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Thread: Pokemon Universe 11.1: A Fresh Start

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    *The following content is written in a journal.*

    Entry 1;

    After receiving the letter informing me that I would take part in Pokemon Universe 11.1, I went into the living room to tell my brother. To my surprise, he had already packed my luggage. He smirked as he said ''I already knew you'd make it, lil bro.''. Tristan is very street-smart, and popular with the ladies. He has a bit of a street accent thanks to his years of living here. He smiled at me and glanced at the envelope I had placed on the table. Suddenly, he pretty much shoved me out of the house, saying ''Now, get out there and make your bro proud!'' He then slammed the door and locked me out. I really didn't have any other choice than to go to the airport. Inside the envelope informing me of my participation, there was a ticket for a flight. But... My luggage and the envelope was locked inside the house. I threw my fists against the door and shouted at Tristan to let me back in. He refused until I told him why. Instead of letting me in, though, he threw my stuff out. I made my way to the airport, with no idea what to expect.

    Entry 2;

    I made it to the airport swiftly, ignoring the many glances and whistles from other Pokčmon. I made my way to a booth, and was told to put my suitcase on the conveyer belt, and show my passport. I did so, and was allowed to go to control. I didn't have any hand luggage, as many others had, because my brother shooed me out of the house before I could pack any. I got past quicker than others, and went to wait for my plane. On the way, I bought a bottle still spring water. I walked towards terminal 7, where the plane was due to take off. When I arrived, they had already started boarding! I tossed the full bottle into a nearby rubbish bin, and ran. I got there just before they closed off, and went through. I'm now sitting on the plane, next to what I assume is a Pursian. They served soggy egg and mayonnaise sandwiches, and after being put off a bit, I ate one. They weren't as bad as they looked.

    Entry 3;

    The plane landed a while ago. I made it to my destination with little hassle, and noticed no other Pokčmon were going the same way as me. It made me feel a bit more confident. I got to the camp, but then I noticed exactly how many Pokčmon there was going to be. 18 of us, which meant lot of competition. A lot of Pokčmon who want to win. And only one winner... But I'm sure that'll be me. As I arrived, I was greeted by a Manaphy, who told me to walk towards one of the tents. I walked into the first tent, and I'm sitting and writing this in there. I guess that some other Pokčmon arrived, but I don't really care. I'm going to win.
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    Behind you three seconds ago.


    Okau, so I have to write it down? Oh, cool!

    The quiet depths of the Magnetic Caves were what I knew to be home. When I awoke, I saw the face of my roommate, Calcul.

    "It's time for you to go. I already took money from your account to pay for future rent." Calcul was very to the point, as such he was a coach for the new local Pokeathlon team. I said my goodbyes and headed out.

    My trip wasnt the most exciting. All I had to do was make it to the end of the cave and go to Mistralton City. A few wanderingtried to capture me, though. Each time, I was scared. I ran, not risking it against the multitude of large and menacing Pokemon. One was Arceus, which really surprised me since I was a Pokeatheist. One fight I actually did fight, though. It was a simple Tympole. I won quickly and ran before it could call for back up.

    In Mistralton, I saw a large amount of Pokemon of all types and sizes line up and enter the airplane. I hurried on to it and sat down. I let out a large "Woooo!" of excitement. I got the window seat, and next to me was what I recognized to be an Abomsnow. He seemed to be sleeping, so I didn't bother talking to him. Hopefully it was a man, I honestly couldn't tell. As I gazed out the window, watching the technicolor sun setting on the surface of the cloud, the lights around me slowly faded as I fell asleep.

    When I woke up, the plane had already landed. It had already been evacuated by each of the other Pokemon. I ran out and tripped out of the door, laughing at myself afterwards. I looked for what seemed to be a campsite. I saw one, and ran towards it. A friendly yet devious seeming... I honestly didn't know what kind of Pokemon it was. It occurred to me that the information sheet about this said "Manaphy", so I figured it was a Manaphy. It told me to go to a tent, mine being that of Team Rainbow. I went there, claimed a bottom bunk, and wrote this entry.

    Now that I'm done with that, hi I'm Zaph everyone, hope we all get along.

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    : Easy peesy.

        Spoiler:- Cynders GREAT and POWERFUL spoiler!:
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    What is this?


    House to Airport
    I was so excited I had gotten the call that I was going to be on Pokemon Universe. I waited a whole week and then it was finally time to go to the airport. I couldn't believe that I was going here so in a rush I ran outside and waved goodbye to my one neighbor who for some reason is unfortunately paranoid.I ran to the airport as I knew I might miss the plane when I realized I had forgotten my things. I decided I could leave them and went on. When I got there I was so happy I didn't miss my flight and I ran right to my plane. I waited for the time to pass when I realized I was at the wrong part of the airport. I rushed to where I was supposed to go and lucky me just made it. The best part was they put me on first class since the other parts were all filled up.

    Airport to Here
    From there the plane took off I looked out at the beautiful sights and it just made me so happy. I couldn't contain myself so I started crying from joy. Some lovely attendants asked me what was wrong. I told them that everything was fine. As the plane reached up into the clouds I was just fascinated as this was the first time I had been on an airplane. The clouds were torn in half by the wings which made me sad a bit that the beautiful clouds were being killed. As we started descending I couldn't help but be excited. As we got off I was able to just go very quick as I had no bags. I rushed here as fast as I could and that is that.
    If you believe in Jesus Christ put this in your profile and don't just ignore this, because in the Bible it says, ‘If you deny me, I will deny you in front of my Father in the gates of Heaven.

    I have returned

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    My journey, eh? Okay.... Well, after I was forced to send off that horrific dating profile (which I sent while dear Roderich was at work) and was admitted into the show, I packed my bag hastily and gave Roderich a call, telling him I was in the show. He took his lunch break then to walk me to the airport. There, with my ticket that the PU staff had mailed me, I said my goodbyes to dear Roderich and went to the gate.

    "Ticket, please," a pleasant-looking attendant asked. I handed him my ticket and his face changed from a smile to a consternated frown. "Oh, you're looking for the Pokemon Universe plane! That's a separate gate."

    Frustrated and not wanting to miss my plane, I demanded of him, "Well, where is the right gate?"

    "Over there, next to that big red sign that says Pokemon Universe Gate." He replied without a hint of sarcasm. My face tinged red.

    "Oh. Right. Okay. Thanks." I trotted quickly to the gate and was met by an attendant who was a lot less nice.

    "Ticket." He demanded gruffly. I scrunched my nose at his tone, but reached for my ticket just the same. It was gone!

    "Ah...! Um, I can't find my ticket. I must have dropped it somewhere," I said, more to myself than to him.

    "No ticket, no boarding," he said simply. "Now scram."

    I bristled at his words. What cheek! "Don't tell me to scram!" I shouted. "Why the heck do you think I would just come here without a ticket?! Of course I have one, I just can't find it!!" By this point I had attracted stares from all around. I felt like a Pokemon interest lawyer raising trouble to get his way. But it seemed to work. The same Raichu attendant from before ran up to me and caught his breath before speaking.

    "You... you left your ticket over here! You never... *pant pant* took it back from me!" And with that, he ceremoniously dropped the ticket in my hand and shuffled back to his desk.

    With a hiss, I shoved my ticket into the Granbull's paws and sauntered through the gate. My plane was due to leave in five minutes! I didn't have time for this.

    At the baggage check, I hastily threw my bag down onto the table, where it slowly (much too slowly for my liking!) rolled down the conveyor belt through several metal detectors and X-rays. I wondered for a second if these even existed in the Pokemon world. I didn't dwell on it for long, because a Last Call for Pokemon Universe rang over the PA. I shrieked and ran through the security, forgetting about my bag. No time for that!

    I hopped on the plane second to last, before only a Gardevoir who dashed in and took timidly the seat next to me. She... he...? They fidgeted nervously in their seat before pulling out a small journal and writing in it in delicate, tiny handwriting. I laid back in my seat and reclined it, not that the little Joltik in the seat behind me would mind the lack of space. I started to drift off into a nap, and it seemed like I had closed my eyes for not two seconds when the announcement came on that we had arrived!

    I was raring to be first off the plane, but that Gardevoir took her(?) time getting up. I got off the plane as soon as possible and the eighteen of us began the walk from the runway to the campsite. I eyed my competition. A various bunch. This wouldn't be easy. A Manaphy and Phione greeted us at the door, with a "Welcome to Pokemon Universe!" They introduced themselves as Milo and Otis, and began to give us the introductory speech...
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    Here is my story!

    As I awoke from a night of partying in my small apartment, my head throbbing from the drinking and loud noises of yesterday. I gently rubbed my eyes as I let out a groan of pain for my hangover. Then all of the sudden, a loud ringing from my phone began.

    "AH! TOO LOUD!!!" I shouted as I covered my ears with my paws and made a move to grab the phone with my mouth. "Who is-a this!? Are you calling because of Salvador? I told that guy I would have his money soon.?"

    "Hm" a voice said over the phone "No I'm not calling because of Salvador, but I could use the money, the pay here at Pokémon Universe is TERRIBLE!" The voice shouted. "Ahhh! Can you please not shout? Ho avuto troppa birra ieri sera." I said to the voice quietly... "Wait did you say Pokémon Universe?

    "Yes, I also said how bad the pay here was, are you deaf or something." That now somewhat mean voice said, perhaps he was angry about having to talk to drunk Italians. "Okay, now if you want get here, you'll have to go to the local airport as give them the code 637-" I couldn't contain my excitement! I shut down the phone before I could even hear such a code, which I guess in the long run was a bad idea.

    I went straight to my room and began packing several things into a suit case, you know clothes, gel products, a body part enhancer, other unmentionable items."Questo č grande!" I shouted as I lugged the suit case over my shoulder. I picked up my passport and began my trek to the local airport.

    *Time skip due to non-funny things happening...*

    "Ah, here we are." I said as I walked into the airport, I soon made my way to the ticket counter. "Hello" I said charmingly to the Delcatty behind the counter "I am here for the ticket to the camp for Pokémon Universe!" I said triumphantly to the Delcatty. "Name and code please." The Clerk said in a somewhat grumpy tone.

    "Ah ha! I am Casey, Casey Nuevo! Stars of such TV shows as Poke Drama Island and Pokémon Big Brother!" I said as I slightly posed for the Delcatty. "Oh yeah, you were the guy that went mad with power, and then you got shot... That was sorta funny, but I need the code."


    "I don't have a code..." I said as I looked over the Delcatty "But, maybe we could work out something in the bathroom?" I said winking at the Delcatty. The Delcatty pulled a somewhat disgusted and angry face.

    "First off, I'm a guy." "Merda." I said as the Guy Delcatty began. "Secondly, I am in a very good, and hetero relationship with a beautiful Luxio." The Delcatty said on the verge of attacking me. "Now please, find the code and you can have the ticket. " The cat-Pokémon said turning around.

    "Avvitare questo!" I said to myself as I grabbed the ticket and made a run to the plane. "Hey! WHAT THE HELL DUDE! SECURITY! GET THAT *******!" I could here the Delcatty shout. "AHHHH!!!!" I screamed like, a manly, little girl as I was chased by a group of Machokes!.

    "Merda, merda, MERDA!" I shouted as I ran into the plane, I hid in the bathroom, in a completely courageous way, and did so until the plane took off. I then made my way to my seat and took a nice, aspirin fueled nap.

    *Time skip due to Casey being asleep...*

    When I awoke I found that the plane was about to land. I let out a nice yawn and remained in my seat until the plane landed. After the plane had landed I went and got my back out of the over head compartment, which was hard you know, due to the fact I walk on all fours and have no thumbs. Anyways I digress.

    I walked out of the plane and began walking to the place I had to go, which was a campsight strangely, not a campsite. I made it there after walking for awhile and was met by a blue shape that had really short and stubby legs and what appeared to be dreadlocks. He simply told me told me to go to a tent, and how I was on the Monochrome team, which is cool I guess. He also told me to write this.

    (OOC: Time for translations! Ho avuto troppa birra ieri sera = I had too much beer last night. Questo č grande = This is great. Merda = Sh!t. Avvitare questo = Screw this! Also I find it funneh all the Eeveelutions are on the same team.)

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    (A trip from home to PU camp it is!)
    Ulgeo?! Sweety!
    What's it Mommy?
    Can you stir the soup please? Just 5 for minutes till it's done.
    But Mommy, didn't Daddy told you to do that?
    Yeah, he did, but you know how bad your mom is at cooking... Even the last soup got ruined while I only had to stir it. But, you're right, I should do it! No soup will beat me!
    Good luck Mommy.
    Oh, sweety, someone's at the door. I think it's your dad, back from his walk.
    I'll open the door Mommy.*Opens door*Oh, hello Officer Dright! What are you doing here? Are you bringing Daddy back home again?
    Hello little Ulgeo. Haha, not today, your dad didn't got lost today. Yet, haha. No, I'm here for this.*Hands over a letter with "PU 11.1" written on it".
    A letter?*Opens and reads the letter.*Mommy mommy mommy!
    What is it sweetie? Oh, hello Officer Dright. Bringing my husband back home today?
    Not today ma'am. The mailman got sick, and as he is the only one that delivers the letters around here, I volunteered to deliver the mail till he's better.
    Poor Robert. I'll ask my husband to prepare some muffins for him.
    Mommy! Letter! Look!
    Let me look at it sweety. Oh, look at that! You'tre picked to compete in Pokémon Universe! I'm so happy for you sweety!
    Oh, wow. That's so... Yay! I'll pack my stuff right away!
    *Later that day*
    Hahaha, thank you for bringing back to my home Dright. Again. All those trees just look to much the same...*blushes*
    Haha, that's alright Aqua, that's what friends are for.
    Ulgeo, you're ready to go to the airport?
    ...Y-yes... I'm... Ready... And... Scared...
    Don't worry Ulgeo, I'll take you safely to the airport, you can trust me on that.*Salutes*
    I... I trust you Officer...
    Sweety, you mom and my made something for you.*Hands over a leaf/rain drop shaped pendant*
    T-thank you Daddy.*loks at it.*Wow, it has your and Mommy's name on it.
    Open it sweety. Your name's in it too.
    Thank you Mommy and Daddy!
    Now, have fun there sweety. And remember, don't Trace every person that you see. It's not nice to Trace people willy-nilly.
    I-I know Daddy.
    *2 hours later at the airport*
    Well, we arrived. If you want, I can take you to your plane.
    No thank you Officer Dright, I think I'm old enough now to do that on my own.*looks at all the people in the airport*On second thought...
    Haha, just follow me.
    *Several minutes later*
    Well, here is it.
    Tickets please.
    Now Ulgeo, you have to give the tickets to her. Ulgeo..?*Looks at the spot where Ulgeo was... Where now no Ulgeo is.*
    U-Ulgeo? Where are you?
    S-still in the same spot... J-Just camouflaged...
    Come now Ulgeo, I'm here, there's nothing to be afraid of.
    O-Ok...*Carefully hands Ticket to the Jynx*
    Ulgeo... You still need to unmouflage.
    O-oh yeah.*Becomes visible again*
    Don't worry, flying isn't as scary as it looks.
    What? Scared?! Ho hoh! I'm not scared of flying! Move out of the way! I have a beast to slay called fly fright!*Runs through the tube that leads to the plane.*
    Well... It's time for me to go back to work...*Puts on police cap*
    Herreee I come Plaaaane!
    Can you show me your ticket please?
    Right! Here!
    Hm, seat 015. Right this way.
    *Looks at seat 015*It's... It's not a window seat... Aww...
    Well, it's possible to switch places with the person that has seat 016.
    N-nevermind then...I wonder what kind of person sits on seat 016. Perhaps I can Trace that person to learn more emotions when he/she falls asleep.
    *Couple of hours of flight later*
    Thank you for flying with us. We have arrived to your designation. Please gather your luggage and head towards the campside. Have a nice day.
    O-okay then... Follow the crowd now... Perhaps camouflaged goes better...*Vanishes*Ahh, this feels better. More confidental.
    *accidentally bumbs into *
    Ah! I-I-I'm so sorry ma'am!
    Who's there?! Who dare to bump into the GREAT Cynder?!
    Oh, that's just my luck, bumping into a famous performer I-I'm so sorry! I-I didn't saw you! Please forgive me bumping into such a famous performer...
    Wh-who says that? ...AHA! It's a ghost! And it called me FAMOUS. Which means Cynder got fans from the other side! Not a single person is THAT GREAT to have fans from the other side!!! HaHAH*Teleports away.*
    Oh yeah, forgot I was still camouflaged... Phew, went a lot better than expected.
    *A few minutes of walking/levitating with luggage towards the campsite*
    Wow... Look at all those people... Be brave Ulgeo! You're here to compete! And you can't do that while being invisible!*Becomes visible, which results into shocking pokémon that were standing close to her.*
    This will be so much fun! Go team Monochrome!
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    (It's written in script-form, because I'm a lazy *ss like that - The Umbreon is Alicia, the Glaceon is Iris, and everyone else is... well, random people)

    Iris? IRIS!
    *wakes up* ZOMFG WTF WHAT WHAT THIEVES BURGLARS DIE *freezes Alicia with Ice Beam* Oh, whoops. Sorry! *unfreezes Alicia by punching her*
    God, you can be such an ass sometimes... Well, at least you're awake. Do you know what day it is today?
    *sighs* No, silly, it's the day where you leave for PU 11.1! Remember?
    Oh, yeah, that. Ugh, now why did I drink all those bottles of wine last night...?
    Yeah, exactly! And you're gonna send my love to James, aren't you? And you're gonna keep an eye on him for me?
    *laughs* Alicia, I don't think he's the type to betray you-- *is silence by Alicia pouncing on top of her*
    *smiles, revealing sharp fangs* Won't you?
    *blasts Ice Shards into Alicia's face* Of course I will. You're my lil' cousin-slash-sis, aren't ya?
    *Shadow Balls back* That I am. Thaaaaat I am. *pulls Iris off the ground* And you promised me that I could drive you to the airport, right?
    *turns pale* Alicia, I was totally drunk when I said that--
    *starts dragging Iris* Nonsense! C'mon, I'll drive you there!
    Sometimes I wish she hadn't gone to PU11 at all...


    Tickets, please-- *stares at the dung-covered Iris* Um, ma'am, are you alright?
    Oh, yeah, just got into a little accident - our car flipped over, and it burst into flames, so we had to jump out of the car into a pile of manure, then we got chased away by the Zebstrikas, then--
    I-I think I get the idea, ma'am. *takes ticket, scans it, and returns it* Oh, by the way, ma'am, the nearest bathroom is near Terminal 5, just round the corner. Next!


    *is sitting in the plane, bored*
    Meh... *takes out Vinci the notebook*
    *starts drawing random doodles, which then form into a penis* A-ha! *starts scribbling a condom furiously into Vinci*
    *pokes a Mr. Mime sitting next to her and shows him her design* Sir, I just thought of something of interest - a sticky condom, which sticks to the wearer's penis, therefore... *rambles on about how it can be used*. So, what do you think of it?
    No? Okay then. *scribbles out the design and starts working on a new design*


    Iris, right? You're in Team Monochrome.
    What do you mean, I'm in boring old Team Monochrome? I wanted to be in the brighter, funkier team! I said that in my application!
    *shrugs* Sorry, but that's just the way it is. Don't blame me.
    Grrrrrr... *starts punching random voodoo doll from suitcase*

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    The Sphere Resisdence, Aperature Labratories

    : Adventure Sphere: Today was my day to decide what we do, which meant a day of kickboxing (or rather magnet boxing), eating hamburgers from the grill, and watching Chuck Norris movies. Suddenly, just as Chuck kicks through a windshield of a moving car, the phone rings.


    Fact Sphere: I calculate that there is a 0.0001% chance that the person calling us is Buzz Aldrin.

    Adventure Sphere: *Already answering the phone* Yeah, who is this?

    Buzz Aldrin: Hi, this is Buzz Aldrin, telling you that you've made it into Pokemon Universe 11.1!

    Adventure Sphere: Really? That's great! *Hangs up phone* TO THE AIRPORT!

    Space Sphere: Wait, who was that? Was it space?

    Adventure Sphere: Sure. Now let's go!

    *They float out the door, while Space Sphere shouts "SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!"


    *Spheres begins to approch the counter, then stops*

    Adventure Sphere: Uh...I just realized we forgot our tickets.

    Fact Sphere: I reminded you of this 77.4 times on the way to the airport.

    Adventure Sphere: Well normally I just tune you out, so you can blame yourself.

    *All the Machoke security chase after a Flareon*

    Fact Sphere: How convienent.

    *Spheres sneaks on the plane while the guards are distracted*

    The Airplane

    *Sphere sits (or rather floats over) in their seat*

    *As the plane takes off, Space Sphere starts to shout and ramble and everyone is staring at him*

    Space Sphere: Ooooh! We're going in the air? How high are we going? Are we going to space? I want to go to space.

    Flight Attendant: Sir, please be quiet.

    Space Sphere: Hey! Hey lady! Space.

    Flight Attendant: What?

    Space Sphere: Lady, lady, hey, hey lady, space.

    Flight Attendant: Hey, where are your tickets anyway?

    Adventure Sphere: How about we shut him up and we call it a deal?

    Landing Site

    *Spheres floats out of the plane, with Duct tape covering Space Sphere*

    Space Sphere: *Still talking, but is muffled by tape*

    Adventure Sphere: Can't believe your plan worked Pointdexter.

    Fact Sphere: My plans have a failure rate of 0%.

    *Spheres heads to the campsite and is greeted by a Manaphy (who looks somewhat confused about one of the heads of them being wrapped in duct tape), then lead to their tent*

    Adventure Sphere: Think we should take the tape off now?

    Fact Sphere: I have calculated that the approximate time that we should take it off is exactly 12 hours form now, just enough for us to finish our nightly routines and sleep.

    Adventure Sphere: *chuckles* Whatever you say.
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    So I have to tell you how I got there? 6-1! Oh sorry that happens sometimes.

    It was a cold day in Snowpoint City and I heard my phone ringing. I picked it up and couldn't believe my ears that they accepted my audition! I went in my room to my dresser to get some clothes I got a Kings Jersey, t-shirts, a helmet, and a few hats. I decided to walk to the airport to cash in my free plane ticket to the show. I love the cold so it was a good walk only problem is the bridge was out over the river, thank God it was frozen. I put on some ice skates and went across it there was a game of ice hockey going on and I was so tempted to join in. I decided to give it a few shots. I used Wood Hammer and made a goal and I continued on. Route 217 was crowded with the information that I was being on a show. I was being tackled, pictured by a paparazzi it was annoying. I didn't know anything about where I was going when I was on the plane was it a place where it was warm? Or somewhere there is commonly bad weather? Or worse somewhere that no one likes hockey? Or I can't imagine without throwing up all three? It didn't seem that bad when I got there so I felt better. I can't believe I'm here. I was almost a 100th as excited when the Kings won the Stanley Cup! I blurted out "6-1 LA Kings win the Stanley Cup against New Jersey Devils!" everyone stared at me. "Sorry it happens sometimes." I said with an awkward smile. "Well at least it's not warm and stormy." I thought.
    I'm cis and straight, April Fools.

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    Unova, got an Isshu with that?


    *Grabs a machine that looks like a miniature tuba* Lets get this story started. *Fog comes out of mini tuba*

    After a long and perilous journey back to my house in a forest near Nimbasa City, filled with all sorts of dangerous beasts, traps, carvahnas, and an angry tourist. Anyways upon finally arriving home after a month of travel, I checked my find a letter inviting me to PU Season 11.1...I instantly fell over in an anime fail.

    Deciding that once again joining was a smart thing, I snatched the ticket, took my fedora, and pressed a big red button inside the hat. A propellor proceeded to come out of the fedora and fly towards Mistralton..........

    I forgot to keep a hand on the hat, didn't I?

    I then sighed as I used psychic to drag the hat back, and grabbed a hold of it, afterwards flying to Mistralton Airport.


    Yes, I'm here for the Pokemon Universe flight from Mistralton.

    RIGHT THIS WAY SIR, ENJOY YOUR ****ING FLIGHT!!11!!!1! heh, I posted ones instead of exclamation marks. It's funny....LAUGH!

    I then proceeded to laugh against my will as I packed up my stuff and flew to the new Pokemon Universe location in


    And that's why I look like I got yelled at by an Arceus.

    Rest of Team: O.o

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    I had quite a strange trip.

    I had seen the advertisements on TV, and wanted to become a contestant. I called in, signed up, and that was that. I counted down the days, looking forward to being on the show.

    The day I had to go to the airport was hell, honestly. I woke up to my alarm clock playing "Under the Sea". I switched it off, and checked the time. I had seven blessed hours to get ready. I shuffled out of my Province-Sized bed, and made breakfast. Just four eggs, and some Oran Juice. After my breakfast, I checked all my bags. After that, I lulled around for a while, resting again.

    I woke up two hours later, with five hours. I figured I might as well wait at the airport. I got my bags, and 'scooted to the door. A thought occurred to me.

    "Hey, wait, do they make Wailord-sized Taxi's?"

    A horrible thought occurred to me. What if I couldn't make it in time?

    I was getting panicky, so I called my friend Greg. He's a really charismatic Ludicolo, who's helped me out a bunch of times. On the phone, he said he'd help me get to the airport if it killed us. Not exactly encouraged, I waited for him to show up.

    He drove up to my Extra-Large door, and he told me to hop in. Well, that disnt exactly work, since I don't have legs. But anyways, he helped me in, while I shuffled into the back seat....well, my nose fit, anyways.

    "Hey man, I think you're gonna have to sit on the roof." Greg said.

    I sighed, and shuffled up onto the top. It was quite a sight, I think. We drove at a snail pace, because of my added weight. After a while, Greg yelled up "We might need to run for it! You're too heavy!"

    We parked in some parking space, and, well, ran-for-it. Our feet slapping the pavement, we hauled flipper.



    "How the hell are you doing that?"



    "Huh? I'm running? I guess I am."

    "This makes no sense."

    "At least we're going faster."

    We trekked on, huffing and puffing, readying our way to downtown. Once we got to downtown, we only had two hours to go through all of security.

    I parted ways with Greg, and he wished me luck, shaking my ha....flipper.

    "I'll never forget this day." He said.


    "You ran."

    Walking off, I entered the gate. I won't bore you with any of the details, but I did hold up the line, because I got stuck in the metal detector...

    Anyways, the flight was safe, I suppose. After a few hours, the plane landed, I am at the camp. ^_^


    "You're sitting on me!" a muffled voice yelled.

    .."I'm sorry........." I said, shuffling out from on top of the voice.

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    The Rainbow team, hm...


    "Lynn! Lynn!" cries an enthusiastic voice in front of me. It takes several, similar calls before I am aware of the voice. My eyes slowly open and I wake up, the first thing I see being the counter. Lifting my head up, I see that I have fallen asleep in my shop after a long and busy day. More importantly, my friend is standing in front of me with a wide grin plastered on her face.

    "Lynn! The phone's ringing! You're finally going off, huh?" said my friend, an unusually peppy Ninetales. "Here, did you pack your bags?" She didn't wait for me to answer, instead dashing off as always, probably to get my bags for me. Meanwhile, I rub my eyes with my tiny hands and look at her, slightly dazed.

    "Chroma, exactly what are you talking about?" I ask, getting off the plush chair that I had sat on for the night. I was the type of person that could not comprehend much for a time after waking up.

    "Pokemon Universe, silly!" Chroma exclaims, now carrying the familiar bags on her back. She placed them in front of me. "I was gonna drive you to the airport, remember?"

    I blinked. Suddenly I realized today really was the day. "Right, right!" I exclaimed, carrying each of the bags myself and running outside to see no car in sight. "Chroma. Where is your car?"

    "I am the car!" the Ninetales says, hoisting me and my bags on her back and taking off at full speed.


    At the airport, Chroma stopped, and put me down. "Win it for me, got it?" she said, her red eye winking. I nodded and grinned, before handing my ticket to the official. He had been grumpy; I made a note to slip him some relaxing medicine if I had the opportunity. A Flareon ran past me and I caught a Magneton sneak in; were those the contestants I was up against? I thought, confused. If it was so, I was in for a very crazy time.

    I sat on the plane, and took out an herb. "Hello," said I to the Pokemon next to me. "It seems you're having trouble sleeping. Would you like one of my herbs?"

    The Pokemon, a Golduck, blinked at me, before saying, "Okay, thank you." She ate the herb, and I found it was a success; she'd fallen asleep in no time! Pleased with my success, I planned to make more of that type of herb in the future. Who knows? It could probably come in handy in a challenge later.

    The rest of the plane trip went smoothly enough. Granted, I sometimes heard strange noises from the aisle behind mine, but it was nothing too bad. When the plane landed, I took my things and stepped outside. A Manaphy led me to the location of my cabin.

    And here I am now, at the campsite. Pleased to meet you, everyone.
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    After a shortened day at the gym, I headed home to pack for this. When I got home I was met by a strange Pokemon. He yelled,"SO I HEARD YOU ARE GOING TO BE ON POKEMON UNIVERSE THIS SEASON!"

        Spoiler:- My Challenge:
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    There's about 14 hours left, and only 14 have done the challenge (number irony....kind of).

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    The Divine Comedy

    Default Braze's Trip to Pokemon Universe 11.1

    Well you see, it's funny you should ask about my journey here...

    Top Secret Ninja Training Base

    Braze-San, come now!

    (Braze runs over) What is it Master Shao?

    The time for your departure back to America for this Pokemon Universe Contest is upon us. Gather your things and Scout will escort you to the airport.

    Why would I take a plane? Scout can just fly me there?

    Hey, Braze, part of the challenge is you have to go to the airplane, so just roll with it.

    Okay, whatever you say.

    Braze grabbed his bags and packed up the last of what he needed. He did not bring much with him, not needing much, but he did bring nunchucks, a katana (even though he doesn't really use it much), rope and a grappling hook(you never know when you need one), and an iPad so he could play Fruit Ninja on the plane and had it loaded with his two favorite DVD's How to be Ninja and The Last Samurai.

    Ready to go Ninja Man?

    Totally! Let's go!

    Good luck young Braze! May you fare well on your travels and we shall be seeing you soon.

    And with that , Braze and Scout flew off.

    Narita International Airport, Tokyo, Japan

    So this is a pretty big airport.

    Yeah, long flight too. I'll be seeing you around I guess. Probably even when you get to the states. See ya Braze! (Flies away)

    Okay, now I gotta get my ticket. Hmm, I wonder where this place even is...

    Can I help you sir?

    Oh, yes, I'm looking for Gate 11.1.

    Of course. That is right this way(points in direction of travel).

    Thank you ma'am.

    You are very welcome.

    Security Proceeding to Gate 11.1

    Welcome sir. Please place your bag on the conveyor belt.

    Sure, no problem.

    Um, excuse me sir. We have a bit of a problem.

    What is it?

    You appear to be attempting to carry ninja weapons onto the plane. SECURITY!!!!

    You come with me.

    No! I have places to be. I have to get to Pokemon Universe.

    You come now.

    Oh, sure I will. JUMP KICK!!!

    Braze jumps up and flies down to attack the Golurk with a Jump Kick, but it just fazes through him and Braze lands painfully on the ground.


    You come with me now.

    Not yet. I do have one more trick up my sleeve. U-Turn Go!

    Braze in one quick motion, slammed into Golurk (still not dealing much damage), grabbed his bag and fled back. He then proceeded to scream and run from the airport.

    Whew... That was close. But I still need to get to my plane...

    Then, he could see his plane, with a recognizable logo of a Manaphy and Phione, begin to fly towards him.

    I've got it! Bounce!

    Braze bounced up as the plane was flying overhead, bag in hand, and landed on top of the plane. He then took out his rope to tie his bag and himself securely to the plane.

    Eh, may bot be First Class, but it has a nice view.

    Pokemon Universe Campsite

    Um, it appears one participant didn't make it yet.

    Which one?

    A, umm, Braze the Mienfoo.

    Really? He's not here?

    Braze jumps off the plane in between Manaphy and Phione

    No, I'm here. And I'm ready to win!

    Yeah, that's great, now go to your cabin. You're on the Rainbow Team.

    -____- Fine.
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    *gasp* Had to *gasp* rush a bit *gasp* to get this done. *GAAAASSSP* Nice to meet you too, Milo~.

        Spoiler:- 1:

        Spoiler:- 2:

        Spoiler:- 3:

        Spoiler:- 4:

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    *is jamming out to Ke$ha*
    *glares at Otis then blankly stares at the contestant's* Ummmm...hi. *picks up a piece of paper and dryly reads what is written on it*
    "Hello Contestants, congratulations on completing your first challenge, for this we are proud of you huzzah....step into spotlight and announ...oh I'm not supposed to read this."
    Ok contestants you all did a good job, and 1 of you barely posted in time for it to count. I'm super proud of you all I think haha!!! The winner of the challenge will recieve a whole 18 point advantage at the point meter! That's like 2 point's for each poke on you team wow. Anyways the winner and recipient of a 18 point advantage for her team is Elizavita! YAAAAAY!!!!!

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    Ok pokes it's time for The Match! For those of you who skipped that part in your contracts let me explain. In a match we will give you an optional challenge. Participating may take away points, but the reward is always.....well sometimes worth it!

    For this Match I want you all to get me a gummi. I love gummies! Simply say: "I want to give Milo a _____ gummi" or "I chose not to give Milo a gummi" if you don't want to risk anything.
    You may only bring one gummi and it may not be the same kind as another. You have 24 hours or so.
    Gummi's available: Blue, Red, Yellow, Brown, Green, Orange, Purple, Black, Pink, Clear, Royal, Grass, and Gold Gummi.

    P.S. You may now RP lightly, but I don't want to surf through 4 pages to get stuff so use descresion.

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    Giving gummies is a challenge? I guess it is the first challenge here's a gold gummi *hits with hockey stick* GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    : Cynder would like to give Milo a ROYAL Gummi.

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    I'm on a blimp, mother****er.


    So, I'll get extra points, just for giving you a Gummi? Molte Bene! I'll give Milo a Blue Gummi!
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    What is this?


    Oh I don't want to give a gummi but to be nice since you love them I will give Milo a green gummi.
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    D-D-daddy told me to not g-g-give anything to s-strangers... No wait. He said not to take anything from strangers! So giving stuff is okay! I want to give Milo a Clear gummy!
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    Unova, got an Isshu with that?


    "I want to give Milo a black gummi"

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