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    Default Pokemon Interactive Adventure

    Welcome! To a Whole new World, this RPG is about normal humans being sucked into the world of Pokemon unexpectedly. The transition happens when you/your character is 16-29 years old! These chosen people will be asked to help defend the world from the notorious new villains. Are you ready to begin your journey?

    -- Wade Tyler

    Sign Up form to be a hero!

    Physical Description: (4+ lines please)
    Personality: (4+ lines please)
    History: (3+)

    This mission takes place in the modern world of Pokemon starting in the renowned Black City. To keep this game interesting please no powers!.

    Your chosen Pokemon team:
    All Pokemon will start out at Level 10 during this adventure, any evolved Pokemon you transfer over from your game will be de-volved to their forms during that level. No legendaries, Shinies (it messes with the game data), or any Pokemon with HM's.

    As this is 'Real-Life' your Pokemon will be as real as you!

    Name: (Please give a nickname!)
    Gender: (If genderless please state whether they are more male or female oriented)
    Attacks: (As this is a 'Real-Life' simulation your Pokemon can learn more than four moves. However if they have moves that have to be acquired at a certain level you can put them on the Destined moves list.To keep things fair we ask that you not go over 6 moves! HM moves like fly or surf that the Pokemon would know how to use anyway do not count toward the 6!)

    Due to this being a game we can only allow 5 people to travel through this adventure!
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    Please read the RPG Rules before posting. Your plot needs to be at least 400 words long, which means you can't be vague about what RPers will be doing or what enemies they'll be facing. Please have a solid plot ready before trying again.


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