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Thread: Hunters Call: Monster Warfare pokemon like game?

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    Default Hunters Call: Monster Warfare pokemon like game?

    Was browsing youtube and found someone working on a monster capturing type game

    They have an kickstarter going on too i think on there youtube channel looks pretty fun.

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    Video uploaded Yesterday.
    Less then 100 views.
    You just so happened to " Find " this on Youtube.
    This is the only Video on their barren channel.



    ... sounds legit.

    I'm confused what they need a Kickstarter for especially for that much money. If they're just starting out, which it seems like they are, then they should be able to find a few people who can work with them for free just to get their feet wet in the production progress. I guess they want to commission people for art but that's not really necessary. A lot of artists just want exposure.

    It doesn't look like they're far enough in the production progress to be asking for money.

    For help, sure, but not for money.

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