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    Default The Beta House

    Another version!

    This is the new version of the Beta House thread!

    Previous previous! (By purple_drake)

    Going off the old thread's introduction - for anyone new to the thread, the Beta House is a mentoring system for writers, new and advanced, who need help developing or fine-tuning their fics. So if you need help with something big like developing an idea, or just something small like making sure your grammar’s all ironed out, there are people here who would (we would hope! :P) be able to help you.

    If you were on the lists in the previous thread (as a mentor or mentoree) then say so or reapply and you will be readded. But for now we're starting fresh save for the last couple of requests in the old thread.

    If you have any questions, suggestions, updates or insults, feel free to PM me or one of the fanfiction moderators.

    Shamelessly similar to the old thread's!


    Naturally, all rules in the Author's cafe apply here. That said, there’s one big one that deserves re-mentioning:
    1. No spam or off-topic posts are allowed. There are only four reasons why people should be posting in this thread:
      —to apply as a mentor
      —to apply as a mentoree
      —in the case of mentors, to inform me of their status
      —to make a statement or ask a question relating to the thread (the latter of which does not include ‘when do I get a mentor?’ ‘why hasn’t someone picked me yet?’ and any other variation on the same theme). Anything else will be considered spam.
    2. All contact between mentors and mentorees should be through PM and/or email, NOT in the thread. This includes mentorees asking for someone to be their mentor and vice versa.
    3. BOTH mentor and mentoree MUST have agreed to the mentorship before the mentor posts acceptance.
    4. Samples should have a minimum length of four decent-sized paragraphs.

    1. Note that the Beta House is NOT the equivalent of spellcheck or grammarcheck. Look over your stuff as best you can before handing it over to your mentor - apply a spell or grammar check by either your word processor (whether that is Word, OpenOffice or so forth) or an online one, and give it a proofread as well. Your story WILL be denied by myself or a fanfiction mod if there is no clear effort shown in your work that you have applied some basic effort to cleaning up and editing/proofreading your story.
    2. Don’t apply unless you’re serious about the story. By ‘serious’ I mean you’ve thought about it, you know where it’s going and/or know you’re going to stick with it.
    3. Please post a sample when possible, even if it’s not a pokémon fic, and if your story exists already on the internet, by all means link to it. An excerpt of the fic you want betaed would be ideal, but if not, a sample of your development would still be useful.
    4. You may PM a mentor about accepting you, but be aware that they have the right to choose mentorees at their own discretion, so please respect their decision.
    5. Given the long list we have atm, one request for a mentor each mentoree only for the time being.
    6. This thread is about guidance, so if you disagree with your mentor you can bring it up with them. Just be polite about it; remember, they are just trying to help you.
    7. Be patient. They’re taking the time to help, so don’t pester them about when they’ll be done with your chapter. That said, if it’s been two weeks or something and you haven’t heard a word, then feel free to give them a poke.
    8. Mentors have the right to drop a story after two warnings to their mentorees if these rules aren’t respected.


    First and foremost, do note that you will be 'checked out' before being accepted or denied to be a mentor here. Not just anyone can become a mentor. That said, if you’re applying just because you happen to have time or people have said you’re good at a particular part of writing, you might want to rethink. Willingness only goes so far; experience will go much further. Rules for the mentors and proofreaders are the same, with the exception of Rule 4.
    1. Please, don’t agree to beta a story if you know you won’t have time, motivation, or just don’t want to. It’s a waste of time for everyone involved, which can be better spent elsewhere.
    2. I know life can be busy, but if it’s been a few days, you’ve got a chapter lined up, and you haven’t had a chance to look at it yet or know you won’t get a chance for another couple of days, warn your mentoree it might take a while. If you’re going away or you’re losing your Internet access, then let them know. Your return courtesy for them not bugging the heck out of you.
    3. The default number of mentorees you guys can have at three, but if you wish to take on more or less at a time, by all means include that in your application and it'll be included.
    4. You CAN apply to be a mentoree as well.
    5. On the flipside of the rule for mentorees, yes, you are helping them, but they came to you for it. So be nice, especially if they disagree with you about something and you want to argue the point.
    6. Mentorees have the right to request a new mentor if the one they have doesn’t respect these rules. If the infraction is severe enough and is brought to my attention, you could be taken off the list. So don’t do it, guys.


    You can also be put on probation and removed from the list if someone (such as a reader of their mentoree’s fic) brings it to my attention that they aren’t betaing to standard. If you don’t have time to do it, then warn your mentoree you’re going on hiatus; don’t rush through the beta for the sake of getting it out.

    How i get on list???

    Story title:
    Fandom (preferably pokémon):
    Plot summary:
    Mentor needed:
    Prior writing experience:
    Preferred mentor (optional):
    Writing sample (optional, but expected):
    Other (optional):

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Under the 'mentor needed' section, people have been saying what areas they're weak in, in terms of writing. The only thing you need to say to answer this section is 'comprehensive mentor' or 'character mentor' or whatever kind of mentor you want; the list of ways in which you need help isn't needed to be mentioned there - you can say that in the Other section.

    Category (two maximum unless comprehensive):
    Genre specialty (if any):
    Method of contact:
    Proofreader (yes/no):

    Furthermore, link to at least two samples of your writing, specific to whichever category you’re applying for. It doesn’t have to be on this forum; just wherever it’s accessible.

    Additionally, link to a few samples of reviews or beta readings you have made if you have any. Again, it does not have to come from this forum.

    An explanation of certain parts of the application form:

    Genre specialty is, well, kind of self-explanatory. If you specialise in certain fics, such as journeyfics, pokémorph fics, even romance or adventure fics, you can note it on your application and it will be included beside your name on the list. If you want to mentor in that particular genre (that is, help with the refinement of a genre-specific storyline), then there is a new category for genre-specific mentors.
    Method of contact is also self-explanatory. Specify if you want to be contacted through email or PM, and if the former, please leave an email address (which will be placed next to your name on the list, so if you don’t want it public, you might want to hold off until you know who you’re mentoring).
    Aproofreader is similar to a mentor, but is tailored towards more experienced writers who need a second opinion, as opposed to less experienced writers who need a teacher. Anyone who is a mentor can offer additional services as a proofreader, although comprehensive mentors will be automatically placed on the proofreader list unless otherwise stated by the mentor in question.

    The List
    Are YOU on it? It's really cool!


    One active thus far.

    Comprehensive Mentors:
    [Mentors who are pretty good at all aspects of fiction. Best for very new writers or anyone in need of general help.]

    katiekitten - PM, or live journal. Also a Character and Language Mentor.
    Genre specialty - Tragedy

    Character Mentors:
    [Mentors skilled in character portrayal and development.]

    katiekitten - PM, or live journal. Also a Comprehensive and Language Mentor.
    Genre specialty - Tragedy

    Plot Mentors:
    [Mentors who can help with the development of plot twists, the story climax, and other problems with the storyline.]

    Bay - PMs or VMs, can also do email on request. Also a Fluency Mentor.
    Genre - My strengths are mystery and suspense, but I'm willing to look through anything.

    Language Mentors:
    [Mentors who can help with the fine-tuning of language, including things such as description and dialogue.]

    katiekitten - PM, or live journal. Also a Character and Comprehensive Mentor.
    Genre specialty - Tragedy

    Fluency Mentors:
    [Mentors who can help with chapter length, pacing, scene breaks, and so on.]

    Bay - PMs or VMs, can also do email on request. Also a Fluency Mentor.
    Genre - My strengths are mystery and suspense, but I'm willing to look through anything.

    Genre-specific Mentors:
    [Mentors who offer help with a specific genre, such as journey fics or romance fics.]

    Grammar Mentors:
    [Mentors who can help with ironing out those pesky grammatical errors.]

    Proofreaders are exactly what they sound like: they proofread a work just before it gets published. Unlike mentors, they're not here specifically for the purpose of teaching; they're here for the more experienced writers as a second set of eyes and to offer a second opinion. A proofreader will usually aim to give a general overview of a work, although they may focus on aspects the author particularly wants an opinion on or which they specialise in.

    In Search of Assistance:
    Click the links for the full info on their story and so forth!

    "Kyurem's wrath"
    In need of a Comprehensive/Plot mentor

    "Pokemon: The Black & White Adventure and the sequel 02"
    Adventure, comedy, friendship, drama and more

    "Carry On, Blissey"
    Pokémon POV/Drama
    No preference for type of mentor

    "Through the Thunder and the Lightning"
    Adventure/Fantasy/some romance, but very light, War
    G (maybe higher later)
    No preference for type of mentor

    "Pokemon: Moltera"

    Adventure and Drama

    "Jays Journey Through The Henzo Region"

    'Description, Developing characters and especially grammar and spelling. Someone to honestly tell me if it's any good really.'

    Gamzee Makara
    "PMD: Knights of the Crown"

    Medieval Sword-and-Sorcery comedy, with a small amount of Romance
    'Character and/or Style Mentor'

    Cheers to Breezy, purple_drake and Draco Malfoy for their input!
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