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    Quote Originally Posted by insomnimaniac11 View Post
    Cobalion is an awesome pokemon. It has a great speed stat outrunning garchomp and others. It may lack a huge movepool but it has enough moves for a few good sets.

    Ability: justified- an ability that just barely passes as good but when you switch from a psychic or ghost chances are you dont need swords dance.
    Metal burst
    Thunder wave
    Close combat
    Iron head
    Item: Focus sash
    EVs: 252 hp / 252 sp.def / 4 def
    Description: Thunder wave can cripple bulky waters while close combat helps take out tanks and is a generally good move. Iron head is mostly filler but has stab and can flinch. Metal burst is used in conjunction with focus sash to take out scarf-chomp or other sweepers such as Latios. The ev spread ensures survivability and makes Cobalion slow enough to Metal burst more pokemon. It is best used with full hp so switching is not recommended for the justified boost.

    Double and triple battle options
    Weavile. Beat up Cobalion and its a free belly drum with much less hp taken.
    First, whismcott does better for beat up as then it can support it with tailwind or taunt. Metal burst doesn't get negative priority, so you need to go against faster pokemon for it to do damage. One bulky water that counters it is swampert, as it resists thunder wave and returns back with earthquake. Its so slow that metal burst has no effect on it.

    P.S. Am I seeing double?
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