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    Quote Originally Posted by tomjames1966 View Post
    Blast Burn? Who ever uses that? And Aerial Ace is rubbish in competitive battling.

    Over Swanna you can use Salamence or Dragonite (if in OU) or either Altaira, Charizard or Moltres.
    Quote Originally Posted by philzone View Post
    why use a lax nature, suggest you go impish, as you need all the sp def you can get. And it isn't even a mixed set.
    Quote Originally Posted by Duranteater View Post
    you can only put 4 EVs after putting 252 EV on 2 stats.
    To tomjames1966, I met some people with "go-for-broke" movesets before and the pokemon I chose (Infernape and Emboar) has high enough Sp attack and the right amount of speed to do the job. As for Swanna, I chose that because of STAB to cover Fire/Fighting/Ground-types. As for Aerial Ace, it's a no-miss attack that takes care of Fighting-types. Besides, it's either that, X-scissor, or Poison Jab.

    To philzone, due to previous complaints and the Sp Defense is obviously the lowest stat, I chose Lax. The only Special attacks Cobalion knows are Hidden Power, Hyper Beam, Round, Focus Blast (which I thought I mentioned), Volt Switch, and Flash Cannon.

    To Duranteater, does 168 on Defense/Speed/HP and 6 on Attack better?
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    Looking for nicknamed, shiny, and/or have a hidden ability in GTS and may battle at anytime.
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