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    With the Unova League approaching, that also means that the end of Best Wishes is a-coming. And that begs the question... what happens next? If history repeats, Ash and co. will head to another region for a new competition/league/challenge that may interest Mr. Ketchum.

    Now, I highly doubt that we'll get another generation of Pokemon so soon, especially with the release of Black 2 and White 2 so fresh, so it is more likely that our heroes will end up in one of the older regions with his current friends, Iris looking for new Dragon-types, and Cilan aiming for new, um, tastes. So what's Ash gonna do? Will they capture new Pokemon? Will Ash ever win anything? And will Team Rocket go back to their goofy, clumsy selves, or will they remain as hardened criminals? Feel free to speculate!!

    As for my two cents, one possibility is that they head for Kanto, and more specifically the Sevii Islands, possibly for a new "Frontier"... *wink**wink*. Another option is that they head for Johto, in recent memory of Heart Gold/Soul Silver. Perhaps they'll head to Hoenn, an opportunity to promote a new Pokemon game? Or will they head back to Sinnoh for another challenge. And then again, maybe they will take the "Orange Island Route" and go to a completely new region, made just for the anime! In other words, I HAVE NO IDEA!! But it'll be fun to guess, right?

    Personal Opinion.
    You know, it may be just me, but Ash has caught the greatest number of species of Pokemon from this generation, with 9 from Unova, and I feel that it makes his collection a bit imbalanced. This makes me wonder if he will catch more Pokemon from previous generations to match it. If anything, I think the Best Wishes series is a way for the writers to get the viewers used to the idea of Ash rotating his Pokemon (something he didn't do very frequently in previous generations). Currently, he has got 8 of Gen I (9 if you count Primape), 6 of Gen II, 5 of Gen III, and 6 (if you count Gliscor) of Gen IV. Now, in my personal opinion, the writers might choose to balance this, and give the hero new Pokemon from Gen II, III and IV. Hopefully, this may mean, that he will catch at least 3 new species in Gen II, 4 new ones in Gen III, and another 3 from Gen IV from wherever they might go after Best Wishes.

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