A dare I revived by C.Gholy. I hope it's what she wanted.

Flannery x Cynthia

Rating: K+

She still felt new to being a gym leader, even after three years of experience. She felt incapable, unworthy of the title. She gave out more badges than she could count, taking a hard blow at her pride and confidence. She would have given up years ago, seeing what her ratio of wins to loses were, it always got her down in the dumps, but there was one person who kept her going... One girl.

Despite living in completely different regions, they met up often. She would cry as she recalled all her failures, but luckily, she had a shoulder she could lay head on.

"Shhh..." Cynthia shushed gently as Flannery wept, once again, her face buried in the crook of Cynthia's neck. The blonde gently rocked back and forth with her arms wrapped around the red head. "It'll be alright."

Flannery lifted her head, sniffing and wiping her eyes wet eyes. She shook her head as she continued to tremble. "N-no..." She said, "I've had enough of this... I'm tired of letting my Pokémon down... I'm a horrible gym leader!"

Cynthia wrapped her arms around the crying girls shoulders and laid Flannery's head down against her chest. "You know that's not true," she said assuringly.

Flannery clenched her eyes shut and continued to cry. "M-my Pokémon deserve better," she stammered.

Cynthia shook her head and rested it on Flannery's. "They have the best," she said.

"You say that, yet I continue to lose!" Flattery cried, "You're the champion of the Sinnoh region, you wouldn't know."

Cynthia smiled sadly, hugging Flannery even tighter. "You have no idea," she whispered. Flannery calmed down a little, looking up at Cynthia. "I used to never win battles."

Flannery wiped her eyes. "R-really?" she asked.

Cynthia nodded. "Yes, and I would cry just like you did," she said sadly, "I didn't have anyone but my Gible to comfort me. Despite the loses and failures, he continued to believe in me. And now, he is one of the most powerful Garchomps known to man."

Flannery retracted a little. "But no one believes in me..." she said.

Cynthia smiled and reached out, she cupped Flannery's chin in her hand and drew closer. "I believe in you," she whispered, she drew even closer until their lips touched. Flannery's eyes widened as Cythina's closed, she had never kissed anyone before. After a few long seconds, Flannery reacted and returned the kiss, her hands reached out and gently grasping Cynthia's shoulders as Cynthia continued to hug her around the waist.

The two broke apart and leaned their heads against each other. "Cynthia..." Flannery whispered.

Cynthia returned the gaze and smiled. "I believe in you," she whispered again. Flannery's bottom lip quivered for a few moments before Flannery reached out and hugged Cynthia again, she burst into a new fit of tears.

Cynthia smiled sadly, and rested her head on Flannery's again, gently rocking back and forth. "Thank you," Flannery whispered as she sobbed.


"The challenger and his Wartortle are unable to battle," The referee announced, "The winner of this match is Flannery!"

Flannery smiled and returned her Torkoal, thanking him for battling so well. The challenger sighed sadly and left, head hanging low. She jumped slightly but smiled when she heard a pair of hands clapping from behind her.

"Well done, Flannery," Mr. Moore, her grandfather said. "You've really improved over the last year."

"Thanks, Grandpa," Flannery said, blushing a little at his compliment, "I have a really good teacher."

Mr. Moore smiled and folded his arms across his chest. "Indeed you do, this mystery trainer you've learned so much from," he said.

Flannery nodded with a smile, she and Cynthia had been meeting up to train together. Cynthia did her best to improve Flannery's skills and taught her the tricks to successfully winning battles. Since then, Flannery's victories had flown off the charts, she even enjoyed a victory against Juan, and he was no slice of cake.

Her grandfather gave her a firm pat on the shoulder before walking off. "Don't forget to clean up the field this time!" He called out, causing Flannery to sweat drop.

"I take it you've gained another victory. I just saw an upset boy walk out of the gym."

Flannery smiled brightly as Cynthia walked out onto the field. She broke into a run and approached Cynthia, hugging her tightly and giving her a kiss before letting go.

"I didn't think I'd see you until next month," Fannery said, "This is a pleasant surprise."

Cynthia smiled sadly and averted her gaze to the ground. "Yes, indeed."

Flannery frowned, cocking her head. "Hey, what's wrong?" She asked, laying a hand down on Cynthia's shoulder.

"Um..." Cynthia began, "I suffered a defeat..."

Flannery's brow furrowed. "What?" she asked.

"I lost an important battle..." Cynthia said, still looking at the ground, "And I lost my position as champion..."

Flannery gasped and put her hand over her heart, eyes now wide. "Cynthia... I'm so sorry..." she said.

Cynthia chuckled sadly, but her eyes were watery. "Well, it was bound to happen someday," she said, "I can't win them all."

Cynthia took a deep breath and wiped her eyes, trying her best not to get too upset. Flannery cupped Cynthia's chin in her hand. "You know what made me feel better when I felt bad about myself?"

Cynthia smiled and blinked away a few tears. Flannery pulled Cynthia down to the ground and laid her on her back, the red head got on her hands and knees an crawled over Cynthia. She blushed slightly before leaning down and kissing Cynthia. The two closed their eyes and kissed quietly, enjoying the sweet taste of each other's lips, for a moment before breaking.

Cynthia smiled, a glimmer in her eye. "I feel better all ready."

I've never written a yuri fic, heck, I've never read a yuri fic. To be honest, it wasn't as strange as I expected it to be. Thanks for the dare, C.Gholy, it was interesting, to say the least.