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    Default The Alpha Dex (rated PG)

    Hello, everyone! This is a new fanfiction that I will be, well, writing. So, essentially, this is a fic where readers will give me requests on what Pokemon to use in a oneshot, and I will try to write about all 649. Also, after every oneshot, I will write my own Pokedex entry that the writers at GameFreak would actually use. For example, I can't write a oneshot about a Sneasel that likes parachuting for some odd reason, and then saying, "They enjoy parachuting."

    Here's an index of all the so far completed Pokemon:
    #000 Missingno.
    #019 Rattata
    #025 Pikachu
    #042 Golbat
    #043 Oddish
    #044 Gloom
    #045 Vileplume
    #060 Poliwag
    #081 Magnemite
    #082 Magneton
    #083 Farfetch'd
    #093 Haunter
    #099 Kingler
    #100 Voltorb
    #109 Koffing
    #113 Chansey
    #132 Ditto
    #138 Omanyte
    #139 Omastar
    #143 Snorlax
    #152 Chikorita
    #153 Bayleef
    #154 Meganium
    #168 Ariados
    #184 Azumarill
    #189 Jumpluff
    #206 Dunsparce
    #208 Steelix
    #219 Magcargo
    #235 Smeargle
    #242 Blissey
    #254 Sceptile
    #256 Combusken
    #258 Mudkip
    #278 Wingull
    #299 Nosepass
    #308 Medicham
    #316 Gulpin
    #321 Wailord
    #328 Trapinch
    #330 Flygon
    #332 Cacturne
    #336 Seviper
    #338 Solrock
    #346 Cradily
    #350 Milotic
    #351 Castform
    #359 Absol
    #360 Wynaut
    #362 Glalie
    #366 Clamperl
    #369 Relicanth
    #380 Latias
    #381 Latios
    #392 Infernape
    #399 Bidoof
    #400 Bibarel
    #401 Kricketot
    #420 Cherubi
    #436 Bronzor
    #437 Bronzong
    #439 Mime Jr.
    #442 Spiritomb
    #446 Munchlax
    #462 Magnezone
    #469 Yanmega
    #473 Mamoswine
    #475 Gallade
    #478 Froslass
    #479 Rotom
    #487 Giratina
    #495 Snivy
    #495 Serperior
    #511 Pansage
    #517 Munna
    #518 Musharna
    #534 Conkeldurr
    #554 Darumaka
    #555 Darmanitan
    #560 Scrafty
    #563 Cofagrigus
    #569 Garbodor
    #579 Reuniclus
    #582 Vanillite
    #583 Vanillish
    #589 Escavalier
    #594 Alomomola
    #595 Joltik
    #596 Galvantula
    #600 Klang
    #607 Litwick
    #609 Chandelure
    #618 Stunfisk
    #624 Pawniard
    #627 Rufflet

    PM List: Zibdas, jeffdavid102, charizarddude

    So, without further ado, here's the first oneshot:

    Pawniard and Poliwag

    She slowly moved through the tall grass. Though she was too short to see where she was going, she knew prey was nearby. She wasn’t exactly sure how, but she could sense it. The Pawniard always followed her senses. She slashed through the grass, and she saw a large pond. Her group usually came here to get a drink, but this time, she was out hunting. It was her first solo job, so naturally, she was excited.

    She quietly walked around the pond, seeking out the prey. The feeling was getting stronger, until she saw it. On a log, there was a single, small, blue Pokémon. It had a long, flat tail, and short, stubby legs. Stealthily, she snuck up on the Poliwag. Closer, closer, until she was ready. She suddenly slashed out at the tadpole with her bladed arms.

    Poliwag jumped in the nick of time, and without seeing what was happening, she screamed at the attacker. Pawniard covered her ears, reeling from the noise. For such a small Pokémon, she had a heck of a pair of lungs. After the yelling stopped, the Pawniard glanced over. Poliwag had disappeared. Curious, she peered into the lake. She was welcomed by a blast of water.

    Spluttering and gasping for air, she blindly slashed at the water, until she heard a familiar voice. “Maria?”

    She blinked at the Poliwag, who had jumped out of the water. “Cheryl?” she asked.

    The Poliwag smiled and spun around. “Maria! I thought it was you! How are you? How’s the pack? Did you have a good hunting season? How’s that crush on Brian going?”

    Maria coughed out some water, and then responded. “Well, let’s see. Fine, fine, yes, and, well, you know.” She blushed a bit. Cheryl was being a chatterbox, as always. Then again, that was why they were friends.

    Cheryl grinned. “Well, I’m glad you could drop by. Sorry for yelling at you, but next time don’t scare me like that. Here, sit down,” she said warmly.

    Pawniard agreed, and sat down beside her blue friend. “Yeah, sorry. I didn’t realize you were my friend.”

    “So, what’s up? This is the first time I’ve seen you out here without the other Pawniard and Bisharp. Did you run away?”

    “Nah, I’m out hunting. I’m finally old enough to go out by myself, and I should be finding something for dinner. But, what’s a few minutes to catch up with an old friend? Besides, I can easily run something down and catch it when I need to go. Unfezant are reported in the area, and it’s been way too long since I’ve had poultry.”

    Cheryl laughed. “Well, I have seen a few Unfezant. They’re really snooty and uptight, but I have to admit, the guys don’t look half bad. Also, I hear there are some Farfetch’d around here-oops, hang on,” she said.

    Maria watched intently as Cheryl jumped into the pond. She noticed a dragonfly hovering over a lilypad. Dragonflies weren’t Pokémon, they were animals. As far as she was concerned, it was a really bad attempt to imitate a Yanma. But that didn’t matter right now. She observed closely, always ready to learn about how other Pokémon hunted.

    The Poliwag’s translucent body became almost invisible in the water. She slowly moved closer to the lilypad. The dragonfly cautiously landed on the bright pink flower. And without warning, Cheryl leapt out of the water and shot a disproportionately long tongue at the unfortunate bug. It quickly retracted into her mouth, and she swam back to where Maria sat.

    She swallowed. “So, as I was saying, there are a few Farfetch’d here. I hear they’re delicious, but they’re also really rare. If you find one, give me the leek. It protects that thing with its life, so that can be its downfall.”

    Maria smiled. “Of course. I hate vegetables, but you love them.” Her species was exclusively carnivorous, although she knew Bisharp had a wider diet and would occasionally eat plants.

    The Poliwag giggled. Maria was tempted to continue the conversation, but the sound of wings flapping snapped her back to reality. “Oh my gosh! I just remembered, I have to catch something for dinner, or else I won’t be allowed to leave the group for another month. I have to go, Cheryl. See you around!”

    Cheryl waved with her tail. “See you!” she said happily. After a wave of goodbye, she went back to stalking her prey. She could sense an Unfezant around here somewhere.


    Pawniard: The blade on its head acts as radar. It attacks and subdues prey with its bladed arms.

    Poliwag: When in danger, it cries loudly. While its attacker is dazed, it leaps into a nearby body of water.


    So, what do you think? Oh, and as some of you may know, these were originally all supposed to be horror stories, but I decided to discard that idea. However, I didn't discard the stories I already wrote, so I will add a small disclaimer if I wrote the story when it was supposed to be all scary and demented stories.
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