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    The Everstone

    The Everstone:
    In an alternate dimension, the Everstone was crafted by an evil wizard to enslave the people of his universe. The stone however grew a mind of its own, when the wizard tried opening a portal to our world; the Everstone consumed his soul in the process, the stone pulled itself through the portal and fell into the depths of the ocean, never to be seen by the human eyes. The Everstone is a small artifact, about the size of a grapefruit; its pitch black with a green mist spiraling in the center of the orb, the mist also pulsates though, beating like a heart, when the orb’s heart “beats” the green pool hits the edges of the glassy orb and a small shockwave is let out from the orb’s origin.

    The Plot:

    Millenniums after the arrival of the Everstone into our world, six deep sea divers were diving into the depths of the ocean between Sinnoh and the Sevii Isles. They found a tiny cave in the depths of the ocean, no pokemon got within a hundred feet of the cave and a deep bass beat was radiating out of the cave. When the six deep sea divers swam into the cave, they noticed the beautiful Everstone sitting within a ring of rocks, as if the rocks were trying to hold the Everstone in place forever. As the divers swam closer to the stone, a faint voice could be heard in the cave.


    “Goooooood, coooommmme clooosssssser.” An ominous voice was heard in the cave.

    As the evil magic surrounded the divers, their minds temporarily enslaved by the spell beckoning at them to approach the stone, the six friends swam towards the stone, all reaching their right hand outward to touch the stone. The first of them to touch the Everstone was Alex Roark, the rebellious one of the six friends; in an instance, the underwater cave filled with a intense green light and shockwaves exploded from the Everstone.

    The cave started to collapse, in the midst of the shockwaves, the green light was replaced by a blinding white light, the six deep sea divers start feeling a ringing in their ears and the white light engulfed everyone at the end of the earthquake, right before the cave was completely collapsed.


    3 days later----------------------

    The six friends woke up from their short lived coma in each of their bedrooms, after meeting up with each other again to try and figure out what happened in the cave, they discovered that they had super powers. After many pain staking hours of practicing, they eventually became decent at best with their new found powers.


    10 months later----------------------

    After becoming more adept with their powers, five of the friends decided to become super heroes and help Pokearth in the best ways that they knew how. The only one who did not follow this was Alex. Alex had been starting to hear voices in his head, he claimed it was the Everstone, but his friends called him crazy. After getting in trouble with the law and claiming the Everstone made him do it, he was sentenced to an Asylum in Goldenrod, he is currently isolation.


    Alex Roark----------------------

    “Alex, my child, they are weak, crush them, all of them, together, you and I, we can rule this forsaken world!”

    “No! you cannot control me! I am free from you.”

    “Alex, I made you and your friends what they are now, I can steal it away from you!”

    At the mention of this from the Everstone, Alex began to start screaming in agonizing pain. Blood started to pour out of his eyes, nose, and ears. The asylum guards came into to tranquilize him as they had millions of times over and Alex began to relax after the sedation and passed out in his bedroom.

    “Alex, you can’t get rid of me, we are bonded, you and I. I will control you, you must learn to give in to me, I can give you unlimited power.”


    “You will in time, you just need to learn to obey!”

    An invisible power came out of no where and shot Alex into the concrete wall of his bedroom and Alex faded into an unconscious state, still trying to fight the Everstone’s dark influence.


    2 months after asylum incident----------------------

    To the Director:

    0600: Alex has escaped from his cell after 4 months of imprisonment, presumed to still be in the asylum.

    0815: Alex walks outside of the front doors of the asylum, he is clutching a mysterious black orb in his hands, blood is covering his face and his eyes appear to be all white, target is marked as extremely dangerous and caution should be taken when preparing execution.

    0900: Strike teams Alpha and Bravo have been neutralized; Alex Roark’s whereabouts are currently unknown, location of the black orb: presumed to be with Alex. We are contacting his five friends to come to DoDoJ (Department of Defense of Johto) in Goldenrod City. These five friends have been marked by all regions’ military has high priority spec ops and are have been granted access to classified information concerning everything we know about Alex, what happened to him during his time of imprisonment in the asylum, and prototype weaponry that is still in field testing stages.

    1200: All five friends have reached the DoDoJ, they will be informed of the recent events and their mission objectives are as followed:

    • Locate the whereabouts of Alex Roark and bring him in dead or alive (alive will be preferred, but we will understand if he is brought in dead with no questions asked)
    • Look into the matter of the heavy and intense rainstorms caused in the tropical regions of the world (We believe Alex has had something to do with this).
    • More missions may come up, but at the current moment and time, these are our highest priorities.


    One week after meeting----------------------

    A mysterious black rift has been appeared in the skies over Sinnoh, nothing is currently known about this rift and we are hoping that the superheroes will look into this matter.

    Super powers available:

    NOTE: there are six powers and five players, the last power will be the power of Alex Roark in addition to the power of the Everstone that is within his possession.

    Telekinesis: This power allows the player to move objects, project a force field around him-/ her- self, and fly.

    Pyrokinetics: This power allows the player to manipulate fire, create fire, and harness the raw energy of fire and focus it into a beam (think of Iron Man’s photon cannons in his hands).

    Telepathy: This power allows the player to read minds, controls a sleeper’s dreams, and influence the mind of someone (sort of like inception- planting an idea in someone’s mind and making them believe it is their own).

    Nova: Create a blinding light that will stun or ultimately blind a person, create black holes, release a burst of energy that will devastate the landscape around the user and destroy living things.

    Psionic abilities- Psionic blast (sends a mental shockwave through the mind of an idvidual, crippling them mentally), erase or enhance the memory of someone, possession

    Soul link- Calm or agitate a subject, steal or copy the memories of a subject, harness the life force of a subject.

    NOTE: Not all of these are available at the start. The first power in the list you are adept at, the 2nd one you are a novice at, the third one you CANNOT use yet.

    Skill Levels:
    Novice: You can barely use the power and even then not for long before it starts to drain you and ultimately kill you. (4 times per page)

    Adept: You are better at the skill and can use it longer and more effectively, but using it excessively will drain you still. (10 times per page)

    Master: You can use the skill without being drained and the power is at its maximum potential.


    NOTE: The humans currently do not know anything about the Kraysalts, everything listed below is O.O.C knowledge.

    Kraysalts are a humanoid alien race that is from a different dimension and are the creators of the Everstone. They have pitch black scales with pure white eyes with no pupils present. They do not have any hair, but instead spikes protruding out of the organisms’ skull, typically in some kind of pattern. They have four arms, each with four fingers per hand that have long sharp protruding claws, as well as two legs, with feet similar to their hands.

    The Kraysalts opened a rift from their world into ours because they discovered that the Everstone was located on Pokearth and they came to retrieve it and bring it back to them, their intentions with it are currently unknown.

    The Kraysltians’ are a species that use medieval era weapons. A typical Kraysaltian Blade is roughly 2 ˝ feet long with one straight edge and another jagged and serrated; it is has an enchantment that when the blade makes contact with blood, a virus will be released into the inflicted slowly killing them unless given medical attention. A Kratsltian arrow or bolt are regular sized compared to what ours were and have the same enchantments as the sword. Spell casters use a form of dark magic or destruction. A Kraysaltian squadron will contain up to 10 soldiers and 2 spell casters.

    Kraysalt name: (If you decide to be a Kraysaltian [and to avoid humanizing the names])

    Kraysaltian alphabet does not have B, C, and M. A and E are ALWAYS paired together as “ae”, and every name contains a hyphen. Example: Lae-tharsis

    To simplify talking to another Kraysalt use, “[ insert dialogue ]” when talking in the Kraysalt language, if speaking English use, “ insert dialogue ”.

    Powers of the Everstone:

    Soul Steal- Consume the life force of organisms that the Everstone deems unworthy.

    Soul Corruption- Corrupt the soul of the Everstone’s wielder into fully trusting it and carrying out its will (this process can take months or even years).

    Pestilence- Decay the life on anything

    War- Can turn men on their trusted friends and attack them.

    Famine- Makes the subject crave what they cannot live without.

    Summon- Summons a Kraysalt that is fully loyal to the wielder of the Everstone.

    Shockwave- no need for info


    •Follow all SPPF rules
    •No god-modding
    •No over use of powers (that you haven’t mastered) or using the third one when not able to.
    •When going to a different location, it takes one post to leave current place, one to get to the new location.
    •What each power exactly does per stage is up to you to decide as long as its “logical” god-modding a power at novice level will result in a strike.
    •3-strikes = ban; lets keep the game fun for everyone else.
    •If human, you will start at the DoDoJ. If Kraysalt, you will start at the Sinnoh Rift’s heart.

    If human, Superpower:
    If Kraysaltian, Class:
    Soldier or Sorcerer

    Pokemon if any (only for humans)
    What makes your pokemon different from others of the same species?
    How did you and your pokemon meet?

    SoulMuse- Nova power
    Billy Mays- Pyrokinetics power
    Aura Of Twilight- Soul Link power
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    Hrm....Can I resevre for the Nova power?
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    I'd like to reserve Pyrokinetics, but I just need to ask, at what time does this RP take place? Any definate time after the main games? Like, 10 years after Black and White?

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    Reserves noted.

    at what time does this RP take place? Any definate time after the main games? Like, 10 years after Black and White?
    And lets say about two decades have passed since the events of Black and White.

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    Could I have a reserve for Soul Link please? Also, what's the age limit?

    Thanks to Astral Shadow for the button!

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