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    Quote Originally Posted by Gothitelle K View Post
    I want to say that I do have feelings for them, however I also didn't cry as well. Maybe that comes along with not being much of a crier.

    But I'm far from heartless. People have different ways of expressing sorrow.
    i wouldn't say i cried either; my eyes got watery a couple of times, but if you don't feel sorrow, then yes, that is heartless. i personally am not glorifying the killer. i don't even know his name. and, like i said before, the media does it wrong. i know that; that's why my eyes aren't glued to the tv. will i remember the names of any victims? probably not. will i eventually learn the killer's name? yes, because of the media. will i obsess over this issue like many people will on monday? no, because this was a sad thing and i don't wanna dwell on it. i think, despite this tragedy, the media needs to focus on more important issues like the fiscal cliff and the issues in israel. still, that doesn't mean this news didnt upset me. i don't blame America for it; i do somewhat blame guns, but I'm DEFINITELY not getting into THAT discussion, so nobody try to argue with me about that. all that matters about this story -- relative to news, NOT politics/media -- is that people died and it's sad, and updates
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