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    Default SPPF: OkikuMew

    ***This profile is outdated because of the lack of space/number of characters per post! For a more updated info, see profile in UPN!***

    Trainer Information:

    Name: Okiku Hirundo
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Blood Type: O+
    Myers Briggs Type: ISFP
    Enneagram Type: 6w5 (Loyalist/Investigator)

    Bio: Born and raised in Pewter City, Okiku lived her 7 first years of her life nicely: spoiled by her parents (even though they weren't very rich) with toys and her own Pokémon (a Poochyena she named Max), had very good grades (including in French classes), and would be quick of picking up friends with her joyful and generous character. Things took a turn for the worst when her family moved to Cerulean City: She became the target of heavy bullying, and all adults (including her own parents) didn't take her cries of help seriously. Because of all this, she closed herself in and became a quiet, shy girl with low self-esteem. Thankfully as years went by she went back on her feet as the bullying stopped and she made (very) few friends. Later on she got through college easily, got her dream job and, most importantly, found someone who opened her heart again and was worthy to be with through the rest of her life. She and the man she fell in love with got engaged; but after a few years her fiance unexpectedly disappeared, leaving behind a confusing and hurtful rant and Okiku's heart broken. Ever since, she closed herself in again and dedicated herself to her job... only to end up being tired of it. Fed up, she decides to quit her job and go on a Pokémon journey along with Max to find some friends, and perhaps find herself again.

    Through her journey of Pokémon training and self-discovery, she came across the chance of joining the Trainer Battle Association. Curious and not willing to bypass such unique opportunity, she decided to try her luck... and succeeded at becoming an official Trainer Battle referee. Although she felt a bit intimidated by the important task, she took the job head on, fully determined to help out trainers and their Pokémon battle against each other in complete fairness and compliance to the rules.

    Personality: As a whole, Okiku is a nice, generous young woman with a “go with the flow”, optimistic view of life and curious about everything. She's also a person who it is very hard to make her angry for the exception when her friends or something she deeply believes in are on the line. However, her personality changes depending on her mood and the situation. When feeling shy or uncomfortable, she usually stays quiet and let things work by themselves unless it is absolutely needed. When in a good mood or with friends though, she can be extremely outspoken to the point of acting almost childish, speaking very loudly and fearlessly taking anything that stands in her way head on. She is very loyal and patient, but her undying faithfulness sometimes becomes a double-edged sword as others can interpret it as being clingy (and when she tries to counter it by letting people “loose” she ends up slowly losing contact with them) while her patience tends to be so strong others are not able to keep up with her. She also takes any kind of failure very hard, especially if said failure was caused by her personal and emotional flaws. She's passionate and fascinated to anything related to pokémon, the Internet and video games. She can be a bit of a hoarder at times, keeping things either in case it would be useful in the future or just to collect them for fun. For some reason even she have a hard time to explain, she have a special appreciation and attraction towards Psychic and Dark-typed pokémon.


    In Progress:


    Pokémon Information:

    Current Party:

    Species: Poochyena
    Name: Max
    Type: Dark
    Level: 53
    Ability: Quick Feet (Boosts speed with status problem)
    Nature: Brave (+Atk/-Spd, Likes Spicy/Hates Sweet)
    Gender: Male
    Held Item:Blackglasses
    Obtained: Starter

    Beauty: 2
    IQ: 13
    Contest Stats: 10/10/10/10/10
    Birthday: September 1st
    Evolution Chain: - Lv 18 ->
    Bio: The Poochyena was born in a Pokémon Breeder's house. He was quickly adopted by a middle-aged couple, which they gave him to their daughter Okiku as a Christmas present when she was 4. The two became fast friends. Although he spent most of his time at home and its surroundings, he knew everything about his master's ordeals she dealt with everyday as he was (and still is) her only fully trusted confident and friend, and he did everything he could to support her. He got to learn a few tricks from her too, like understanding French. When Okiku announced she wanted to go on a Pokémon journey, he gladly accepted to accompany her, willing to follow her through thick and thin and hoping he can somehow fix or help fixing her personal problems.
    Personality: Max have great faithfulness that would rival with a Growlithe's or Lillipup's. He's generally friendly to everyone, willing to lend a paw or courageously protect anyone he sees worthy to be helped. He is a bit hard-headed though; if he have something on his mind (especially chasing something or someone) he'll keep going, sometimes even when his trainer tells him to stop. Also, if something or someone gets on his nerves, he tends to become quite snarky.

    Species: Espeon
    Name: Himiko
    Type: Psychic
    Level: 13
    Ability: Synchronize (Opponent becomes poisoned, paralyzed or burned when she is)
    Nature: Modest (+SAtk/-Atk, Likes Dry/Hates Spicy)
    Gender: Female
    Held Item: Heart Container
    Obtained: Trade (as Eevee), then evolved
    Beauty: 10
    IQ: 2
    Contest Stats: 10/10/10/10/10
    Birthday: April 17th
    Evolution Chain: - 10 Beauty Points ->
    Bio: In her early life, the Eevee was spoiled rotten while living in Coins for Prizes shop. One day she was bought by Jessica, an experienced trainer, but quickly got traded to Okiku, who was desperately wanting one of her species but didn't have the coins at the time. Not having much time on her hands, Okiku trained her by putting her in the Daycare and the Beauty Salon. Okiku felt bad for this, to the point of apologizing to Himiko for not taking care of her by her own means. The Eevee however understood her and grew very fond of her trainer (despite the few direct contacts with her) enough to evolve into a beautiful Espeon.
    Personality: She seems to be quite a stuck-up with her constant elegant movements and “particular” tastes, but Himiko is actually a humble and nice girl. Although most of the time quiet, she'll happily share words of advice... although they can be unintentionally bad at times.

    Species: Shuppet
    Name: Omenya
    Type: Ghost
    Level: 13
    Ability: Insomnia (Cannot sleep)
    Nature: Quirky (No effect)
    Gender: Male
    Held Item: None
    Obtained: Trade
    • Level up Moves: Knock Off, Screech, Night Shade, Spite, Will-o-wisp.
    • Egg Moves: Ominous Wind.
    • Tutor Moves: None
    • TM/HM Moves: Toxic, Trick Room.
    Beauty: 2
    IQ: 6
    Contest Stats: 10/10/10/10/10
    Birthday: October 21st
    Evolution Chain: - lvl 37 ->
    Bio: He was born in the Egg House in the hands of a young trainer named Chad. Unfortunately Chad didn't feel like he could take care of the young Shuppet, so he put him up for a trade. Okiku answered his call and took the Pokémon, to the happiness of the ghost type who felt strong dark emotions within her, perfect to feed on. He was first named Otsuraya, but Okiku later found it didn't fit quite well on him so she changed his name, although he felt neutral to the change.
    Personality: The Shuppet is quite happy-go-lucky one, although he shows his joy with a constant smile and an eerily laugh. It understandably creeps a lot of people out for this, but he doesn't mind it at all. He tries to respect everyone (as much as a ghost can), but always end up bringing bad memories out of people as he's quite gluttonous and wants to feed as much bad sentiments as he can. Strangely, he has a thing for masks, calls Okiku as “Mother” and always speak in third person.

    Species: Spheal
    Name: Hershel
    Type: Ice/Water
    Level: 15
    Ability: Thick Fat (Fire and Ice-type moves deals half damage)
    Nature: Gentle (+SDef/-Def, Likes Bitter/Hates Sour)
    Gender: Male
    Pokeball:Snow Ball
    Held Item:Icicle Plate
    Obtained: Trade
    Beauty: 10
    IQ: 5
    Contest Stats: 10/10/10/10/10
    Birthday: December 19th
    Evolution Chain: - lvl 32 -> - lvl 44 ->
    Bio: The Spheal was hatched in Levin's egg from the Egg House. The trainer didn't feel like he belonged to him and his team, therefore wanted to trade him to a deserving trainer, which ended up to be Okiku.
    Personality: The one word that best describes Hershel is “gentleman”. He is always courteous, kind and fair, even to the most unkind people and pokémon around. However his legendary patience has limits, and he will get extremely protective when his friends are harassed. He also gets easily embarrassed when he is “caught” doing something he considers not gentlemanly, which when it happens he scrambles his way to hide whatever he was doing.

    Species: Natu
    Name: Spi
    Type: Psychic/Flying
    Level: 10
    Ability: Early Bird (Sleep lasts half the time)
    Nature: Relaxed (+Def/-Spd, Likes Sour/Hates Sweet)
    Gender: Male
    Held Item: None
    Obtained: Trade
    Beauty: 0
    IQ: 0
    Contest Stats: 0/0/0/0/0
    Birthday: August 3rd
    Evolution Chain: - lvl 25 ->
    Bio: He was another Pokémon originally born in the Egg House, hatched with the help of Stark. At first the young man wanted to keep him, but after seeing Okiku's enthusiasm and envy towards him for hatching the Natu, Stark thought it would be best to have her take care of the psychic-powered bird.
    Personality: Spi is a very lay-back and careless Natu, living day to day and being nonchalant at all times, even in dangerous moments. Being often sarcastic and have an ever-so joking tone in his chirps, others wonder a lot of times if he's joking around or not. When he needs to get something done though, he becomes efficient and cunning, doing the job as fast and clean as he can... so he doesn't need to do it again and go back to relaxing as quickly as possible.

    Lannette's PC
    • Staravia     Spoiler:- Details:
    • Umbreon     Spoiler:- Details:
    • Aron     Spoiler:- Details:
    • Staryu     Spoiler:- Details:
    • Girafarig     Spoiler:- Details:
    • Purrloin     Spoiler:- Details:
    • Drowzee     Spoiler:- Details:
    • Sneasel     Spoiler:- Details:
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    Default Inventory & Banking



    Hold Items:Stat Items:Evolutionary: TMs:Berry Bag:
    Pokéblock and Poffin Cases: Base:Other:
    Key Items:

    TCG Cards

    Collection: (cards from decks included)



    Coin Exchange Balance: 68,000 coins

    FB Bank Balance: x22 Rare Candy
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