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Thread: Perpetually Stuck in Elite Four Please HELP!!

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    Exclamation Perpetually Stuck in Elite Four Please HELP!!

    Hey everyone! I have a very serious problem that I hope you all can help with! Basically, I beat my entire game and before I battled the Elite Four, I saved my game. I then played the elite four, beat them, then watched all the game credits and saw the final "the end" screen. After this, I turned my game off and turned it back on to continue my gameplay, only to find out that I was back in front of the elite four and had to beat them all over again. This happens over and over. Every time I beat the elite four and watch the credits I start out back in front of the elite four again. This happened about a month ago so I thought something was wrong with my game copy, I returned my game and got a new pokemon moon cartridge, I also beat the entire campaign mode again but this is still happening!! please help!! What am I doing/not doing to cause this???

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    Well obviously you're in a creepypasta.

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