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    Quote Originally Posted by SmeargleRocks View Post
    Feel the aura
    252Attack 252Speed 4HP
    Sitris berry
    Aura sphere
    Vacuum wave
    Dragon pulse
    Water pulse/HP ice/HP water

    252Attack 252Speed 4HP/defense
    Life orb
    Bullet punch
    Blaze kick
    Close combat
    Swords dance

    252Attack 4Sp.Atk 252Speed
    Life orb
    Inner focus
    Aura sphere
    Ice punch/Thunder punch
    Blaze kick
    Flash cannon/dark pulse/water pulse

    Take your pick he has a very nice arsenal of moves
    Don't use Water Pulse it is weak and Earthquake is useless since ground and Fighting have about similar coverage. Blaze Kick is illegal with Justified
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    BW actually stands for Butthurt Whiners

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