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    Wink The FEAR clan

    Welcome Everyone....To FEAR!

    FEAR motto: FEAR lives within all

    Credits to Skarmory7 for the banner
    This is a clan i created since i closed my other clan..
    anyway please read the rules....and i made this clan cause
    when i was little umbereon was my fav poké also for now
    this is a Wifi clan if you guys want later
    i can make a PO division (i don't use PO so yea...)

    Table of contents
        Spoiler:- Table of Content:

    1.FOLLOW ALL SPPF rules
    2.Respect other members and their decision's
    3.If you have a problem or any question's please PM me
    so you don't spam the thread
    4.Please stay active if you are going away like on a trip
    tell me before hand
    5.don't ask me to be a xat mod or a clan leader i will
    chose we gets to be what...
    6.I will test battle you no matter what you are in the
    but it's to determine your rank.
    7.Don't Ad other website's Spaming/Flaming
    9.have fun! also i don't use PO if you guys want PO ill make a
    PO division

    Sign up Forum Fill this out post it and your good IGN(In game name): 4th Gen FC: 5th gen FC: PO Username: Fav dark pokémon: something about you: did someone reccomend this clan to you? if so who?: timezone?: Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10...:

    Umberon rank

    This rank is for Leader's only

    Darkrai rank:
    This rank is for Co-Leader's only
    Victini is cool:BP15

    Absol rank:
    Achiving this rank means you've beaten a leader or co 5 times (and won) beat 4 level Alpha Rank
    blockers you and won against a war head or war member

    Zoroark rank:
    to get this rank you must beat 2 level
    7 and 6 Rank Blockers and have 5 win's vs.
    Absol ranked members

    Liepard rank:
    To get this rank you must have beaten
    3 members in the Liepard Rank and
    beat a level 5 Rank blocker

    Mightyena rank:
    To get this rank you must win against
    3 Members in the Mightyena rank and
    beat a level 4 Rank blocker.

    Zorua rank:
    To get this rank you must win against
    2 members in any rank higher than
    poochyena rank and win against a level
    3 Rank Blocker

    Poochyena rank:
    To get this rank you must win 1 battle
    and a level 2 and 1 rank blocker

    Purrloin rank:
    The base rank here till you either
    1.get tested and submitted into a
    higher rank or
    2.reach the requirements of the next


    Ultimate Supreme Rank:
    To get this achievement you must
    win vs. the clan's pokemon league. (If your in the clan) this project is on hold for now....

    Rge - Leader
    BigCarl71 - Member
    misty135 - Co-Leader
    Victini is cool - Co-leader
    BlvckChrxs - Member
    GameMaker - Member (Post within a week or be kicked)


    -05/23/12- Clan Opens!
    -06/12/12- War Starts

    (Original Idea)Rank Blockers
        Spoiler:- How it's work's:

    Rank Blockers

        Spoiler:- Rank Blockers:


    These are the Jobs Fill out this forum
    and chose a Job
    Job you want:
    Why do you want it:

    Jobs that are available

    Rank Blocker
    Ev Trainer
    egg move tutor

    This time this shop is going to be
    old school i mean back in like 2009
    This section actually sells
    POKEMON of course not right now we need
    some donations!

    Rge - Breeder
    Misty135 - Breeder
    BigCarl71 - EV trainer
    Victini is cool - Egg move tutor

        Spoiler:- ALL POKEMON:

    Breeder: -2Bp
    Ev Trainer: -3BP
    Personal Art: -5BP
    move tutor: -3BP
    egg move tutor: -3BP

    Point System:

        Spoiler:- POints:

    Job point earning:
    to make this simple
    when you have a Job and someone ask's
    you for whatever your Job is
    when they pay you GAIN there points
    just the more reason to make you have
    a job

    War Team:

    War Head/War Tester:Open
    War Member's:Rge
    Victini is cool

    War History
    Team Sky


    Alright we've finally made it to the xat
    check in my sig or this link...
    to get to the xat


        Spoiler:- credits:
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