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    Default Song Parodies!

    Something a little different from what normally gets posted here! PG-13 max rating for the time being.

    I'm quite into parodying songs on the go as some rl friends may tell you, and I've included some for fun in previous stories. So I'll be posting some song parodies I made up a while ago (coupled with a youtube link to the song being parodied as well - I usually find it's better to listen to the song while reading the parody lyrics). Cheesiness ought to be expected with some. =p

    I also will take on prompts! That is, you can request a song and theme for me to try to parody the lyrics too (although the theme will need to be Pokemon. I won't necessarily take on every prompt though (partly depends on interest/time for it) but I'll be trying to do so. I like a challenge.

    This is posted in the main section as at least some of these will be Pokemon themed, but prompts need not be restricted to Pokemon.


    This post: The Day Care's Sublime (For the Longest Time, Billy Joel)
    House of the Trick Master (House of the Rising Sun, The Animals)
    Sidetracked (Starlight, Muse)
    Pokemon Trainer (Paperback Writer, The Beatles)
    Wild World (Wild World, Cat Stevens)


    First up is one I wrote last year, and is a parody of the Billy Joel song For the Longest Time, one of my favourite songs. Some themes here that should be evident from the song title. ;p

    The Day Care's Sublime

    Whoa, oh, oh, oh
    The Day Care's sublime
    Whoa, oh, oh
    The Day Care's

    If you Bounce'd away from me tonight
    There would still be reason to go fight
    What else could I do
    I'm so Attracted by you
    This proves just how the Day Care is sublime

    Once I thought my Trainer up'd and gone
    Now I know that breeding shall go on
    That's when you found me
    When you sat yourself upon me
    This proves just how the Day Care is sublime

    Whoa, oh, oh, oh
    The Day Care's sublime
    Whoa, oh, oh
    The Day Care's

    I'm that Skitty you're hearing on the lawn
    Asking you to leave that Waterfall
    For how I need you
    And how you needed me too
    This proves just how the Day Care is sublime

    Maybe I am not very strong
    But I'm sure in hindsight
    You'll see we belong
    Maybe we should have used Safeguard
    And though it's bizarre
    You're the one that I adore

    Who knows how much further we'll go on
    Maybe once more I'll be sat upon
    I'll take my chances
    I forgot how nice Cute Charm is
    This proves just how the Day Care is sublime

    I had second thoughts at the start
    I said to myself
    You're as fat as a tart
    Now I know the Wailord that you are
    You're very large by far
    And it's more than I hoped for

    I don't care if you've had other flings
    I have been engrossed by lesser things
    I want you so bad
    Just don't make me a doormat
    I intend to show you the Day Care's sublime

    Whoa, oh, oh, oh
    The Day Care's sublime
    Whoa, oh, oh
    The Day Care's sublime

    That's going to be as high brow as it may get. ;p
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