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Thread: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:Sword of Absol

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    Plot:A team called Team Dark-Skull wants to take over the world, so they go search for a Dark Force that has been rumored to be in a cave called Time and Space Cave. Meanwhile, a Pokemon from the G.P.T.(Good Pokemon Team) overheard the evil team's conversation, so he consults a meeting at their Headquarters in the Johto region. While they have the meeting, Team Dark-Skull found the Dark Force and plans to put Humans into this Human-free world so that Pokemon can be captured. The G.P.T plan to stop Team Dark-Skull, but then Team Dark-Skull attacks the G.P.T base/Headquarters. The Dark Force sucks the G.P.T into a time portal, five years from then, where Humans capture Pokemon and treat them like slaves. There is a dungeon called Dragon Dungeon that owns a Dream Orb that can set back time and cure the Dark Force to make him good. It's rumored to be in the Hazeroth region. The world was divided into five regions:Tokan region, the Tojoh region, the Miryus region, the Firefly region, and the Hazeroth region. This meant that there were different people in each region, so different Pokemon too. Then the Humans made gyms that other Humans participated in to receive badges. But there was some people that didn't treat their Pokemon like slaves, but that was rare to see a Human like that. Those kind of Humans were normally on farms or in forests. Then they built a big place, called a League. They put it in all five regions. So the Free Pokemon have to stay out of the Humans sight. The G.P.T is in the Tokan region, while Team Dark-Skull starts in the Tojoh region. you want to save the world, hunt G.P.T, or catch Pokemon and be in Gyms and Pokemon Leagues?

    RP name:
    Pokemon: (What Pokemon are you?)
    Moves: (Two for starters)
    Owned: (Are you captured by a Human?)

    Team Dark
    RP name:
    Moves: (Three for these Pokemon)
    Rank: (Everyone starts as Grunt)
    Level: (5-30)

    RP name:
    Pokemon owned: (What Pokemon do you have?Two for starters)
    Appearence: (What you look like)
    Birthtown: (Any of the five regions)
    Moral: (Good or Bad)

    NO godmodding.
    NO bad cussing.
    Use good grammer.
    Don't kill someone without asking the person and me.
    Coin flip for Humans to see if you caught a Pokemon.Tails:Pokemon not caught. Heads:Pokemon caught.
    Don't switch. Don't do like in one post your in Pallet Town, the next in Viridian City.
    Anyone that does not follow the rules will be PM a strike. Keep it up two strikes. If you get three, you'll be banned from the RP.
    Strike Page
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    Please read the RPG Rules before posting. Your plot needs to be at least 400 words, and sign-ups should include age for humans and gender for any character, and usernames are not necessary. You may also want to clarify the plot, because you rushed through explaining it and it is difficult to understand. Like PMD fics don't take place in the standard Pokemon world, and there are no humans within the PMD world.

    Please read the rules and make the appropriate changes.

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