Chapter seventeen: In The Unknown World

"Darkness scares us. We yearn for the comfort of light as it provides shape and form allowing us to recognize, to define what's before us. But what is it we're afraid of, really? Not the darkness itself, but the truth we know hides within."

Emily Thorne - Revenge

Dark yet the room was lit up. Cold yet the warmth surrounded her. Covered, but it was now getting uncomfortable. There her eyes stared at letters, number and lines pointing at two people - her parents. Norman. A well known gym leader of his time that soon changed into politics to keep his family alive and Caroline, a woman that was able to hide herself from the media her husband was stirring.

Her hands gently running down the photos of her parents before her own tears covered their face. Now the photos made sense to her - they were just as blurry as she remembered them to be. Now looking down at the papers it was clear that her parents were no longer together. It was a death of a certain child that drifted them apart. It was her death.

She remembers a story of a certain boy telling her of the woman he loved so much dying beside her. What was painful that he could not hold her, kiss her and treasure her so dearly. Fallen rumble that had turned into a wall blocked them apart. Air was thin and room was tight. She remembers him telling a confession. She never knew that girl was her.

Her name and her brother, those were the only things she woke up that she knew was true. Then the lies began, one after the other. Soon she was living and basing her life under a lie. Then, that boy came into her life. Despite their rude greetings she guided her back to the life she 'apparently' lived.

The flames came in closer and the smoke was now heavy. Resting beside the profiles of the people she called her parents, May was now accepting to die for the second time. She was now making sure she was going to get it right this time.

But a scream came.


May could feel her own body being dragged from the flames with the papers in her arms as well, dragged along with her. Opening her eyes she couldn't believe it was no other than Drew. The last man she ever expected to see.

She watched him silently as he brushed her fringe from her face. Drew watched May mouth his name towards him before carrying her out of her room and closing the door behind him. As long the room was receiving no air the flames would not be able to spread.

Placing her gently against a wall Drew stared at her, waiting for her to speak. Gazing at the papers she held tightly in her arms Drew sat beside the brunette. Looking above he noticed there was a hole in the roof. Despite the guns and screams outside the sky remained clear. Drew couldn't make up his mind if that was a good sign or plain disturbing.

"They split up because of me." May broke the silence. Turning to face her, Drew could see her empty eyes staring at the carpet they sat on. "It was my death that caused Ash to turn so cold. All of this is my fault!" The woman started to break into tears.

"No it's not May." Drew comforted her. "You are not blamed for the war."

"But I don't understand. If Ash's story is true how did I live?" May changed the topic.

May could hear Drew sigh deeply. "Easy. I found you." He turned to look up at the stars. "After Ash saved us you went with him and I went my own path. Soon I ended up under your father's care."

"I see Max lied to me once again."

Drew shook his head. "Max didn't know that your father was looking after me during the war. Anyway we both heard you were alive with a group of thieves which ended up to be Ash and his siblings. We raided the forest you guys were hiding and planned to take you back home with us until we heard a giant sound of a city building falling down."

Blinking in shock, "So what Ash said was true."

"Yes." He nodded. "We rushed over after the men had left and saw your body badly bruised but Ash's body was gone. We thought he was dead."

"Then I woke up in that hospital and then our story began." May drifted her attention from Drew towards the end of her sentence. Hearing a shuffle or two May looked up and saw Drew had made up to his feet. All alerted. "Their here." He muttered.

Turning around he quickly rushed over for May's hand and dragged her onto her feet, both quietly walking down the stairs alerted. May was caught more in confusion as Drew continued to guide her down the stairs. "They're here, NTR and Team Plasma." Reaching for his pocket he pulled out a small gun. "If only Roserade was here..." His voice dropped before becoming alert once more after hearing a gunshot nearby.

Reaching down into her fanny pack, "Not all of us are at a lost." But she was interrupted when Drew placed his hand onto hers.

"Don't." He whispered. "They could be arm. You'll just lose them."

Sighing given Drew was right she hide behind Drew since she couldn't fight without losing something dear in return. The footsteps became crisper each step they took towards it, both wondering if their next step would be their last. They could feel like they could hear and feel death itself as they could hear breaths of a person coming nearby. Taking a deep breath and holding onto May's hand tightly he appeared from the wall both were hiding as Drew pointed his gun at the sound that haunted him and May badly. To his surprise the other man had done the same thing and was now pointing his gun at them both.

Stuck at gunpoint,

It was no other than Ash pointing the barrel at him.

Shocked to see who it was, the weapon slipped through his fingers, crashing it towards the ground. "Drew?!"

"How on earth? I thought Team Plasma captured you!?" Drew screamed, still pointed the gun at Ash.

"I thought you ran away with Brianna and your kid by now?!" Ash pointed at the father of one.

"What the hell?!" Both boys spoke synchronised.

"This is no time to complain." Drew loaded the barrel. "We need to get this over."

Shaking and holding up his hands defensively, "Don't tell me you still have that grudge over me Drew?"

With a smirk, Drew replied. "Perhaps."

Taking a few steps back in shock Ash watched in horror as Drew pointed the deadly weapon right at him. May shook in fear and held onto Drew's hand tighter. She exchanged glances from the gun at to the man she loved to dearly. Her mind was in a complete mess to even begin to wonder what made Drew turn so cold all of a sudden.

Shaking his hand tirelessly, "Drew please, I don't want anybody else dying in this war!"

Taking aim. "Stay still." May could hear him mutter.

Soon the sound a gunshot echoed as May closed her eyes even before impact. It was so quiet she could even hear the gun shell drop to the ground. The sound of a body could be heard as it crashed onto the ground. Trembling May opened her eyes and saw a body on the floor. Beside that body a boy stood in shock, his eyes wide open. Looking back up Drew sighed and released his grip on May.

With a smile, Drew rolls the gun in his hand. "Got ya." Soon he felt an empty pokeball crash into his face. It was no other than Ash who had thrown it.

"Give me a damn ****ing warning next time!" Ash's face was covered in anger. "Don't make me point the gun at you next!" Ash could hear Drew break into laughter.

"Well there wasn't really any time. A grunt was right behind you with a gun of his own. I had to start acting to convince him so he wouldn't shoot any of us."

Looking down at the dead body beside him Ash could see the gun Drew had just spoken about. "I guess war give you little options to work on." Kicking the body lightly Ash looked back at the two. "Remind me to point a gun at you at some point in your life." The teen smirked.

"I'll remind you to not."

Drew looked to the person that was shaking in either fear in in shock. Looking around she placed the papers by her feet and drifted her eyes back to him. She couldn't stop staring at him as he looked back at her the same way he did on that night on top of the Team Rocket Corporations roof. She had slipped and he had rushed over to save her before being saved totally by Dawn's older brother, Saturn.

After that she ran from his grasp and could hear him calling her name endlessly. She ran pass cars, people and ran into any tight alleyway she could squeeze her body into. Then she took notice of one call of her name more than the last. It was a call of desperation and of fear. Catching up to her he pushed her aside and took the attack for her – one nasty knock to the gut. She screamed only to be greeted with a gun pointing at her. Rushing recklessly Ash grabbed on both fighting for control before feeling yet another bullet going into him.

With his word barely understandable she took what she could understand from him and ran.

With tears building May rushed down and right into Ash's arms. Without words she continued to cry, burying her head into his chest and clutching on his coat tightly. With a smile Ash wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly. He looked up to Drew and saw nothing but a simple smile.

"I'll leave her in your care, like always."

Nodding back, "Thank you Drew, for everything." Ash saw Drew reply with a simple nod and made his way out. Looking down in his arms still laid May still shedding her tears.

"I'm so sorry. So, so sorry. Ash please forgive me." May muttered. Only did when she felt Ash place his hand on her head did she look up. Despite what she had done towards him he was happy and...smiling. "Why...are you so happy?"

Pushing her long brunette hair behind her right ear, Ash continued to smile as he placed his hand under her chin and pulled her face towards his lips. Both let their emotions go as both stood in their kiss for a minute or two. It felt so bitter sweet; a reward both didn't feel like they deserved after what they had done to others and to one another, both shedding a tear or two while their kiss lasted.

Pulling apart, "Answer me Ash, why are you so happy despite what happened to us?"

Running his fingers through her hair, Ash continued to smile. "Because I've finally found you, for whom you truly are."

She couldn't stop smiling. May had never felt such joy, such happiness. As if Ash had forgiven her for the many sins she had done through their journey. Running back into his arms May smiled – smiled for the longest time in a she could ever remember.

All the screams, the explosions and all the death, as much it scared her being around Ash made everything alright. Words came into her mind saying that everything was going to be alright. He was the pillar that kept her strong. She was the support he never knew he needed.

"Thank you." May muttered into his chest. "Thank you for always being there for me, even when it nearly cost your own life."

"I told myself that if I was going to enter into one more war, I'll make sure I wasn't going to lose anyone or you again." Reaching out for May's hand, the trainer held it tight. With his other hand he dragged his hood over his face. "Ready for one last battle?"

With a determined smile, the coordinator nodded.


What were once fireworks that people looked up to amazement became signs of war and hell. Pieces flew over them and all prayed none would hit them. Dawn watched on in horror as the battlefield was like a game – there could be only a few winners. She could feel the fear of the people as they all rushed pass her. Some that she watched run towards her never did make up to her as she watch them fall.

Staying strong she could feel Paul place a firm hand on her shoulder to keep her emotions controlled. She smiled as the people passing her were guided to shelters where no more sounds of screams and bombs explosions could be heard.

"Let's go."

Agreeing with Paul both pulled their hoods over their faces once no more people were around. With their ear pieces still in check their communication stayed strong. Covering their faces with their hoods to block the smoke Dawn couldn't help but notice how high the smoke had risen to. It was they had become sky pillars of their own and the flames behind them provided them light. Pushing forward they encountered Ash and May who was now in a black coat of her own. Saying no words they all nodded and headed out.

All froze once the four heard clicks of guns coming together. Holding onto each other tight both waited until they could see the guns with their own eyes. Ash smirked as he threw a pokeball in his hand before catching it again. As the triggers were pushed a flash of red light was released from the foreign machine, showing a fox completely made out of ice. With a roar it summoned a transparent barrier around them all; all in a dome shape and the bullets fell. Both Dawn and Paul were shocked at how Ash was able to change the physical appearance of the move, Barrier.

"You impress me Ash." Paul teased. "I guess that is why we are rivals, right?"

With little time to respond Ash nodded as Paul released his own pokemon from their slumber. As it landed the ground shook, causing some grunts to lose grip of their gun or lose their aim on them all. Torterra raised his feet and stomps once again, causing the grunts to lose balance. With the signal from Paul to continue Dawn threw her own pokeball in the air to release a Prinplup in all of his glory.

He placed his fins near his beck and with the most concentration released thin neon beams of ice wildly. As if he was using Discharge. Every grunt was frozen into place as the penguin landed on top of Torterra with ease. As much they had stopped one death treat another came as the flames engulfed them all. Even the men in ice started to melt. Everyone came in closer as May held onto one of the pokemon she grabbed from her apartment. Without warning she rushed over to Torterra and climbed onto its tree. She threw her pokeball into the flames and the red light escaped. A pokemon with cannons in its shell raised its hand and like magic, water appeared underneath its feet.

The water rose and was under its full command. The pokemon pointed his arms forward and the water headed straight for them. Ash soon understood the message May was speaking.

"Barrier now Glaceon, stronger than ever!"

The ice fox roared its name high into the sky and surrounded them all behind a pink transparent barrier. All held boldly in their place as they watched the water head and crash right into them. For a few seconds they all seemed to be underwater as the barrier all kept them safe and dry. Ash watched at his Glaceon as it continued on to keep them safe. But cracks became evident as the mystic field broke sending them meters underwater.

Or so they thought.

Opening their eyes was a Beautiful with its eyes glowing. It was using the move Psychic, a move created by the mind. Jumping down from Torterra's back May reached to the others and pulled them onto their feet. An old fire escape was nearby and without any hesitation all rushed and climbed up. Looking behind an army of grunts from both criminal organisations pointed their guns at them. As Blastoise appeared from the frozen wave of water May reached out to both her empty pokeballs and returned them both. Causing the suspended wall of water to crash down on the grunts below them and flames to be wiped out instantly.

Watching with sadness May watched as the men screamed as meters of water crashed onto them, leaving the chance of them living very slim. The four watched until they no longer could hear the screams of the grunts in the air.

"There wasn't much I could do." May muttered softly. "The fire, the grunts – they were all after us."

With Glaceon still in his arms, Ash stood beside her. "War doesn't give us much options May."

Dawn and Paul watched on in silence as the river continue to pass them by and within minutes the water had died down and on the road were scattered men that looked like when ants when water had touched them. "I never knew your pokemon held such power." Dawn spoke as she kept her eyes stuck on the dead bodies.

"I don't know what came over me. I felt like telling what my Pokemon to do was something I've done before." May gazed at the pokeballs in her hands.

"You have. You use to be a coordinator." Dawn replied. "I use to look up to you so much and I still do." Dawn smiled. "You haven't lost your touch. Not one bit."

Walking out of the fire escape and through a window, "Thanks." Rubbing her arms together with her hands, "But let's sleep here for the night. It's getting rather cold."

The others agreed as they all made their way in through an apartment window. Looking around they all saw things were still placed as if there was no war happening. Paul walked over to the switches and noticed the power was out. Looking around he noticed Dawn had gathered blankets and Blaziken was started a small fire with whatever materials May could use to burn. Ash and Pikachu were looking through cupboards for quicks snacks.

"It's amazing what power war can do to us. It makes people value each other more." Paul spoke as Dawn made her way over to him handing over a blanket of his own.

"Yeah." She nodded. "Anyway I told the others where we are. They are taking a break of their own and will be here around midnight. We make our move then."

Accepting the blanket Dawn had given him, Paul nodded. "Alright but first," He reached out for her arm. "I want you to stay with me. Even for a few hours. Don't leave my side. Just stay."

With a smile the blunette pinched his cheeks lightly with both of her hands. "Alright, just promise you'll do the same for me."


The whole street was silent. There were no gun shots, no screams, and no yelling - pure silence. May wondered if this was right to have such peace in a middle of a new war or maybe an ambush was heading their way and within seconds they would all be dead. She couldn't rest as well as the others. Looking to the dark corner slept all their pokemon combined, she was glad they were able to sleep in a well structured building.

Her eyes turn back to the papers she was getting depressed over. Opening up the manila folder once again were more photos of her parents and her brother, their old home and gym, newspaper articles and magazine shots. Paper filled with notes about their whole family was neatly written with arrows pointing at one sentence and one at another. It was never ending.

Each newspaper article was stapled together in order as her eyes read the first one. It was when all gym leaders were now forced to join the army and hunt down the 'pokemon masters'. Next her father was accepted at Minster of Transportation, and then came many articles about her parents split and the disappearance of her younger brother and her. There was hardly anything about her mother as she had all read these articles and like one of them had wrote, her mother knew how to avoid the media her father was creating, on purpose or not.

A blanket soon fell over her shoulders causing her to look up. She noticed it was no other than Ash. With a blanket of his own he sat by May's side and near the fire they all made earlier. She didn't have to say a word for Ash to understand her reason of waking up early.

"It's about your father, isn't it?"

Nodding, May agreed. "His really popular here, isn't he?"

"Just a little," Both paused. "I really don't know what happened to him after saving him in his mansion about a month ago." Looking into the late night sky, "I'm sure his looking for us – for you."

Wrapping her arms around her knees, May joined Ash by looking up through the window and into the starry night. "Even though I have no recollection of my father, I'm sure he is. Any father who has a child missing would look for them, no matter what."

Ash's mind drifted back to the abandoned subway where he was only able to take a few seconds of his father being dragged by both NTR and Team Plasma. He was weak, and beaten to the point he found it hard to believe that was his own father. He nearly cried at the scene as he could do nothing but run as he wasn't in the greatest shape. He pressed his hand on his wound. It was still warm and fresh. But the pain he was feeling now was nothing to be compared when he was in that cell with his older brother.

"And so would any child if any of their parents went missing." Ash felt a soft fragile hand on top of his.

"I'm sure we'll be able to solve whatever your problem is and end this war for good." Moving in closer to Ash. "And then you can show me that world you love so much. You know where people can show their pokemon openly and become trainers and coordinators." Her eyes were filled with happiness but were also filled with a sense of sadness. "And maybe then, you can teach me how to be a coordinator again."

May raced into Ash's arm and there she let her quiet tears slide down her cheeks. Ash held her tightly and pulled her blanket back over her shoulders and held her until she finally fell asleep. Ash continued to pat her long brown hair as he gently laid her onto her back and watched her sleep. Lying on his side Ash continued to watch her.

"You're not going to remember anything, are you?"

Holding back his emotions he sat back up again with his arms around his knees and his blanket loosely over his shoulders. His precious times with May back when they first travelled now seem nothing but fiction. Those days where he would save her from pits and utter despair from losing a contest seem nothing but from a dream. Their relationship could no longer be based on their childhood memories but on the memories they were sharing now together and with their friends.

There was no backup; there were no more inside jokes that could be based on his early days as a pokemon trainer. Their past was nothing but a memory that would have meaning to him, not to May.

To May, they were as foreign as a language she couldn't understand, and never will.

Closing his eyes for the second time Ash snuggled beside May and waited for the others to meet up with them at midnight, like they all planned.


"Ash! Ash! Get up!"

Responding quickly Ash looked around and saw the others had made it to their destination but did not carry smiles all around. Some kept looking back and forward from the window as the familiar sounds of war echoed into the late night street. Their pokemon keeping an eye on the street while staying hidden. Glaceon made her way over to her trainer and snuggled in closer to keep him warm and to wake him up more slightly. Ash patted the ice fox back before making up to his feet.

"What's up?" Ash asked to Silver.

"I saw father with the NTR and Team Plasma. They are planning to set him a light on top of Team Corporations building as soon sunrise hits with the bill as well."

"What?" Ash's shock was delayed after hearing the plan NTR and Team Plasma planned to do with his father. "How cruel can these guys get?"

"Bad." Saturn replied. "If they could kill Mars and the others with ease and without any guilt I'm sure your father is no exception."

"We need to move Ash." Dawn appeared out of the group. "Or else you'll have no more father to look up to."

Taking in a moment to take control of his emotions, Ash blurted. "But how's mother and your dad Cyrus?"

"Both are fine. Father is helping everyone leave the city. His trusting us and whatever is left of the military to take down NTR and Plasma."

Without any delay Ash agreed with the plan her brother, Dawn and Saturn had come up as they made their way to them. With shadows of the early morning all of them released their best pokemon by their side and the others back into their balls. Jumping on rooftops it did not take long for them to be only a few blocks away from the building.

Looking down the presence was huge. Grunts with citizens they had captured by their side, not bothering to struggle as a pot filled with fire was seen at the top. It seemed they had moved Ash's father death earlier than expected.

"May, tell Beautifly to use psychic to remove the rope around the people's wrists then Stephan tell Zebstrika to use Discharge and aim it at the grunts. That should causer enough panic to let us slip by."

Agreeing to Saturn's words both followed. Beautifly's eyes glowed bright and quietly the ropes slipped off the captured victims and seconds later, thunder that looked like it came from the skies shocked all the grunts, making most faint while others unable to move. The ones unaffected chased after the escaped victims as Ash and the others slipped through the chaos.

As they entered they all didn't speak as anybody released an attack on whoever they saw and classed their enemy. Glaceon set up her barrier when gun bullets were shot as Misty's Starmie released powerful hot water at the grunts as they fell and hissed at their burns. All rushed past and a few floors higher more grunts blocked their paths. As it all pained them to hurt more blinded grunts Dawn commanded her Prinplup to push them aside with powerful attacks of Steel Wing and Silver's Sneasel froze their feet in place with Ice beam.

More and more came and Iris was now forced to attack. Haxorus roared as he picked up fallen pieces of rubble and threw it at the men, causing half of them to faint and sadly, die from one hit and Bianca's Cinccino shot Bullet seed at any men she saw held any guns. Torterra released waves of Razor leaf and men that headed their way at high speeds. The sharp edges of the leaves left scars on both the grunts outfits and skin.

But Team Plasma didn't give in as the stair case they all were running on suddenly split into two, leaving only Silver, May and Ash to press onwards. Reaching their hands over they were able to bring Misty and Iris from their near deaths and pulled them up towards them.

"Go!" Stephan yelled. "We'll find another way up. Just keep going!"

Having no choice but to agree all pressed forward and Ash and Silver were soon reminded of the night they saw the flames coming out their father's office. Rushing over Silver knocked the door down only to see nobody was there. There were no flames, no body or scream, only the sound of a gun getting ready to shoot. Certain yellow ears rose up and from the Ash's hood Pikachu destroyed the bullet with a powerful thunderbolt. All were amazed with the speed Pikachu had despite years without a proper battle.

"Impressive." A voice echoed as two grunts jumped from the dark and pinned down Misty and Iris with ease. Silver nor May or Ash could move as Ash felt one gun pointed right behind his skull and another pointed right at them where a man stood where a desk once stood. "You truly deserve the title of Pokemon Master." The voice teased. It was no surprise to see the voice belonged to Ghetsis.

"Where is my father?!" Ash blurted. As Ash was going to yell more the man behind him poked the barrel of the gun down his neck to remind him that any word of his could be his last.

"Gentle Corless," Ghetsis spoke. "I don't want the party to stop just when we got all our guests together."

"So was it your idea to invite Mr. Bad hair day here?" Misty teased only to receive a warning shot from the professor. The bullet just missed her feet. Corless just gave a devil-like smile to the ex-gym leader. Misty shuddered.

"So Ash," Everyone's attention was brought back to the mad man. "How does it feel to be losing your father for the second time now?" Ghetsis began to mock the young teen. "Finally, I can have revenge on the people that ruined my plans." The crazy man waved his gun in his hands as he made his way up to him. "You see, I was the one who had the idea of changing the whole world first but your ******** father stole it from me!"

"Well our father was the one who started the whole criminal organisation thing before you guys came in." Ash teased.

"Shut up!" Ghetsis shot one bullet into the roof. "I have no time with your petty teasing. Your father is going to die in one hour and you children can't do anything about it!"

His anger rose as Ash tried to stay in his place to avoid yet another bullet going through him. May withdrew closer to Ash and Silver stood in his place. They all knew Ghetsis was right. Any move, right or wrong would cost the life of their father and even anyone of them in the room. Too many lives had been lost. Any more would prove hard for them to accept.

"****." Ash muttered. "I can't lose now. Not after what I've lost and sacrifice to get here. I'm bringing this all to an end."

Playing risk taker Ash lunged at the old man, causing all the other guns to point and shoot towards Ash but the others got ahead and knocked the deadly weapons out of their hands and May pushing Corless out of the room and slamming the door behind her. Iris and Misty both used their own pokemon to throw the grunts out of the building, hearing their screams of help before hearing nothing but silence.

But it was not over as Ghetsis was able to reach over for the gun Ash had thrown out of his hands. Pointing it blank range Ash could hear the trigger being pushed hearing a scream. As if a God had answered his prayers a man riding a white dragon leaped towards his father through a window and knocking the gun out of his hands once more.

"Stop this father!" N screamed. "Enough!"

"Get off me you useless child!" The old man screamed.

N looked up to the group of five. "Run, save your father Ash! Go!"

Without a second doubt, all ran without taking another glance back. Reaching the roof seemed too easy as no grunts, no guns headed their way. On the roof stood 'proudly' was Ash and Silver's father. Hanging over a barrel of oil with a long rope alit; acting like a ticking clock. With Misty and Iris to guard the door Ash and his brother and May rushed over.

"There is oil all over!" May panicked.

"Water isn't going to cut it. Not only oil and water don't mix but if the water pressure isn't strong enough it will only add more fuel to the fire." Silver explained as climbed up the wooden frame and to the knot that held his father over the barrels of oil.

"All we can do is delay it, and then leg it once father is out." Ash explained as he to, reached over to where his father was hanging and attempted to release his father.

"Or you can both be little good children and let the man die." Corless spoke over with pokemon by his side. Their eyes glow red as if he controlled their minds.

"If one man's life is the cost of power, why won't you let him die?" Ghetsis's voice sent fear right down their spines.

Ash couldn't find the words to even ask how he had escaped N. Did he kill him, did he shoot N and ran up here with his just arrived friend, Corless with him. Ghetsis smiled. "You must be wondering how I got here. Easy." Both men threw Iris and Misty towards them. "Your girls here didn't put much of a fight."

"It's because you got your grunts to knock our pokemon and us out when you guys were losing!" Iris screamed only to be quietly silent when a glare of a pokemon sent fear right into her.

"Now now little girl." Ghetsis teased. "I have to tell you, this whole NTR and Team Plasma joining together was nothing but a show. There is no Neo Team Rocket. It's been us all this time. A nice little joke don't you think?" the two man men laughed.

"Now tell me boy," Corless spoke up. "Why save this man when you can control and have unlimited power over this region and the others despite his horrid past?"

"Because he is my father!" Ash snapped. "So what if his done bad things in the past? What matters are now and the future. It's not too late to change your path!"

Corless's pokemon came in closer. "And what path do you suggest?"

Ash took quick glances and saw Silver was making good progress in saving their father. He soon took a look down at the rope that continued to burn. There was not much time left.

"Any path can change. If you can't leave the one you're on at least try to change it! There's nothing wrong with that!"

The man mad laughed at Ash's words. "Well I'm on the path of power and successes and right now I believe I'm changing it for the better." Corless raised his hand, pointed at Ash as a crazy yet powerful Beartic launched many spikes of ice towards Ash until a small mouse jumped from his hood and smashed them all with a powerful Iron tail. Pikachu soon landed down at his master's feet.

"I refuse to let anyone else change this world for their own desperate need of power!" Pointing at Beartic, "Iron tail Pikachu!"

Pikachu rushed over to the bear with quick speed and jumped up to its height and released a powerful iron attack right into his face and then another in his chest. The bear continued to take one step closer to the edge. The attacks kept coming giving him no time to escape yet alone, attack. With one final blow ice type fell. Pikachu closed his eyes to save him from the image of a pokemon dying without its consent.

Soon bright light headed towards him from behind, with the right timing the mouse was able to jump over the beam of fire that a Ninetails had aimed towards him.

"No, Ninetails, a simple flamethrower is not going to cut it. Use Fire Blast to cover more range." Ghetsis commanded.

Giving no choice the nine tailed beast released a powerful fire attack, burst into different directions after being released. The flames were so high it just touched Pikachu's tail, leaving a horrible burn mark on his tail. The little mouse screamed in pain. The area of impact from the fire blast caused the rope to burn more, giving little time for Silver to save his father.

As Ash and Corless and Ghetsis battled May looked over to Glaceon. Upset that Ash was not using her to battle but understood why. He didn't want to end up the way the fallen Beartic did. Not understanding why, May lips began to move. "Water Pulse, let's go!"

Catching everyone off guard, rings of water crashed into the fox. May took a few steps back as the anger the fire fox was showing both to her and Glaceon. Not backing down, May pressed on. "And again!"

The ice fox jumped high into the air and did a quick front summersault and released even bigger rings of water at the fox. Ninetails jumped backwards and released a powerful Fire Blast attack. The heat was so hot the rings of water evaporated within seconds of the attack. Ghetsis looked at the newbie trainer. "Nice try little girl but this game is already over!"

Beartic suddenly appeared as if he came from the dead and had already prepared a Hyper Beam just for her. At their eyes met the beam was released. Seconds from impact, Glaceon jumped up to her trainer's back for height and jumped into the air once more. Glaceon's body was glowing pink as she took the attack for her. Rays of light were scattered everywhere as the hyper beam was over and the fox of ice returned the attack, twice the power and the bear was once again pushed over the roof.

Afterwards Ninetails appeared with great speed and with all its nine tails lit up; it began to slam each of her nine tails at the ice fox. After a few hits Glaceon released her barrier and her defence started to rise. But even after increasing her stats, she was badly injured. There did Pikachu run at high speed at the nine tailed beast covered in electricity and headed straight into Ninetails, causing another pokemon to fall overboard.

"It's over Corless and Ghetsis!" Ash yelled.

"Oh no its not," The man pointed behind Ash's shoulder to the rope that was nearly burnt out. "There isn't time for all you to escape. That battle was only a distraction." The professor watched as Silver and Giovanni escaped and were only a few meters from Ash. "Even if you saved the mad man you'll all die here." He broke into manically laughter. "Sacrifice is a small price to pay for power."

"You're insane, you both are!" Ash spat. He saw Silver reaching over to May who he was dragging her up with his other free arm to escape the roof. Looking at the other side he saw Glaceon and Pikachu making their way over.

His eyes glanced at the rope as it had little to go before reaching its end. Looking over to Glaceon, "Glaceon, use Barrier, now!" Ash screamed. "Protect them!"

"But Ash what about you!?" May panicked. The tone of desperation and sadness was evident in her voice.

Ash looked back at the woman he loved and gave her a soft warm smile as he reached over for Corless and Ghetsis and dragged them by their coats. He dragged the crazy men closer to the barrels of oil. "What are you doing?!" Both tried to escape Ash's grasp but it too late as the rope was only seconds from reaching the barrels.

"Bringing you, Ghetsis and this unknown world to an end!" Pulling them closer he took a quick glance at May, his friends and his pokemon. "Do it, Glaceon and remember, I love you all!"

The ice fox shook her head before looking up, hearing her master spoke words to her.

"Do it."

With tears building in her eyes May watched as Glaceon put up a powerful barrier and Mirror Coat combined as she watched Ash fall with Corless and Ghetsis in his arms. As the rope ran out a huge explosion followed. Leaving nothing for the imagination as smoke covered their view. As they stood under the dome not even the sound of the explosion could be heard. But for a second, May could hear his voice, speaking out to her.

"I love you."

It was nothing but painful silence and as the smoke and debris subsided the dome faded as Glaceon fainted and Pikachu broke the fall by catching her.

Looking around May saw the major busy street of Republic City had been wiped out due to the explosion. All of Ash's friends stood in shock, unable to understand or cope with what had just happened. The others that could not reach them earlier rushed over and smiled for a moment that everyone was safe but then worry came over them all.

"I'm sorry. So sorry I couldn't show you to that place I loved so much."

His words sounded so clear as May fell to her knees, now unleaseing all her tears. Anger came over her as she picked up a piece of the fallen building and threw it recklessly.

"They say grief occurs in five stages. First, there's denial followed by anger, then comes bargaining and depression then finally acceptance."

Nobody could make a step as they tried to fix their own emotions. May continued to throw piece by piece like a child on a tantrum with each throw, came a scream of pure anger. A certain bluenette could not take any longer as she rushed over and embraced May tightly as she continued to cry tears of her own.

May's hands continued to shake as she tried to pick up another piece but her hands failed to deliver. Soon she couldn't help but wrap those arms around Dawn. For a brief moment she felt time has stop and she was embracing Ash. And she was, just for a short amount of time.

"Sacrifice demands the surrender of things we cherish the most above all else."

Pulling back May took in a glimpse of his face and that smile she longed to see. His eyes were filled with such happiness and joy, seeing her safe seem to bring a smile to his face. For once in May's life, she was looking forward of forgetting who she was just to be with him. She was willing to lose herself in his love and begin anew.

"Only out of the agony of those losses can a new resolution be born."

She knew he was looking forward to those happy days with her and his family by his side. Returning into her arms May felt a tear of his crash into her before seeing him fade from his sight and soon reality returned and it was Dawn that was holding her.

"An undying devotion more than one's self and a moral duty to see a journey through..."

As May broke her embrace with Dawn she stood up onto her two feet. Trembling at first she started to walk a few steps before stopping and looking up to the night sky.

She couldn't smile, she couldn't be happy now knowing he was gone, but living up to his name, his glory and his dreams. This was something she felt right to do. Something she felt like her second life was made to live...

" its absolute completion."


In this unknown world, pokemon are not mystic beasts from fairy tales. In this unknown world, you can begin a battle without losing a life or starting a war. In this unknown world you can challenge somebody to a fight without making an enemy. In this unknown world, pokemon masters are not criminals but people who people have now come to respect once more.

In this world, pokemon run free and now can enjoy the air once more. They can roam around, have fun and train to get stronger. They can be free without being hunted, only if they were getting caught by a trainer to train and befriend.

In this city pokemon centres have returned. The famous pink nurse and her Audino's returned with their cheerful smiles as children come to her. Here everybody is welcome without a fee. Police Jenny comes and patrols the street not with guns but with her faithful pokemon by her side.

In the street where the war ended, a boy with a Salamence by his side gazed at the empty block where stories of one boy risked his life to not only stop a new treat but end an old one. He patted his dragon as the vision of that boy came into his mind, a scene that happened decades ago. Saving him from an abandoned subway from soldiers that were after people that were treated as criminals and rebels of their time.

Placing an empty bottle of the same hyper potion that he had given to his Bagon all those decades ago the boy smiled as he continued to make his way to his destination. Entering a building and up the stairs he sees the woman that had changed Pallet town for the better, sitting outside on a rocking chair, with the view of the whole city for her to look at.

Walking outside he stood by her side, waiting for her to say anything at all. With her snow like hair dancing in the breeze she looked up and smiled. She sees Salamance by the balcony, flying high nearby.

"A lot has changed, hasn't it?"

With his arms crossed, the boy nodded. "Yeah, to believe I was only a child hiding in those abandoned subway when he came along."

She didn't mind hearing his stories to her. In fact she loved it. He was now treated as a hero and not like the criminal of a business tycoon in her youth all those years ago. He looked her in his eyes and could see that happiness that his name would always bring to her. But it would quickly fade away when his death would flash back into her mind.

"It's okay now May. You can go."

She giggles. "You know me too well Ashe."

Smiling, "Well you did raise me like your own son." He looks back at her. "Go, his waiting."

May looked back at her adopted son with a warm smile. Her eyes were filled with such joy. Thank you. She whispered. And as the boy closed his eyes to hide his own emotions he knew she had been holding back for way too many years. Holding her hand he sees her eyes were finally closed. Placing his head on her hand he cried a tear or two.

In this chair sat a wonderful woman who brought a once dead and unknown world back from the dead and gave it a new life and a new meaning. She had shared her love and passion for the city and pokemon like no mayor could ever meet. That woman was named May.

But as much happiness she would share to her people Ashe knew too well where her true happiness was. Looking up to the bright summer sky, he smiled.

It was in that unknown world that no skyscraper could ever reach, no flying type can fly up to. It was only a place where people like heroes could live and where lovers could spend eternity in happiness with the people they care for.

And that unknown world was no other then Heaven.


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