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Thread: Pokémon Adventures - The Tohjo War (PG-13, Pre-Modern RP)

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    Default Pokémon Adventures - The Tohjo War (PG-13, Pre-Modern RP)

    Pokémon Adventures - The Tohjo War

    A PG-13 Historic Pokémon RP

    The Pokémon World is a vast place, with regions galore, many of which are unknown to the others. These regions span huge landmasses, and cover the world all over. These regions often have areas of interest and most of the people there have common goals.

    The Tohjo region spans a huge landmass, a huge silver mountain in the middle of it, and two belts of islands, one far to the West, one in the South-East. Although as a region, Tohjo is advanced, with a few towns earning the status of city, and large-scale mining now taking place, there is tension between the agricultural 'Johto Plains' and the industrious 'Kanto Territory'. As the tension rises, it looks like the region may split into two separate areas, and a Civil War may brew.

    The Hoenn region is a tropical region with many waterways scattered across it, covering two islands, with a mountain, which it is rumoured, where a secret cult guard an ancient secret live. Outside of it's boundaries are a small island and an extinct volcano, that soon, a large group are planning on exploring and claiming as Hoenn territory. With regular trading between Hoenn and the other three regions, it is common to see Pokémon native to Hoenn accompanying Trainers in Tohjo and Sinnoh.

    The Sinnoh region is a small region with alpine mountains in the middle. It is a very harsh region, with rugged terrain, dense foggy hills and thick forest. The people there have a hard but enjoyable life, farming and mining daily. A huge underground mine expanse is slowly being formed, covering the whole region itself. As the region expands, it's mines surely will too. They mainly keep to themselves, and the only contact with other regions is through explorers or traders, and the occasional Trainer or Ranger who will leave for the other regions and one day return home.

    Then there is the tiny region of Unova. Unknown to the other regions, it has a landmass consisting of temples and amazing structures, and is surrounded on one side by the sea, the other side, a thick glacial belt. Legend states of a giant beast forming the belt, and the people of Lacunosa Village, a village covered in ice, and next to the huge belt itself, never leave the safety of their houses after dark for fear of the beast returning.

    All of the regions have a 'Gym' system for aspiring Pokémon 'Trainers' to test their team and battle, set in Tohjo. Trainers often carry three Pokémon with them once they are skilled enough. They test the gym, and, if they win, gain a badge to show they have won. By collecting a certain amount of badges, they can enter an elite tournament and go on to face the best trainers in the four regions.

    All regions are home to people called 'Breeders', who specialise in breeding Pokémon and getting them to be the strongest and best they can be,then selling the hatched young Pokémon and Eggs to Trainers. Although not very good battlers themselves, they are very skilful at providing the best moves and abilities possible. They will often appear and offer you money for a Pokémon you own, or offer you an Egg to carry.

    Then there are Rangers. Unlike conventional trainers, who will catch their Pokémon in PokeBalls made from Apricorns or special items, Rangers have items such as flutes, lasso's, berries and food to lure Pokémon towards them, and then befriend them. They also will only hold on to a Pokémon until it battles for them a certain amount of times, or performs a certain ability to help them traverse their region's land. While Trainer's take the long way, Rangers just leap over their heads in the trees, or over cliffs, or tunnel underneath them with the help of their Pokémon friends. Yet every Ranger always has one Pokémon who will stay with them forever.

    Each of these three groups are well-established into society, but recently in Tohjo, there have been problems. Mysterious characters keep cropping up, creating discord and havoc, terrorizing locals, and stealing their Pokémon. Some Pokémon have been killed or left to die, and in some cases, humans have too. Along with this, and with the threat of a Civil War, the region is at unease. With the many dangers lurking, it is a dangerous place, and this is known to everyone in Hoenn and Sinnoh. But danger and adventure lure the curious, brave and reckless, among the ones who want to prove themselves and the ones who are eager to explore.

    As A Trainer, Breeder or Ranger, you have arrived in Tohjo's Silver Town from your hometown in any region. From here, you will be assigned your duties, and may choose to travel alone, or in a group of two or more. Along the way there will be challenges, adventure, danger and, of course, experience. Teaming up with someone, or a group, will make life safer and more fun, but will also mean sharing supplies. And it means taking a route which everyone is comfortable with. If a team splits up, there is a chance you won't bump into each other again, so be careful!

    Going it alone will put you in more danger, but at some points may make travelling and battling less of a challenge, as you will have your own free will. Whatever choice you make, you will eventually have to make serious decisions. If you are put in life-threatening situations, will you be able to escape, or will you die? If a war starts, will you remain neutral, or fight for one of the sides? Will you join the villains terrorizing Tohjo for profit, power or just because you prefer the criminal lifestyle? It is all up to you, but it will affect your whole journey.

    Every choice is up to you. Just make sure that choice is the right one.

    Item/Pokémon/Region Info:


        Spoiler:- Items:

    PokéBalls: Made with Apricorns – brought from traders – there are eighteen types, and eighteen Apricorns.

        Spoiler:- Pokéball Types:


    These Pokémon have not been discovered or created yet:

        Spoiler:- Pokémon Restrictions:

    REGION INFO: The settlements available (Silver Town is not listed as it is home to the Elite League):

    Kanto Territory:

        Spoiler:- Kanto Territory:

    Johto Plains:

        Spoiler:- Johto Plains:


        Spoiler:- Hoenn:


        Spoiler:- Sinnoh:


        Spoiler:- Unova:

    Other: If you have read all of the information, please put the password Phoenix in bold at the end of your sign-up.

    Sign-Up Form - You may have two characters of different class. You can SU them in different posts, obviously.

    Name: Obvious.

    Class: Pick between Trainer, Breeder and Ranger.

    As a Trainer, you will challenge the Badges of Tohjo - and eventually the best across the land at Silver Town, in the Elite League.

    As a Breeder, you will aim to do the same, however you are not as skilled at battling, and better at finding a Pokémon's potential. The key to success for you may be raising Pokémon in certain ways.

    As a Ranger, you can take the Gym Challenge, but it would be avoidable, due to only having one fully legitimate Pokémon. Rangers spend their time defending the land, helping citizens, and completing missions they set themselves.

    Age: 13+ Trainer/Breeder, 15+ Ranger

    Gender: Obvious.

    Hometown/Region: List both as shown. Eg Pallet Hill/Tohjo

    Appearance: Minimum 12 sentences. Cover clothing and body – bear in mind this is set around 1845. I will allow more modern clothing than the real world had back then – this is an inventive world. Remember, different countries had different styles.

    If you live in Tohjo, wear what you like within reason – don't look too modern. Western-Style, area-based.

    If you are from Sinnoh, you'll probably be wearing dark clothes, so grey, black, brown, grey, dark green. You probably come from a family associated with mining or farming. Western Style, specifically working-class.

    If you are from Hoenn or Unova – both tropical and tribalized in colour – you will be bright and colourful, but wearing more basic clothing – a top and shorts/trousers, or some form of tribal clothing - nothing more than that really. More Asian/African/Tropical clothing here.

    Personality: 10 sentences minimum. I want to get a feel of how your character would react in certain situations.

    History: 2 Paragraphs please. Explain your character's life up to this stage, and how they learned of the Silver Town Campaign – was it Pokémon Delivery, or by invitation? Were they told by a relative? There is a long line of options here.

    Other: Other info if you want to add any more.

    Starter Pokémon: One from your region – be reasonable. No super-powerful Pokémon. Be warned, there is a restriction list above for the present time in said world.

    Nickname (if any):

    Gender (or Genderless):

    Pokémon Appearance: Brief – what differences it has, shiny, scars/wounds etc.

    Pokémon Personality: What does your partner act like? Think carefully, especially Rangers - this will be your only permanent partner throughout. Trainers/Breeders, this Pokémon will never be able to be released.

    Pokémon History: A brief description of how you met your Pokémon.

    Attacks: Basic Moves between Lv 1-10, (one egg move for Breeder's only.)

    Pokémon Other: Anything else you want to add, if neccesary.

    Reserves/Accepted Characters:

    Zapphire - Cameron Rawell
    SoulMuse- Ian Blackwood
    Lunar 1008 - Nicolas Eine
    digipoke1 - Duncan Donalbain
    DVB - Diego Vendrix

    treespyro - Elizabeth Matthews
    Victinifan100 - Kenny Gracidea
    Flame Mistress - Skye Silverstone
    synthetica - Rafael Anderson

    Lunar1008 - Amelia Cherry
    GalldeofSpades - Ryan Schaefer
    aggiegwyn - The Great Gatsby A.K.A Lauren Fray Gatsby
    Titan500 - Callum Smith
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