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    Hello everyone, I was looking for a thread for this, but couldn't find one so I made my own. I want to become a fanfic writer on serebii, but this will be my first time writing fanfics, or rather, typing them. So I am asking for some tips. When I post my first fanfic, please post what I did wrong in it, so I can become a good fanfiction writer. Thanks
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    Unfortunately, threads in the Authors' Café asking people to read and comment on your fic are not allowed - everybody wants people to comment on their fics, after all, so we'd just get everyone making threads.

    In any case, welcome to the forums, and it's great to know you're receptive to critique! Trying to give tips and advice to new authors is the standard around here, so hopefully you'll receive lots of great feedback when you start posting, even without making special threads to ask for it.

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