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    Everything has been scrambled and screwed ever since the majority of the legendary Pokemon came down from who-knows where, turned themselves into Gijinkas, and started to live with normal humans. For thousands of years, the legendaries were, well, legends. Now, you could pass one by on the way to the grocery store and say hi, like they were your neighbor. Even Arceus ascended down and joined the people of Sinnoh. People are still baffled by the event. The legendaries have said nothing about why they even came in the first place. Whenever they asked, the legendaries would just smile and shoo them away, as if they were annoying bugs. A few people were scared that an apocalypse was coming and that the legendaries had come down to take the "chosen ones" away so they could survive.

    Only a few people believed it, and they were right. Well, kinda.

    You see, the world isn't going to end, but there is a huge threat hanging over it that could possibly destroy it. The ones, who called themselves the "Holy Warriors" They have the idea that if they kill everyone, then they can rebuild the world so that it is "good" and "pure." In reality, their leader just wants world domination because he is a raving psychopath. These guys have the full support of Mewtwo, Dexoxys, and Giratina, and because of that, these "Holy Warriors" can use those legendaries powers to power things such as machines and weapons.

    Anyway, the instant the legendaries heard about this, they knew that they had to stop it. However, when they tried the first time, they were stopped and had to retreat when Dialga almost bled to death and time got out of wack in the normal world. The legendaries were able to wipe the minds of the humans who witnessed it. A few were worried that they wouldn't be able to stop the Holy Knights, but the majority of them were to prideful to even consider the thought.

    However, when the legendaries holy realm was attacked, the legendaries knew they had to do something. That's when they went down to the Earth as Gijinkas. They wanted to each find someone, someone like them who could help them. Legendaries such as Victini and the Lake Trio were quite happy with the idea, but Arceus and Mew were more reluctant, for they weren't even supposed to be seen by the most experienced of trainers. The legendaries decided that they would do this in their respective trios or duos (or quartet, for the Musketeers). Ones such as Cresslia and Shaymin, who either no longer had a member of their group or were solo legendaries went solo.

    After about a month, a person received a letter. The content of the letter differed depending upon what legendary group or legendary they received it from. Basically, they all said the same thing, that the trainer had been chosen because they represented the qualities that said legendary/legendaries were looking for and were all to meet at Ever Grande city. Obviously, they went, not wanting to upset the legendaries.

    Once everyone was there, the legendaries revealed their true forms and approached each trainer. Suddenly, each human began to glow with an odd light, and suddenly, they felt different. The trainers had been gifted by the legendaries to do things that were in the legendaries control, and they could also understand Pokemon.

    After this, Arceus announced that the legendaries would be traveling with whoever they had chosen. They revealed the Holy Warriors existence to the chosen ones, who deemed themselves "The Scrambled" because their lives had been "scrambled" by this event. The legendaries told them it was up to them to stop these psychopaths from destroying the world. A few asked why the legendaries couldn't stop it on their own and the legendaries told them the truth-- they couldn't on their own, and that was why the whole thing was stared. A few people were terrified because of this, but the majority of them were able to shrug it off.

    And so they all went off. They all have about three goals, the first being to find out where these "Holy Warriors" were. The second was to stop them. And the final one was to try to keep the general public in the dark about the entire thing until it blew over.

    That's going to be a challenge, because who ever heard of keeping something this huge a secret?

    The rules of this RPG are:

    1. Following all standard SPPf rules.
    2. You can only have as many Pokemon as your legendary group will allow. Say you choose a trio. You can only have three other Pokemon.
    3. I will allow people to sign up as members of the Holy Warriors, but the RPG really focuses on The Scrambled. The majority of the team will be NPC.
    4. It needs to stay PG-13. Don't post anything too graphic.
    5. Be realistic. Arceus and Mew will ge much more reluctant to be friends with your character (if you choose them) than Victini or Shaymin. Shiny Pokemon will not be allowed, because they're so rare. Level five Pokemon won't know Hyper Beam. Things like that.
    6. You are allowed to have more than one character, but don't take to many. You can only have one reserve going at a time, though.
    7. Have fun. This RPG isn't susposed to be deadly serious, but it isn't going to be namby-pamby. It will have humor and seriousness mixed in at times. And don't be afraid to do anything. PM me with plot ideas and such! I don't bite!

    To sign up, fill out these form:

    Name: What's your character called?
    Age: These guys need to be moderately experienced. Keep that in mind.
    Gender: Male or Female. Pick.
    Legendaries/Legendary: What Legendaries/Legendary picked you?
    Appearance: How do you look?
    Personality: Make sure that it applies to whatever legendary you choose.
    History: Your character needs to be born in whatever region your legendary represents. After the, go wild.
    Other: Anything else?

    For Pokemon, fill out these

    Moves: These can be as many as you want, but be realistic.
    Appearance: Does your Pokemonlook any different from others of it's kind?
    Personality and History: Tell away.

    And for Legendaries, fill out this:

    Moves: These guys will only have their natural moves, the exception being Mew. Just don't go overboard.
    Personality: How does your legendary act? Mind you, this takes place many years after the games, so the legendaries might act a bit different.
    Powers: What powers did your legendary gift your character with?

    The Characters we have are

    Legendary Birds (Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno)-- Venus: GalactaKnightisawesome
    Mew-- Marth Kane: Skillfulness

    Legendary Beasts (Entei, Raikou, and Suicunne)--
    Tower Duo (Lugia and Ho-oh)-- Zelkto Swan: Slipomatic
    Celebi-- Reserved for Winterbreezesrule

    Legendary Golems (Regice, Registel, and Regirock)-- Reserved for gymoes
    Eon Duo (Latias and Latios)--*Zacharias 'Zak' Phyre: Krazy95
    Weather Trio (Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza)-- Reserved for Agent Tectonic
    Jirachi-- Noxx Glacialis: Avenger Angel

    Lake Guardians (Uxie, Mespirit, and Azelf)-- Axel Smith: Winterbreezesrule
    Creation Duo (Dialga and Palkia)-- Reserved for Chili.
    Dream Duo (Cresslia and Darkrai)-- Maria Rose: Aura of Twilight
    Hetran-- Emily Harrison: shingingsloth13
    Shaymin-- Reserved for Victinifan100
    Arceus-- Emily: SoulMuse

    Victini-- Reserve for Norns.
    Legendary Musketeers (Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, and Keldeo)--
    Kami Trio (Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus)--
    Tao Trio (Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem)-- Ian Blackwood: SoulMuse

    Frank West: Billy Mays-- "Freelancing Photojournalist"
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