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    Default Pokemon: Unova Chronicles Discussion Thread

    Approved by Kamotz!

    Quote Originally Posted by Kamotz
    Quote Originally Posted by DVB
    Sign-Up Thread:

    The actual Thread:

    I am formally requesting a discussion thread because we have at least 6 members and I believe it would be beneficial for everyone to be able to discuss the plot for new ideas as well as serve for better communication. Please and thank you.
    Approved...Go forth!
    Sign-Up Thread:

    The actual Thread:

        Spoiler:- THE STORY:


    You must be able to make at least one post every few days. Exceptions are allowed but try and post as much as you can.
    You must be at least (higher is just fine) the age of your character. This is for maturity purposes so at least 13, again exceptions can be made.
    You must have experience or tell us your new and except any and all advice/criticism.
    You must have fun.


    Each group can travel the land however they want and in any order, they can participate in contests, fight gyms, or just do their thing.
    Wild Pokémon can sense your Pokémon's levels through there balls, so you will almost never be bothered by something to high or to low.
    Gym leaders will change Pokémon based on the trainers level of Pokémon to make things even.
    Your Pokémon will learn moves in order of the move list, but you have to train them to learn it. (it has happened often in anime) Two training posts are required per move. (don't have to be at the same time and probably shouldn't, one training session a day would be nice)
    If your wild Pokémon gets an egg move from it's own species that is on it's level list it may have one of them.
    Your Pokémon will retain the knowledge of all known moves but can only use five different moves per battle.
    To start with Please stick to your written personality though charachter changes do happen try to keep to what you said you start.
    In this RPG you can choose to have your Pokémon talk to one another through [ ] EX. Pikachu said, [That was cool!] but humans hear, "Pika!"

        Spoiler:- SIGN-UP SHEET:

    Current List of Players:

    DVB- Diego Vendrix
    Titan500- Robert Zhou
    Krazy95- Tyler Phoenix
    CuriousHeartless- Jackson Black
    deltakurumiru- Kari Karma


    Welcome to the Pokemon Unova Chronicles Discussion Topic.

    Now, we have the current list of players set up. However, because Requiem hasn't replied yet, not sure whether to keep the character. Here you will be hearing about what will happen and any crazy ideas, suggestions or fanart you guys want to place.

    So have fun !
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