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    Quote Originally Posted by Blood Red Absol View Post
    Lol, leave me alone I am Dyslexic xD
    And I would be happy to take Australia ^_^
    (it was what I originally asked for xD)
    Welcome to the club!

    Quote Originally Posted by HetaOni View Post
    Guys I just lost the two Hetalia Club banners...FOREVER. ;__;
    Damnit, that sucks.

    Quote Originally Posted by Articuno_rocks View Post
    Username: Articuno_rocks
    Reason for joining: The short reason is that I love Hetalia. The long reason is that, after hearing little bits about Hetalia throughout the past year (on here, dA, and tumblr), I decided one day to give the anime a shot. I loved it immediately, although to this date I've only watched the first 20 or so episodes of Axis Powers. Mostly because I was absorbed in the quality and productivity of the Hetalia fanon on tumblr. ^.^
    Country(what country would you like to "be"): Erm, there aren't that many spots left... all the major countries are taken. I'll take Estonia for now. I don't know much about him but I think he's a smart/nerdy type. I tend to really like those kinds of characters.
    Hello Estonia, welcome to the club!


    Okay, now for a long and perhaps unnecessary introduction. To be honest, I'm a LITTLE hesitant about joining this club. I read through the first 40 or so pages of it, and those pages mostly consisted of 3-4 members spamming one-liners. I don't want to sound mean, but I like well-organized clubs and the quality of posts made me rather suspicious. ButI've also read the last few pages of this club, and it looks like things have improved, with more members and longer posts. I'll definitely give the Hetalia Club a shot.

    A little bit about me... I go by American--Pi on other sites, but I'm mostly active on tumblr (and no, I did not name myself after Alfred. I came up with the name long before I got into Hetalia). I'm kind of an all-arounder - I'm a part of at least ten fandoms (Pokemon, Hetalia, and Total Drama being my main ones) and I think I'm a decent writer and artist. As you can tell from my sig, my favorite country is Austria, by far. <3 He's really talented and classy, and he loves music, just like me.

    Also, a confession that may or may not forbid me from joining this club. ...I actually don't hate France. In fact, I really like him. He's my second favorite character after Austria, to be honest. *blushes*

    I actually think he's really, really hot... I have a thing for guys with long hair... squee~. Just fangirling now. Ignore this.

    Shallow reasons aside, though, I think France is also rather funny. Especially in that episode where he dramatically cries about not being invited to a world meeting. Also, he's not a rapist. Sure, he's a bit perverted. Well, rather perverted. But he says this in the canon:

    Which pretty much proves my point. Austria's still my favorite character, but I felt the need to defend France, whose personality the Hetalia fandom often gets wrong. I actually have a lot more France defense, but I'm not going to burden you with that now. xD


    ...Okay, now that my rant's over, can I be a part of the club?
    ...Well, that was a lengthy introduction. XD JK, JK.

    Quote Originally Posted by HetaOni View Post
    Happy Birthday to the character we all love, the awesome Prussia!

    Also, look at what FUNimation just tweeted!
    To both;

    Quote Originally Posted by #1TransendTrainer View Post
    I tend to run on HST-Hima Standard Time XD/brick'd

    By the way, what do you guys think of the new song? I prefer it over Hatafutte Parade, but Marukaite Chikyuu will always keep that #1 spot in my heart
    The new song seems very cheery and fun, just like the previous songs. I wonder if everyone will get their own version again, because that's always interesting ^^

    Quote Originally Posted by *Jean Grey* View Post
    Guys! Did you see the first episode of Season 5? XD
    ...It's out?

    Just a heads-up; I think we are missing a few characters, because it appears that country doesn not have to be in the anime to exist *leers at Australia*.
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