I wasn't originally going to make a topic ever again but some cool people in #spp-misc told me to do this and because I've seen a few people (moot, butterfly, etc) who have pretty cool collections of stuff that are worthy of being shown off.

So anyways in case it's not obvious, if you guys have collections you can show them here, include pictures if you want, or just descriptions.

And it can be of anything as long as it's appropriate...

I guess I'll start this off since I am unfortunately the topic creator.

My main collection I have right now is my Kirby collection. I didn't put any of the games I have in the photo nor did I include any of my small figures I have. I have a few more plushies but they're deep in storage and I am scared for my life to venture in there.

My other collections I have I don't have photos of, but I have a Pokemon collection, Mario collection, and a coin collection that consists of coins from all over the world as well as silver dollars back when they were commonly seen being spent in the USA.

That's all for me really :U