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    I forgot to add I was not surprised about the simplicity about the whole thing as it was never a deep or meaningful fear anyway.

    Also I can see that Iris hasn't exactly gotten over her Ice-type Pokémon phobia, she just seems to be slightly neutral with it now.

    Quote Originally Posted by gohan5 View Post
    There was a struggle, I'd surely call fighting for her life quite a struggle.
    Maybe. But it wasn't some in your face/deep struggle that caught my interest, just a case of getting in trouble and being saved at a split second.

    Though I guess If you look at it deeply enough you could see the possibility that Iris and the Pokémon may have suffocated to death if Baivanilla didn't do anything. But what can I say? I never look too much into what I watch and tend to mainly notice things when they are really noticeable.
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