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Thread: Foreshadowing from RSE

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    Question Foreshadowing from RSE

    The scientists in the Devon Corp building have each told of features appearing in later generations, with the exception of two, one being the Fossil reviving device because it's already implemented.

    "I'm developing new kinds of Pokéballs..."

    These would be the Dusk, Quick and Heal balls found in Generation IV.

    "I'm trying to develop a device that visually reproduces the dreams of Pokémon..."

    This is the Dream World function in Generation V, assuming it was altered to tap into the Entralink.

    And the final one.

    "We're developing a device for talking with Pokémon."

    Does this mean this feature will be available in the RSE remakes, or in Generation VII?

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    Speculation is against the rules mate, just saying :/
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    Yeah, sorry, speculating stuff in future games isn't allowed outside of threads for the ORAS' section, and you cannot speculate for games not even confirmed because they just end up being spammy. That and imo they are just some vaguely relatable coincidences there - to me it seems to be grasping at straws, tbh. For instance, developing new Pokeballs - nearly every gen has introduced a new kind of pokeball, and it makes sense for him to say it as he works for devon, a pokeball making company, among other things. (RSE had their own different pokeballs introduced).

    Anyways, closed.

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