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    Default The Legend of Korra Shipping Thread

    Well, I actually can't believe this hasn't been open yet, but here we go.

    This is a thread to talk about the over-abundance of shipping in The Legend of Korra, Avatar: The Last Airbender's sequel. There are currently 7 episodes and many ships to talk about.

    Anyway, if you are new to the LoK shipping fandom, here are the *somewhat* official shipping pair names. Others will be added as you guys mention them:

    Borra - Bolin/Korra
    Makorra - Mako/Korra
    Masami - Mako/Asami
    Pemzin - Pema/Tenzin (canon)
    Linzin - Lin/Tenzin
    Bosami - Bolin/Asami
    Korrasami - Korra/Asami
    Amorra - Amon/Korra
    Tahnorra - Tahno/Korra
    Howrra - Howl/Korra

    Now, I'm well, WELL aware that, just like the Pokemon fandom, there are rival ships. We can discuss the validity of ships in here, but to an extent. Remember to respect your fellow shipper and not call out any ship without the proper evidence and etiquette. It has only been 7 episodes, and right now, NOTHING is certain at face value. It really could go either way.

    So, I suppose I should start this out with the obvious:
    Which LoK ship is your favorite?
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