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Oh, im sorry, but you seem to have missed the point... I said, "anything that outspeeds smeargle and carries substitute"
Also, i know darn well that DW gardevoir isnt going to be doing much with telepathy...Im prettu sure you mean Xatu instead...with that said, you might want to refer back to my first post on smeargle's POTW for more discerning information regarding the topic
I actually meant normal gardevoir, as syncronise is ok, but still outclassed magic bounce, yet causes pain if used with a lum berry. Also, what about fake out users? Meinshao, unburdenlee, infernape. Fake out then decimate with fighting type moves. And all of these have a faster base speed than smeargle, so definite counters. Hypno causes grief, because of insomnia, and also honchkrow. Whismcott can taunt or immobilise with grass whistle, the destroy it.