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Thread: Garchomp vs Tyranitar vs Metagross for competitive?

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    Question Garchomp vs Tyranitar vs Metagross for competitive?

    These are the three that i'm looking at. I considered Dragonite and Salamence but Garchomp outclasses them so yeah.

    Here are the movesets:

    Metagross @ Life Orb

    Nature: Admadant
    Ability: Clear Body

    - Meteor Mash
    - Bullet Punch
    - Earthquake
    - Zen Headbutt

    Tyranitar @ Life Orb

    Nature: Jolly
    Ability: Sand Stream

    - Stone Edge
    - Earthquake
    - Crunch
    - Dragon Dance

    Garchomp @

    Nature: Jolly
    Ability: Sand Veil

    - Outrage
    - Earthquake
    - Stone Edge
    - Dragon Claw
    Attached Images Attached Images

    Banner credit to The Sloth

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