And with a (admitedly from February, but technical difficulties stopped me from posting it here and are still stopping me from updating this on FF) return to fanfiction, here is my neew fanfiction. It is rated T just for any freedom I may want. Also, things weren't quite set in how I wanted them until most of the way through chapter six, but I liked the older ones so I haven't rewritten them. I am also way ahead in writing, so hopefully I won't fall into the same boredom I've had with my past stories. And without further ado, I present:

Digimon Spiral Source

Helix 1: Arrival of Destiny.

“Nothing. Absolutely nothing is going my way. Why can’t I have something good just once.”

“Don’t worry my friend. I have power and am willing to share it with you for one little price.”

“What? Who are you? Why would you share your power with me?”

“Because you strike me as a good person to befriend. Who I am is not important now, you will find out soon enough if you accept my offer.”

"Really? What is this cost you mentioned?”

“Simple. Give me your digicore when you die.”

“But then I couldn’t be reborn. What would be the point of power if I only get one life to use it in?”

“Because I can revive your core even stronger than before. I only have a select group of allies and I have revived all of them at one time or another. Please, I would ever like another ally on my team.”

“Do you mean it? But how would I know? I mean, you could be tricking me to steal my digicore.”

“I am far stronger than you, if I wanted your digicore I’d already have it. I am also quite hurt you’d accuse me of trickery and lying when I am offering you a chance to join a team that shall rule the world.”

“Rule the world? You didn’t mention that before, what do you mean?”

“Have you heard of the Demon Lords?”

“Of course, they were a group of strong fallen angels. They waged war on the Sovereign for centuries before being destroyed. I heard a rumor that the Sovereign brought them back to life and granted them pardon them of all crimes if they and there dark armies joined the Sovereign.”

“Well that was no rumor, it is true. And they have truly become reformed and good. It sickens me and I wish to restore the name of demons that they have destroyed.”

“But what they’re doing sounds good, why wouldn’t you like that?”

“Because my people are wicked and deserve to destroy the Sovereign and take over, not serve as the Sovereign’s playthings. I am building a new group of Demon Lords, with myself as the leader and want you to be a member. You would make number five, the new lord of Lust. Or maybe Greed if you’d like, I still have not finished planning, but with one more digimon it would go quicker.”

“But, this would be utter blasphemy, what if the Sovereign found out? They would kill us all and condemn us to the darkest pits of the Dark Zone.”

“How would they find out? I wouldn’t tell, would you?”

“O-of course not, but are you sure we could be victorious?”

“No, but we have a good chance. And now I have told you so much so it is time to make your choice. Shall you join me and gain ultimate power, or turn down the offer?”

“My life has been no good lately; I have nothing to live for so I don’t see why not. I’m in.”

“Good.” A flash of light filled the black area, surrounding a small figure and growing bigger before going out again, leaving the place in total darkness. “Now come with me, New Demon Lord of Greed. Yes, you fit greed better than lust, so you can be that.”

“Th-thank you sir. Thank you so much! I feel so powerful!”

“Well now you can see I meant no deceit. We must go now, I should introduce you to the other three New Demon Lords and then I shall scout out two last members.”

“Yes, I'm coming sir.”


“Lucemon, what is the meaning of this?” an angry voice yelled inquisitively. An armored angel pushed into the dark room, destroying the door that led into it.

“What is the meaning of what, Seraphimon?” a tall young man floated in the middle of the room in a meditation position.

“This!” the angel, Seraphimon, said holding out his hand. An orb appeared in it, showing an image of ground with the words ‘The Demon Lords have returned’ printed in red.

“Just some fool trying to stir up trouble, like all the other times,” Lucemon said, shrugging. “I see no reason you are acting so rashly.”

“Because this wasn’t just any fool.” Seraphimon moved his hand down and the orb grew slightly. “The ground this is written on isn’t a small plot like the others or even a wall, it is a large field. And that isn’t red paint; it is the blood of an entire village that was near the field. Every last digimon in it was slaughtered and drained of their blood. Even more, they were preserved by a seal. Specifically, a Seal of Pride, something only you can create.”

Lucemon’s eyes widened. “What madness is this? Someone has gained my power to create a Seal of Pride and slaughtered an entire village. I am not the only one that can create a Seal of Pride, but the only other one I know that can is Sovereign Lord Zhuqiaomon and he would never do this. Whoever committed this crime needs to be captured immediately.”

“I already have men on the case, but I have come here to make sure it wasn’t you. I wish I could just believe you as it would speed things up, but you were an enemy of the Sovereigns at one point. Sovereign Lord Azulongmon has wished for me to do a psych-check on you.”

“Do you really not trust me? Fine, if it will prove my innocence, check me.” Lucemon’s body relaxed and Seraphimon walked up to him, placing a hand on his forehead. The two digimon glowed with a rainbow aura for a few seconds before relaxing. The aura faded as they separated, Seraphimon floating backwards and putting his hand down. “There, you checked me. I am clean of any involvement. Now what I want to know is who wants to impersonate me, and how did they get powerful enough to impersonate me?”

“I guess we can learn that when we find them. But for now, I must report to Sovereign Lord Azulongmon. Can you please see if any of the other Demon Lords know anything?”

“Sure, if it will help. But for now, I must finish my meditation, so please go.” Seraphimon flew out of the room and Lucemon returned to his meditations, contemplating who could be the culprit of this horrific crime.


Seraphimon sat on a bed in a large white room slouched over onto an arm thinking. A female angel walked into the room and sat next to him. “What is it, Seraphimon? You seem worried about something.”

“Oh, it’s nothing Ophanimon. Just something related to my job in the council, nothing for you to worry about,” he replied in a depressed voice.

“You seem to forget, anything that affects you affects me too. So tell me, what is the problem?” Ophanimon pushed.

“Well, you know that small village we went to on our first date all those years ago?”

“Of course, we had both just reached Champion and you finally go the courage to ask me out, how could I forget? We had to fly for almost an hour to get there and we went to that little restaurant ran by that old Weregarurumon. But why does this matter?”

“Someone destroyed it and killed everyone there.” Ophanimon’s helmeted face turned to shock when Seraphimon said this. “They placed a Seal of Pride on them to stop there bodies from digitizing and used there blood to write a giant message to the gods. It said, ‘The Demon Lords have returned.’”

“O-oh my god! I can’t believe this! Lucemon and those demons turned against us! I knew they would do this, I said that reviving them was a bad idea. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!”

“Wow, Ophanimon, I never knew you thought so lowly of us,” Lucemon said, appearing in the doorway of the room. “I didn’t turn, nor did any of the other Demon Lords. This is a whole new group of digimon trying to take our power, and it appears to be working because one of them was able to create a Seal of Pride, which is very difficult.”

“Oh, I am so sorry,” Ophanimon apologized. “I shouldn’t be so quick to jump to conclusions. I should have known you wouldn’t abandon the council and the Sovereigns after they gave you back your lives.”

“No, no, we probably would have when we first joined so I don’t blame you. However, it has been a few years now and this is like a second home to us that we’d never turn against, even if we can’t go out much or let the public know we’re still alive because of the Sovereign’s orders. Seraphimon, I questioned the others like you asked. Barbamon told me that he heard a few rumors of a powerful virus type going throughout the land, killing many digimon and recruiting a few into his forces. None of the others knew anything and Barbamon had no idea on anything past the rumors he heard which were all rather vague.”

“Well that means that we are without a lead. I’m not sure if the Sovereign will like this, but we should go report this to them. I’ll be back.” Seraphimon got up and walked to the door, standing next to Lucemon. “Let’s get going.”


“This is terrible.” Seraphimon and Lucemon stood in a large room in front of four large, imposing digimon. The one that spoke up was a large brown turtle-like digimon with two heads, a large tree growing on his back, and twelve tan orbs surrounded the tree; he was Ebonwumon, Sovereign Lord of Water.

“I say that we shouldn’t let the Demon Lords off the hook too quickly,” said a second digimon. He was a large, four eyed phoenix with eight pairs of wings-a large pair on his shoulders, another pair on his back, a third small pair on his chest, and a last clawed pair protruding downwards from his sides- and a large tail-like body. Six crimson orbs circled around his neck and six around his tail. This was Zhuqiaomon, Sovereign Lord of Flames. “Even the best psyche-checks can have flaws and Lucemon could be hiding something. Any of them could be hiding something important, for all we know they could all be behind this and just staying with us to get suspicion off their backs.”

“Calm down Zhuqiaomon,” said the third sovereign-a long blue dragon made of electricity wearing an electric blue face mask that showed off his four eyes. Like his brothers, Azulongmon Sovereign Lord of Lightning also had twelve orbs, three blue ones around each of his claws. A chain wrapped around his body and he had a long white beard that reached down almost to the ground. “Psyche-checks may not be perfect, but something big like that would be hard to hide and any psyche-cloaks on it would be rather obvious.”

“I say, why not just go out and kill all strong Virus-types?” asked the fourth and last sovereign, Baihumon Sovereign Lord of Metal and Light. He was a large white tiger donned with a spiky face mask, front leg guards, and spiked collars on his back legs and tail. He was encircled by twelve golden orbs in a ring. “If whoever was doing this is a strong Virus then this would guarantee we destroy them.”

“We can’t do that because it would kill many innocents and could cause a revolution by angered digimon,” Ebonwumon replied. “Also, may I remind you that Zhuqiaomon is a Virus-type and very strong and killing him wouldn’t stop this, so that theory is very bad?”

“Sovereign Lords, if I may interject,” Seraphimon spoke up. “My men are on the case. My best holy warriors are tracking down whatever caused this. I doubt even all of them are strong enough to damage whatever virus could do this much damage, but if we know what we are dealing with then we can fight it better.”

“Also, if I can analyze this Seal of Pride that was laid on the village I can break it and find out more about them,” Lucemon added.

“Very well, we must talk amongst ourselves privately anyways,” Ebonwumon replied. “I’m sorry for the suddenness of this, but I must ask the two of you to go to the village that was destroyed and check it out. See what you can find and report it back to us, now get going.”

“Yes sir.” Seraphimon and Lucemon both saluted before taking off. After they both were gone Ebonwumon turned towards his two brothers.

“I think we all know what needs to be done,” he said simply.

“Yes,” Azulongmon and Zhuqiaomon replied. “We both know what needs to be done.”

“Um, I forget,” Baihumon replied, eliciting a collective sigh from his older brothers.”What needs to be done?”

“We must release the digivices to find the digidestined, those who contain the souls of darkness and light. We will then call them here, give them partners, and let destiny take its course.”

“Oh yes, I remember now. I’m supposed to retrieve the digimon partner of light, right?”

“Yes,” Azulongmon replied to Baihumon’s question. “You get the partner of light, Zhuqiaomon the partner of darkness, Ebonwumon the digivice of darkness, and I retrieve the digivice of darkness. This should take a few days and we don’t have time to waste, so everyone get going and be hasty about it.”

“Okay brother.” Baihumon turned into a mass of metal bearings that shout out of the top of the building.

“I best be going too, my goal is the farthest away.” Zhuqiaomon turned into a flaming blast that followed out.

“This better work or we may be close to death,” Azulongmon mused before blasting out as a bolt of lightning.

“Oh my brothers and there fancy teleportation. I think I’ll just walk there.” Ebonwumon slowly turned around and walked out of a large entrance at the back of the room made for the Sovereigns.


Four days have passed since the Sovereign left and they had gathered back together. Zhuqiaomon and Baihumon both guarded smaller digimon, one that looked like a purple head with long thin ears and the other being a small green blob with three horns. The elder two Sovereign held two small devices.

“It appears we are ready,” Ebonwumon said. “Digigate open.” A tear in the universe appeared like a green portal. “Digivice release.” The small device he held turned into a black ball of energy that shot into the portal.

“Digivice release,” Azulongmon repeated, the device he was holding turning into a white ball of energy before shooting through the portal. “Digigate close.” The tear repaired itself and the Sovereign sat there for a minute in silence.

“So now I have to babysit this little Yaamon until the digivices return?” Zhuqiaomon asked. “And Baihumon has to take care of a Gummymon. Why do you two get the things that don’t have to be watched after?”

“Because we are the eldest of us four,” Ebonwumon replied. “And does it matter, the digivices work quickly and the only real set-back to it is opening a digigate back which still won’t take long.”


Two more days had passed and a digigate had opened in the chamber of the Sovereigns. “What is with this thing,” Baihumon questioned. “The digigate is opening but nothing is coming out. What should we do?”

“Here, digigate widen.” Ebonwumon shook one of his heads and the digigate got larger. As it did, it glowed half-black, half-white. Out of the black side fell a teenage girl. She had blonde hair that went down to the bottom of her shoulders, a thin freckly face, a tight red shirt, and shorts that went to mid-thigh.

“What the? Where am I?” she muttered before looking around. Upon noticing the four giant monsters surrounding her, she visibly tensed and fear appeared in her eyes. “Wh-who are you? Am I sleeping? I just remember finding a black little thingy on the ground at the mall.”

“No girl, you are not sleeping,” Zhuqiaomon said. “That ‘thingy’ you found was a digivice. This is the Digital World, a world parallel to your own made of digital data. We are the four Sovereign, the leaders of the Digital World, and we sent for you and one other person who are destined to be the digidestined.”

“Digivice? Digital World? Digidestined? I don’t understand any of this.”

“Look, it is all very simple if you open your mind up to possibilities, like the possibility your world isn’t the only one. Now, back to what I was saying. We sent out two digivices to find you and another person from your world who shall travel with you. All beings in this world are called Digimon, short for digital monsters, as we are, quite simply, monsters made from data. Look, I don’t feel like explaining this so here.” One of the golden orbs around Zhuqiaomon broke out of the ring and flew towards her, touching her before turning around and returning to the ring. “There, that was the whole situation.”

“I think you broke her,” Baihumon said, staring at the girl who had tensed and totally froze.

“I-I-I’m okay. J-just one q-question, why me?”

“Because you were. There was no reason we choice you, or the other person who is taking strangely long to get here. But for now, let me introduce you to your partner. This is Yaamon.” The small ball-like digimon next to Zhuqiaomon jumped forward.

“Hello miss,” it’s said in a childish voice. “I’m Yaamon! What’s your name?”

“Oh, hello. I’m Jamie.” She slowly stood up and walked over to Yaamon. “So I’m going to have to save the world with you.”

“Oomph.” A heavy thump came from the portal as a boy fell out.

“Ah, there you are,” Ebonwumon said. “I wonder why it took so long. Stand up boy; let’s get a good look at you. You will be one of our saviors.”

“Savior? Wow, this is so cool! Where am I? Are you guys aliens? Was that an alien trap I walked into? Or is this an alternate universe and that was a wormhole?” the boy spoke quickly and excitedly, seeming like a small child even though he appeared to be in his teens.

“Err, that was more excited than I was expecting,” Ebonwumon replied, surprised. “That second one is more accurate; this is the Digital World, a world parallel to your own-”

“Made out of digital data? So this is like a computer world? And what are you, Digibeings?”

“Actually we’re called Digimon, but close. How do you know all this already?”

“Well digital couldn’t mean much and that wormhole was lined with 1’s and 0’s so it was kinda obvious. Oh, hello,” he turned towards Jamie that was still next to Yaamon. “Hey, you’re from my art class, Jamie Bach right?”

“Well, yes. How are you taking this so calmly?”

“I’ve always dreamed of going to an alternate universe or alien planet, this is my dream. Who’s the head?”

“I’m Yaamon! Who are you?” Yaamon excitedly greeted.

“The name’s Grant! Grant Hazelwood. Nice to meet you Yaamon. Who are the big guys?”

“We are the Digimon Sovereign,” Azulongmon replied. “We are the leaders of the Digital World. We are experiencing a crisis that required the summoning of you two as digidestined using the digivices.”

“Digivice, that’s what this is called?” Grant asked, holding up the small white device. “Clever, a digital device called a digivice. So, what is this crisis?”

“Here” one of Azulongmon’s blue orbs came down and touched Grant before returning to the circle. “That orb held much knowledge and transferred some of it too you and should answer any of your questions.”

“It does,” Grant replied, “except for one. According to that info orb I’m supposed to have a partner, where are they?”

“That’s me,” Gummymon said quietly from next to Ebonwumon’s leg. “I’m your partner. I’m Gummymon.”

“Well come on over here. We can’t save a world if you stay over there.”

“This is going far better than expected,” Ebonwumon mused. “I was expecting more major freak-outs from both of you. Now then, we don’t expect you two to just go out in the world blindly and try and save us. We have set up for a few of our generals to train you and your digimon in basic fighting and survival and you’ll start tomorrow. For now, just try and process everything that is going on and walk right out of that big door over in the back of the room. It has touch open coding so you just have to put a hand on it to open it. Yaamon and Gummymon have been with us for a few days now and know the basic layout and were everything important is so they can lead you around, if you need anything ask one of the digimon around the place.”

“Brother, you’re getting long-winded,” Baihumon cut in. “I think they get the point. You may go, we don’t need you in here anymore and me and my brothers need to talk. Please, have a good night.”

“Cool,” Grant replied. “I’m a bit hungry so I think me and Gummymon will go grab something to eat. Where’s the kitchen.”

“I’m hungry too,” Yaamon said. “Here, I’ll show you guys the way to the kitchen. Come on!” The small virus started hopping to the door, Grant excitedly following holding Gummymon and Jamie lagging behind a bit. After the four left the room, Azulongmon spoke up.

“I have a strange feeling. They’re taking this very well, especially Grant. Most of the others seemed at least a bit worried like Jamie was, but he was excited and not actually surprised by all this.”

“Well that may not be a bad thing; at least one of them is fine with coming here. For now, there is no point in worrying. We have the helixes ready to give them, right?”

“Yes brother,” Zhuqiaomon replied. “Clavisangemon is protecting them until it is time to give them to the digidestined.”

“Good. Have we got any news from Seraphimon and Lucemon yet?”

“Oh yes actually. You’ll want to here this.”

-To be continued-