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Thread: Favorite Horror Movie Slasher?

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    Cool Favorite Horror Movie Slasher?

    Who is your favorite horror movie slasher?

    Mine personally is Michael Myers,he's smart,stealthy,extremely strong,and always manages to catch up to you by just simply walking.

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    Michael Myers for me. Amazing villain, who is quite unpredictable, silent, sneaky, crafty, immortal and that mask he wears makes him even more terrifying. Also, the way he is messing around with his victims before he kills them is astounding as well.

    Notable mentions:
    Freddy Krueger: I mean you are so afraid of him coming after you in your dreams that you don't dare to sleep.
    Jason Vorhess: An undead beast you don't want to mess with who has incredible superhuman strength and that machete he carries arround makes him even more dangerous.
    Ghostface(Scream 3): This one was a big mastermind and the equipment he used was to cover the weaknesses that the previous Ghostfaces, had making him seem like he was immortal. Of course you cannot compare him with other villains from the other franchises when it comes to superhuman strength but he had his own way of killing his victims by tricking them with a voice changer or other tricks as well.
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    Michael Myers has always been my favorite too (I still wonder wtf they were thinking when they made Halloween 3 though). I just love the mask he wears and simple mechanic's coveralls. I like him for the reasons that you guys listed as well. I actually had a few nightmares about him when I was younger lol, but he never got me.

    However, I think that Leatherface can be most terrifying though (especially in the remake that they did 2003, with Jessica Biel). The sound of that chainsaw coming after you and being revved up...would scare the crap out of anyone.

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    For me it's Micheal Myers. He's one of the best stalkers in horror movies. He's so stealthy. He can catch up to you without even running. Plus he looks menacing. Not that the other slashers don't look menacing, but there's just something about Michael's mask that strikes fear into my eyes.

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    I voted Chucky. That guy always had side cracks and creative ways of terrorizing people.
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