This is something I wrote as part of a fanfic I want to write, so any advice is appreciated.

I turned, my eyes easily adjusting to the sudden change of ambient light between the sunset and the inside of the small dark room I called an office. The room was barren, with a simple wooden desk and chair in the center, flanked by a bookshelf pushed against each wall. All the furniture was older, the wood having a distinctly weathered look to it. I stared coldly at a man opposite me, waiting for him to say something of note.

“Do you understand what you are to do?” His voice was gravelly, but sharp. I closed my eyes, trying not to snap back as I normally would.

“I do.” I replied stiffly, sliding my hands into my cloaks pockets. The man nodded, his silver hair shifting slightly with the movement. He turned to leave, reaching the door of my office before turning back. I could only see the pointed and bottomless orbs that represented his eyes in the shadows.

“Remember…”He cautioned me, “Failure is not an option.” I snorted softly, trying to decide if I was offended or amused by the remark.

“Do not worry.” I whispered, turning to stare at the setting sun once more. “I do not fail.” Behind me, I heard the door open, creaking as it did.

“See that you do not.” Was the almost ghostly reply. I ignored that, and instead just watched the sun set, taking a moment to enjoy the beauty of nature, before I was thrust once again into the crucible of war.


Chapter One:

I landed in one of the smaller towns of Unova, stepping off of Volcarona’s back carefully. I inclined my head to the Pokémon, which promptly took to the skies once again. I shook my head and took in the scenery for a long moment.

I could tell this town, the name forsaking my memory for a moment, was older, and not exactly a center of anything important. However the first thing I noticed was that there was a large group of people gathered around a small hillock in the center of the town. Curiously there were a large number of people gathered there, most of them wearing strange garb. I couldn’t hear what the incredibly odd looking fellow, who wore the oddest clothing I could think of, what appeared to be a medieval cloak in vibrant reds and oranges, surrounded by a bunch of strange fellows, who all dressed like knights from several hundred years ago.

Snippets of the speech drifted my way as I strode pushed my way closer to the speaker. However before I even got to the main crowd, the whole group packed up and left and it took only five or six minutes for the spectators to depart, leaving a strange green haired fellow and a girl, who probably was sixteen or so, wearing short blue shorts, a white tank top with a black vest overtop and a hat with a pink Pokéball on it. I approached the two as the green haired boy called out a Purloin to battle. The girl called out an Oshawatt, which looked a bit uncertain of what was going on.

“Oshawatt, Razor Shell!” The girl called out. I blinked in surprise. The little Pokémon didn’t look anywhere near strong enough to use a powerful move like Razor Shell bit right before my eyes, the small otter pulled the shell off, and creating a blade of water, slashed at the Purloin which couldn’t dodge fast enough to avoid the blow and was knocked back with a cry of pain.

“Purloin, Scratch.” The other trainer’s voice was cool, collected, and without worry despite the fact he was losing the battle. The girl just smirked and ordered the Oshawatt to do the same thing.

I shook my head, as the green haired boy called for his Pokémon to dodge to late. I moved forwards at the Purloin snarled leaping to attack the little otter Pokémon.

“Oshawatt, dodge and use Water Gun!” The girl ordered. Was impressed with her strategy thus far, and with a final strike, the Purloin fell unconscious. The green haired trainer recalled his Pokémon, and then stared intently at the Oshawatt.

“Strange…” He mumbled as I drew closer. “Your Pokémon seems to genuinely like you?” the last part seemed to be as much a question as anything else. The girl blinked owlishly.

“What are you talking about?” She demanded, voicing the question I wasn’t willing to voice myself. “Are you trying to imply that you can understand Pokémon?” I cocked my head; that was a strange take on the way he had said that….but it did make sense. I was surprised neither of the trainers had noticed me yet, but I wasn’t too concerned about it.

“Hm?” The green haired boy looked up. “Oh, yes I can speak with Pokémon, and this one seems to really like you.” He sounded confused. “Either way, I need to be leaving.” And with that, he turned on his heel and left quite abruptly. The girl shook her head and picked up the Oshawatt.

“Strange guy, wonder what his deal was?” She asked the little Pokémon, which shrugged in response. Turning to do something, she finally spotted me. “Hello, can I help you?” I bit back a chuckle; it only took you five minutes or so to realize I was here, and you ask if you can help me? I wondered mentally.

“Nah,” I replied, “I just noticed your battle with that kid a moment ago.” She looked kind of sheepish at my response, although I wasn’t sure why. “It was fairly impressive; few trainers who are just starting out can train Pokémon to use powerful attacks so quickly, or with good strategy.” I told her.

“Um…thanks?” She offered. I laughed, aware that my sudden appearance and goodwill might make her nervous.

“Eh, sorry, I forgot to introduce myself.” I admitted, which drew a smirk of amusement from the girl. “I am Ian Blackwood, a traveling trainer.” That was only part of the truth, and I hoped that no one would ever learn the other part of that very same truth. The girl nodded, seeming to accept my statement.

“Nice to meet you. How did you know I was a beginning trainer?” I chortled, following her as she headed to the Pokémon Center. The Oshawatt in her arms stared at me intensely, which made me feel nervous for some reason.

“Not too many highly experienced trainers will have an Oshawatt as their choice Pokémon.” The door of the Pokémon Center swished open revealing the bleached white interior, with red and pink over some surfaces. The two of us moved over to Nurse Joy who looked somewhat harried for some reason. I removed all six of my Pokéballs, handing them to Nurse Joy will the girl gave the Nurse her Oshawatt to look after.

“Well I guess that makes sense.” She admitted while Nurse Joy took our Pokémon to look after. “So what are you doing in Unova then?” I considered how to answer. Somehow I didn’t think my real answer would go over well.

“Traveling, maybe some battling, but mostly looking.” I replied, which seemed pique her interest.

“Looking for what?” I groaned in my head.

For a mysterious group of criminals that might want to kill you for being a trainer. “Rare Pokémon, interesting people, a good place to take a nap, the usual.” I replied. The girl giggled slightly, at my totally illogical response.

“Your Pokémon at all perfectly healthy.” Nurse Joy. I nodded accepting the six smooth spheres from her. The girl took back her Oshawatt, which hugged her, before she recalled it.

“You do realize you haven’t told me what your name is.” I remarked as the girl followed me out of the Pokémon center. Stopping just outside the building, I clipped my Pokéball’s to my waist, and pulled my coat tighter around myself. “Bloody cold out here.” I mumbled to myself, which amused the girl even further.

“My name is Hilda, and how to do you plan to survive the winter if you think the summers here are cold?” She asked cheekily. I rolled my eyes, and ignored the question, instead following her as she headed towards the gatehouse that led to the woods. “Why are you following me anyways?” She demanded as we entered the fairly standard looking gatehouse, blue walls, brown tile floor, and an electronic display board mounted to right wall.

“You are a starting trainer, and logic would indicate that you will be challenging the gyms, so it would stand to reason that if I want to battle the Gym Leaders in Unova I should follow you, seeing as how I don’t know my way around the region.” Well that last part was a lie…not that she needs to know that. Hilda glared at me, although I wasn’t sure if that was because I was being an ***, or because I was being logical.

“***.” She mumbled. I nodded to myself; there was my answer, as I followed her into the woods.