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    Default Who is That?

    This is a remake of Who's That Character, renamed so that it's more general and allows for not just fictional characters.

    In this game, you post an image of a fictional character or actual person, and the user below you tries to guess who that is and where they are from. The user below you then posts an image of another character, and the next user tries to guess who's that character and where is that character from. The game goes on in this format.

    Rules - Please read, because there are some that only apply to this game
    1. Of course, all General SPPf Rules and Games Forum Rules apply here.
    2. Please, please, please be respectful. If you feel the need to voice your negative opinion on the character, at least do it via VM or PM - or better yet, don't do it at all.
    3. Actual, real-life people are allowed, but as I mentioned earlier, please stay respectful.
    4. If you do not know who the character is, feel free to guess or say something about the character, because that makes the game more interesting.
    5. Clarifying who exactly is the character you posted if the poster below you does not know the character is encouraged, but not required.

    It's mostly about respect and common sense really. The point of this game is to have fun seeing how many characters people can recognize, and disrespect kind of ruins the game.

    Without further ado, can you guess who this is?
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    Troy Bolton from High School Musical

    Credit to Brutaka for the awesome banner!

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    Somebody from an old Final Fantasy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tsukuyomi56 View Post
    This one is Veronica from Fire Emblem Heroes. I don't know the above.

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