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Thread: Anyone remember Pitchshifter? (Band)

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    Default Anyone remember Pitchshifter? (Band)

    I remember in my childhood there was this PS1 game I own called Test Drive 5. Me and my dad use to play that game. The game feature songs from bands such as KMFDM, Fear Factory *Awesome band* and of course Pitchshifter. Now let me explain what the heck Pitchshifter is.

    Pitchshifter is a British five-piece industrial metal band from the UK. The band was first formed in 1989. The band was started by bassist and vocalist Mark Clayden, lead guitarist and programmer Johnny A. Carter.

    You might remember some of their songs being in a Mortal Kombat movie. The band isn't that well known. Although my main question about these guys is when will they ever come back? They were originally suppose to come out with a new album in 2012 and for no reason it didn't got released. Heck it's 2014 and there is no new album from them.

    Come on Pitch, don't leave us without a reason. You guys bring some nostolgia back from my childhood of TD5. There hasn't been any interviews with the band members either so it leaves the band in mystery on what the heck happened to them.

    Nobody knows what happened. There's no information on the wiki page about if the band got disbanded. Trying to uncover this is like trying to uncover a myth in GTA San Andreas.
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