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Thread: The Authors’ Café Rules - READ ME

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    Default The Authors’ Café Rules - READ ME

    The Authors’ Café Rules and Regulations

    All General SPPf Rules apply. Please also read the Fan Fiction Rules.

    The Authors’ Café is a place for writers to gather and sit back, relax and chat about everything to do with writing. This is for fan fiction and original works alike, for everyone who loves writing, reading or reviewing. Everyone is welcome, and someone is always willing to listen and provide their help, insight or an opinion to debate!

    The rules are simple and can be divided into:

    What kinds of topics are allowed here?
    • Discussions and debates about anything writing-related – from discussions on entire genres to questions about writing mechanics, from creating interesting worlds to handling different types of characters, anything goes
    • Discussions about reading – such as what people like and dislike, what people avoid
    • Discussions about writing and reviewing online – about posting fan fiction, responding to readers, critical reading tactics, reviewing tips and so on
    • Requests for help or advice – turning this into a discussion for others to partake in also helps
    • Previews for your upcoming stories – this must be a scene from your story, not just a summary or character description

    What kinds of topics don’t belong here?
    • Your actual story – that belongs in the general Fan Fiction Forum if it’s Pokémon-related, or Non-Pokémon Stories otherwise
    • Discussion threads for your story/stories – all comments about your fic belong in your fic thread
    • Story ideas – post these in the Fic Ideas thread unless you’re posting a proper preview, as detailed above
    • Fic advertisements – the only place advertisements belong is in your signature
    • Asking why you don’t get reviews/begging for reviews – there are plenty of reasons for this, but you can use the Review Exchange or the Review Game threads or request a review privately
    • Requests for an editor/beta reader – use The Beta House to find a suitable editor (or apply to be one)
    • Requests for submissions or polls for things to include in your story – it’s your job to come up with characters and decide what happens, not ours
    • Requests to find a specific fic – ask about it here instead
    • Rants – these are a waste of time unless you can turn it into a constructive discussion everyone can engage in
    • Complaints – talk to a mod privately about these

    Please do a forum search before posting a new thread to see if the topic you want to discuss has been covered recently! Your question may already have been answered. If the last post in the thread is from more than 30 days ago, you may feel free to start a new one. Posting in older threads is considered bumping and is against the SPPf Rules, though it is acceptable in some threads (see list below).

    One rule of thumb for figuring out if a topic is appropriate is by asking yourself, “if everyone makes a thread like mine, will it clutter up the forum?” For example, if everyone made their own threads begging for reviews, the forum would just become a mess.

    If you’re unsure if a certain topic is allowed, such as more mature, sensitive or sexual subjects, please feel free to ask one of the Fan Fiction moderators via VM or PM. We’re always happy to help!

    The main guideline when posting here is that respect is crucial. Respect the creativity, ideas, opinions, advice and feelings of others, and they in turn will respect you back. If you disagree with someone, you are free to voice it, but you must do so in a polite and respectful manner. Personal attacks and flames are unacceptable. We encourage friendly debate and discussion – the more, the merrier!

    This thread is mainly for discussion about the rules, however if you have a small question that doesn’t need its own thread, please feel free to ask here or privately contact a mod. Thanks, and have fun!

    ~The Fan Fiction Moderating Team
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    For your convenience, I have compiled a directory of threads that may prove useful, as well as a listing of all past fic awards and contests.

    Anything listed under the Useful Thread Archive may be bumped, as long as it is within reason. These threads tend to be helpful and well-used, which is why they have been included but are not all stickied. Should one become very old, members are allowed to post a new version.

    Names beside the awards credit the organizer/s that year, and those beside the contests acted as judges. Should you find any errors, please let us know so we may give credit where credit is due. :>

    Useful Thread Archive

    SPPf Fanfiction Awards Archive

    SPPf Fanfiction Contests Archive

    Other SPPf Fanfiction Events

    Serebii Yuletide 2014 - JX Valentine
    Serebii Yuletide 2015 - JX Valentine
    Serebii Exquisite Corpse
    Fan Fiction Quarterly:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychic
    Requests to find a specific fic – ask about it here instead
    I just noticed that the word "here" isn't a hyperlink. Is it supposed to link to the Fic Recommendation Thread?
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    Quote Originally Posted by American--Pi View Post
    I just noticed that the word "here" isn't a hyperlink. Is it supposed to link to the Fic Recommendation Thread?
    I think it actually literally means this thread. XD The last edit date for that post predates the Fic Rec thread, so! (Sorry about that. This thread kiiiiinda needs updating, but we'll get to that. Promise!)

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    May you post links to external websites?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Polipuff View Post
    May you post links to external websites?
    Kind of depends on what you mean. In general, yes, it's fine. There are only two times there would be a problem with you posting a link to an external site:

    1. If you're linking to a piece of writing rather than posting the text on Serebii in the main fanfiction forum. What sometimes happens is people show up and say something like, "Hey, guys, I posted a fanfic on FFN. Here's a link, check it out!" You can include external links in posts in the main fanfic forum, for example if you were inspired by a piece of art and want people to be able to go look at it, as long as the full text of your actual chapter is available in the forum thread.

    2. You're linking to something inappropriate/against Serebii rules. Obviously porn links are right out, but any sort of article/image/whatever that either violates one of Serebii's content rules or that's being linked for the purpose of advertising is against the rules.

    Other than that, though, it's fair game. So if you wanted to start a discussion in the Author's Cafe, you could post a link to an essay on fanfiction you read somewhere, for example, and ask people to read it and say if they agree/disagree/whatever. Your post should have more meat to it than, "Hey guys, here's a cool link! Thoughts?"--you should at least provide something more specific to discuss than just the article in general, like, for example "Do you agree that fanfic writers should be able to sell their work the same way fanartists often do? Would you ever consider monetizing your fanfic?" But in general, posting a link like that is fine. And of course you can do stuff like link to a dictionary definition or article about punctuation rules if you're backing up an argument. You can even link fanfiction posted on other sites, if it's relevant to what you're talking about and not advertising.

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