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    Default New Soul Calibur Disscussion

    Hey everyone,

    Im not sure if anyone is out there that loves the soul calibur series, but personally love the Soul Calibur franchise and I started playing around Soul Calibur 3. I play the game alot on my ps3 and thought why not have a Soul Calibur thread for disscussion about experiences and the fun the game brings to everyone. I would like to have a thread disscussion about everything Soul Calibur and can have anything that relates to the game from fighting streatgies, favorite characters of the game, and tips on how to beat the game, and etc. I do have some small rules though to fallow because of serebii forum rules.

    What is Soul Calibur?

    Its a fighting game that consists of many different fighting styles of the old times with with two major characters nightmare and Siegfried...which use to be the same person in the first soul calibur game...Siegfried was the man with the soul calibur which fought to be free from nighmare which is the master of the soul edge and journey to 6 fabulous games...a small sum up for the game here a links to read more

    a trailer for soul calibur V the newest soul calibur game
    its a site all about the games and the characters story backgrounds...

    Soul Calibur
    list of characters in a link

    Soul Calibur II
    list of characters in a link
    this game was multi-plat formed so please remember with rules of forums with this discussion...since it was both a Nintendo and PlayStation and Xbox game...

    Soul Calibur III
    list of character in a link

    Soul Calibur IV
    list of character in a link

    Soul Calibur broken destinies

    list of characters in a link
    Soul Calibur V

    any of these games can be discussed in the thread on the game itself, new dlc for the psn network, online battling and you can even post if you like to have other people fight you over the ps3 network, like the game or hate a certain series (AS LONG AS WE DO NOT FLAME OR SPAM!) long it stays as a open discussion for soul calibur its fine...

    1.) Keep on topic
    2.)No swearing,flamming, or spamming period and no negative comments about ideas, and opinions. If must pm the person and talk with them over there profile and keep away from the thread.
    3.)keep all sentences clear for people to understand please.
    4.)keep all serebii forum rules in mind due to infractions are given out everyday almost.

    Thats about it hope you enjoy disscussing about a really great game
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