Welcome to the Drawn to Life Club! Here, we can speak in safety about the wonders and amazingness of the game and it's characters. Whether you've been a fan of the series ever since the first game came out or you're new to this amazing series and want some advice, this is the place for you. Feel free to express any artwork of any kind.

The rules are:

~Follow all SPPF rules
~No bashing or trolling of the subject. It's a fanclub, after all.
~Try to keep on the DTL topic. Don't talk about things like Pokemon.
~Try to be active, and tell me if you're leaving for vacation or for good.
~ Have fun!

To join:

[Username][Location][Favorite Game][Why you like the series]

My example:

[Winterbreezesrule][Alabama][Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (DS)][Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter was the first video game I ever played (minus my brother's copy of Pokemon Sapphire) ever. I immediately fell in love with the gameplay and plotline and found the creativity involved was great. I've always loved it. I own every game (even the Spongebob one :3) and I've completed them all.]

Member List

    Spoiler:- The List:

We don't have any artwork yet :c

The next to people to join can be co-leaders! Finally, a topic, Could DTL: TNC ended better?