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Thread: Companies that require personality tests

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    Default Companies that require personality tests

    Why oh why are some companies requiring applicants to take certain personality tests? So is this some sort of graded exam that would determine their fate with the job application?

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    That's because of karma, if you did bad things to someone before with your bad personality, you won't get the job for being bad.

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    this doesn't need a whole thread

    be sure to read the rules of every section before posting ;)

    Little Miss Stalinist/Secret Al-Qaeda agents (i.e. Ellie) would be a ***** even if she was a conserative republican. What makes her the way she is happens to be the fact that the webmaster of this site let's her behave like this. (Of course, I would never make a liberal a staff member at any forum I'd be in charge of, regardless.)

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