietly got up right behind her and said, “Watcha doing May?”

    In surprise, she screamed, grabbed him by his shirt and threw him into the lake. When she finally realized who it was, she jumped in after him and pulled him out.

    “I am so sorry!” She kept saying as she got him and her towels and they both wrapped up in them.

    “It’s not your fault,” Ash said, soaking wet. “I shouldn’t have surprised you like that.”

    The two stared off into the lake, seeing all of the water Pokémon swimming around and having fun. Ash looked over at May. On her wrist, she wore a new bracelet that he hadn’t noticed before: it was a white band with a half of a pink-and-white ribbon with a gold semi-circle on it.

    “I see that you still have your half of the ribbon,” He said remarking on the new bracelet.

    She looked down at bracelet, turned red and said, “Uh, yeah. It helped me so much when I was on my own in Johto, so I turned it into something that I could look at every day.”

    Now it was Ash’s turn to blush. He didn’t know that she thought about him that much.

    “Uh, I saw you in the Grand Festival on T.V.,” He said, changing the subject. “You did very well.”

    “Yeah, but I still came in second,” May said sadly, “to Drew. Out of all of the people that I could lose to, I lost to him.”

    Ash could see that something was bothering her. He needed to do something in order to bring back that wonderful smile of hers.

    “What happened in Johto?” He asked.

    She sniffed, looked at him and said, “Drew happened. He tried to ask me out in Olivine City, right before the Grand Festival, but I refused. He then got really mad at me and yelled about how he was the ‘best coordinator ever,’ and how he ‘didn’t need me anyways.’ It’s not that I didn’t like him, as a friend, but there’s someone else that I have my eye on.”

    Ash’s heart leaped. Could it really be true? She didn’t like Drew? Then, did she like…?

    “Uh, so who is this lucky guy?” He asked nonchalantly.

    She blushed and said, “Oh, you know him. He’s a really great trainer who I’ve looked up to for a long time. He’s almost won a few leagues in a couple of regions.”

    Ash made a false look of confusion and said, “Doesn’t sound like anyone I know.”

    May looked at him and smiled. She knew that he was faking it. Now, she just needed to know if he liked her back.

    “Hey, May?” He asked slowly.

    “Yeah, Ash?” She said with her heart beating rapidly.

    “You know, there’s something that I’ve been meaning to tell you,” He said with a tinge of red in his cheeks.

    “When I was in Hoenn, traveling with you, it was the best time of my life. And then, when you agreed to go to Kanto with me, I couldn’t have been anymore happier. But when you left for Johto, like Drew, I thought that maybe you liked him better or something. Then, when you visited me in Sinnoh, I thought that I had a chance. Every day after you left Sinnoh and went back to Johto, I’ve been thinking about you. Now, that I’m back from Unova, I want to tell you that…I…love you.”

    May smiled and her eyes sparkled after he said that.

    “Oh, Ash!” She said happily. She then quickly leaned into him and pressed her lips against his. At first, Ash tensed up, but he soon relaxed. It was like there were fireworks going off in his head. May felt like she could stay like this forever.

    After what seemed like hours, the two finally broke apart. They looked at each other, both faces as red as they could possibly be, and smiled.

    Later, they both went back to the group, neither giving any indication of what had occurred just now. Then, Prof. Oak came out of his lab, holding a strange-looking box.

    “Ash, May, Dawn, Max, and Gavin,” He said excitedly. “I’d like to give you each something: your brand new Pokédexes.”

    He then handed each of the five a sort of small, device that could flip open. Each had two screens (one for viewing, one a touchscreen), a circular analog pad, two cameras (one on the outside, one on the inside), a D-pad, four push buttons, and each came with a stylus. Ash’s was red, May’s was yellow, Dawn’s was pink, Max’s was blue, and Gavin’s was bright green.

    “These are the new Pokédexes. They have all of the data for every single Pokémon seen so far, and they can do everything the older models could and more.” He explained.

    “Thanks, Professor!” The five said in unison.

    “And they should help you in that new region that Gavin was telling me about,” He said with a grin.

    “NEW REGION!?!” Everyone but the Professor and Gavin yelled. They all turned towards Gavin.

    “Yeah, it’s a new region that I’ve been hearing about that’s supposed to have the best in battles, contests, and more,” Gavin said as he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. “It’s called the Amaro Region.”

    Next Chapter: Chapter 4: “News of a New Region! Starting a Trek to Vermilion City!”- Ash and friends have just learned from their newest member, Gavin, that there is a new region in existence! This means new battles, new friends and foes, new contests, and a whole new adventure! Now, preparations must be made for the journey! Find out what happens next time on Pokémon: League of Ultimates!
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