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Thread: WWE 2K 16 ideas & Suggestions

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    Default WWE 2K 16 ideas & Suggestions

    What do you want in WWE 2K 16?

    Create Diva
    Create a Story
    100 CAWS Slots
    Create an Entrance
    Create a Mini-tron
    Create a Tron.
    Create a Championship

    Create a Stadium:

    Create stage
    Create an Arena
    Custom Referee
    Custom Crowd

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    With MLB and NFL having realistic rosters that you can update constantly via patches, I'd love to see something implemented similar to that in this. Each week, after Raw/SD, they could release patches that'd adjust superstar traits depending on whether they did a face/heel turn or won/loss in addition to allowing you to replay matches from the show. Also, would love to see them add better options to create your own shows (specifically re-adding the old ecw music, as that brand was just genius).
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    I just thought of something.
    If we could create a stables for each superstar or Diva.

    I'll use my favorite wrestler is Sting for example.

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    this isn't the other video game subforum. post there or in the wrestling thread we already have
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