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Well that's because I took it as Dent knowing he shouldn't show fear during battle as it could effect his style, plus we don't know the full extent of how this paranoia over Choroneko effects Dent as he does not want to reveal what happened. Dent has yet to be in a situation like Iris was in this episode involving a Choroneko. I'm interested in Dent's fear not because of Dent, but for its mystery, making it all curious, and flashback potential.

Being able to fight a Pokémon they fear just shows a character knows they can't flinch in battle. Iris did the same when battling Langley's Tsunbear.
Well, you could say the same if you're applying things to Dento and Choroneko with Iris and Tsunbear. However Iris's situation was different, direct, in-character, and accurate.

Really though, of course Iris became afraid when she first saw Tsunbear, and of course would she still chose to go against it, even though it was an Ice-type. Did you really expect her to shy away from a challenge when the person she battles actually calls her out or talks **** and mocks her? That was Iris' defending Dragon-types, and she refused to back down - she even used her Kibago to battle because of that, and I know that Iris wouldn't have sent Axew in if she didn't think that he could win. She wouldn't let her phobia get the best of her, and thus she actually got determined and stayed for the battle. It's much different from Dento's situation, Langley's tougher and much more violent.

I still have yet to see the episode due to my shitty bandwidth at the moment, but I'm confident it was a nice development episode.