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    Great Mothballs Of Fire
    Timid nature
    Flame Body
    252 Sp. Atk/252 Spd/4 HP
    ~Quiver Dance
    ~Fiery Dance
    ~Bug Buzz/Psychic
    ~Hidden Power (Dragon)

    Volcarona takes the stereotype of Bug-types being generally weak and crushes it into a fine powder. Attack and Defense are its only real weak points. Special Attack? Through the roof. Special Defense? Awesome. Speed? Beautiful. Now bear in mind that all three of those stats get boosted in one turn when Volcarona uses Arceus's gift to the Bug-type, Quiver Dance. A special version of Dragon Dance with a Sp. Def boost thrown in. One use of the move and Volcarona is more ready to sweep than it already was. Next, behold this ignited insect's signature technique of Fiery Dance. A respectable 80 base power, which is nevertheless topped by Flamethrower, Heat Wave, and Fire Blast, all of which Volcarona learns. So why am I recommending this move? Because of the potential for insane overkill, that's why- each use of the move comes with a 50% chance of Volcarona's Special Attack going up by one stage. Thaaaat's right. Bug Buzz is for additional STAB, but Psychic may be preferable if you're looking for a way past that Conkeldurr. Last slot goes to HP Dragon, which sounds like an unusual choice, until you realize that together, both Fiery Dance and HP Dragon are resisted by exactly one Pokémon: Heatran.

    Item helps to restore any HP lost on the setup turn or from Stealth Rock. Ability is the only one available.

    Volcarona@Choice Scarf
    Modest nature
    Flame Body
    252 Sp. Atk/252 Spd/4 HP
    ~Fiery Dance
    ~Bug Buzz
    ~Hidden Power (Dragon)

    This set uses a Choice Scarf to handle Speed, allowing Volcarona to make the most of its naturally high Special Attack. And given that I already explained its moves in the past set, I really shouldn't have to repeat myself. Only difference is, now you can run Bug Buzz and Psychic, given that Quiver Dance is gone.

    Already explained the ability, and I really hope I don't have to explain the item.

    Other options:
    *Volcarona learns Calm Mind, but it's thoroughly outclassed by Quiver Dance.
    *If the good chance of Special Attack increase doesn't entirely outweigh the negatives of Fiery Dance, it's no problem to just replace it with Flamethrower, Heat Wave, or Fire Blast.
    *Another Hidden Power type such as Ground or Fighting would provide more help against the otherwise meddlesome Heatran, but it means giving up the Dragon Fire coverage.
    *SolarBeam is good if your Volcarona is being used on a Sun team, but it doesn't actually bring that much to the table in the way of coverage.
    *Hurricane sounds like a decent option, but the best way to abuse it is on a Rain team. Which, if you haven't guessed by now, Volcarona wouldn't exactly do that well on. Might work if you're trying to counter an enemy rain team, though.

    *Flame Body: When an opponent makes contact with Volcarona, there is a 30% chance that it will be burned. The only ability Volcarona currently has access to, but it's not a bad one. Volcarona needs all the help it can get as far as physical defense goes. Unfortunately, most contact moves are physical, with the nonsensical exceptions of Petal Dance and Grass Knot, and when the hell is a Volcarona ever gonna be hit with one of those moves?
    *Swarm: Volcarona's Hidden Ability. Basically a Bug version of the starter-exclusive abilities. When Volcarona's HP is at 33% or lower, its Bug moves are powered up. Not yet legal, but not a big issue. Not exactly a game breaker, and this burning bug's done just fine without it thus far.

    Rapid Spin support, Magic Bounce users, anything to keep those damn Stealth Rocks the hell away from Volcarona.

    If it outspeeds a max Speed Timid Volcarona, knows a physical Rock move, and has the Attack power to back it up, it's a Volcarona counter. I'm firmly convinced that its crippling weakness to Rock is the only thing keeping Volcarona out of ubers. A successful Stealth Rock setup also blasts holes in any Volcarona, especially the scarf'd variety, which involves much switching to be successfully used.

    Volcarona is just awesome. Cool design, cool type combo, cool signature move, just cool everything. Ironic that a Fire-type is so cool, isn't it?

    Prediction for next week:
    To be announced.
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