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Thread: Has anybody here ever been a film extra before?

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    Thumbs up Has anybody here ever been a film extra before?

    With all these people needed for background scenes in movies like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, I was curious to know if anybody here has appeared in movies or TV shows before in a walk-on capacity?

    I was an extra over 4 years ago in a web series called Judas Goat where I was credited as a bar customer. To be honest, I was actually only in the first episode for all of 3 seconds, and that was it. But the credit helped my IMDb page, since apparently, you cannot just pad out the page with nothing but uncredited work.

    This year, I could have been an extra in some short films, but I backed out because of anxiety. However, I got to play a zombie in a new horror movie being distributed next year, called Redcon-1 (unless they change the name again). Things like that are actually kind of cool, but a lot of extras work can be boring, because you have to wait around a lot between takes, and sometimes you actually cannot easily find where you are. Or the crew may decide to unknowingly cut a scene you got a lot of screen time in, which you only find out about after you look at the part where you think you should have been in the actual film.

    It must have been cool playing an extra in movies like Scream 2, etc, like when everybody was lining up to get their cinema tickets to see Ghostface on the big screen, and then seeing Will Smith's wife dying. At least you can say you were in something like that. A scary box office smash hit!

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    My mum has some connections because of her job, so I've been an extra in several movies, nothing big though. I never ended up checking out those movies and I have no idea what any of them were about, but they braided my hair and had me wear some old ugly dresses every single time. Like the kind grandmas would wear in their old pictures when they were 20.
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