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    Default Pokemon Universe 11.1: A Fresh Start

    Pokemon Universe Vll; A Fresh Start

    *picks up phone*....Ugghhhhhh
    Milo this is your agent.
    Leave me alone it's 8 in the morning!
    Milo it's about your cousin.....Skymin.
    Uhh what's wrong?
    He has gone missing.He was skiing in the Swiss Alps when an avalanche swallowed him up, pushed his into a black hole, the snow melted, washed him away into another demention, and he hasn't been seen since.
    I'm sorry I think I'm still sleepy, can you repeat that?
    He is still alive, out there somewhere, we just can't find him. And until we do you need to fill his place as host of Pokemon Universe.
    Hey buddy I told you I'm not cut out for that hosting thing, I wouldn't be able to do all that work by myself!
    That's why you bring your cute little brother Otis, he'll be a hit with the ladies.
    .....ummm when would we need to start?
    Hey bro who you talking to?

    Made by Toobworm

    Hey everyone welcome to the 12th Pokemon Universe. As you can see this is the first time in a long time that Wormow has not hosted. He is currently on a hiatus of sorts, so until then Cinna and I have decided to run it in his place as co-owners. So without further ado...(yes I know I spelled that wrong).......let's begin!

    [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ] [ 7 ] [ 8 ] [ 9 ] [ 10 ] [ 11 ]

    Universe Rules:
    - You must be active on a regular basis (daily), be able to check the thread and be able to do all the challenges and anything you're told to do.
    - All Serebii Forums and Game rules apply.
    - Once you've been eliminated, you're allowed to make another two posts with your 'goodbye' message before you're officially eliminated from the game.
    - Be creative, and use your own ideas for any challenge. But do not copy other's, if you do I'll warn you so hard!
    - Feel free to roleplay in character and bring it to life. But not too much eh?
    - You must always include a reason when voting in elimination. (a minimum of 15 words.)
    - Please use you icon (pokemon sprite) while pming, posting, rping.
    - Listen to the host/co-host, any arguements/problems do have can be settled in pm. And be repectful.
    - You will get 2 strikes maximum this season, then you get the boot for this and any future seasons.

    Universe Elements
    Challenge -Is usually first in the week, every person participates in the Challenge. The winner usually wins power or an advantage at the Point Meter.
    Match - A Match is a tempting challenge and is optional. The prize is usually Immunity or something else that's favorable. Entering the Match is risky due to the hidden point restrictions it may give.
    Contest - This is a challenge that is a way to earn points for you/your team.
    Interview And Quiz - At the end of the week, usually before the Point Meter, each contestant will do an interview. It is usually an overview of the week, and the contestant's opinion on what has happened. Sometimes a quiz is given out with the interview. Completing the quiz adds points towards your total.
    Elimination - At the end of a week all contestants under the yellow line must face being eliminated as the other characters vote who they want gone.
    Point Meter - This is where your point total over the week is evaluated and shown. The bottom earners will usually be at yellow line.
    The Gyarados Earrings were a secret power. Upon being eliminated a pokemon will be saved and then may eliminate any pokemon that tried to eliminate it.
    The Aracanine Earrings if worn in the final will double the score of your final point meter. Oooooooooh!
    The Absol Scale has two sides. (It is worn as a necklace BTW) It prevents the user from being voted out of a team (it may be voted out at merge or later) but if worn in the final it will half the score of your final point meter.


    Milo: the older brother, co-host (djhappy)
    Otis: the younger brother, co-host (Cinna)


    Iris Winner!!!
    James Runner Up!
    Pekka 3rd....

    Eliminated Contestants
    Shadow (Eliminated week 1)
    Lynn (Eliminated week 2)
    Dolph Damian (Eliminated week 3)
    Marco (Eliminated week 4)
    Sierra (Eliminated week 5)
    Troph (Eliminated week 5)
    Ulgeo (Eliminated week 5)
    Golet (Eliminated week 6)
    Spheres (Eliminated week 7)
    Cynder (Eliminated week 8)
    Elizaveta (Eliminated week 9)
    Zaph (Eliminated week 10)
    Casey (Eliminated week 10)
    Braze (Eliminated week 11)
    Mrina (Eliminated week 12)

    Strikes and Bans

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