Whenever you spend time making some food, or even just getting some snacks together, then you drop it/them and they end up on the floor. Not that that happened today or anything...
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I typically only like happy endings if they're "natural", so to speak. That means no dei ex machina that leads to an ending or anything stupid like that.
I prefer only happy endings, or at least no really unhappy endings. There's enough unhappy endings in real life I don't really want to see more unhappiness.
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In simple terms, crime and hatred!
This is why I can't watch the news.
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yeah i hate getting up especially when i feel like i never slept in the first place...
Yes. Strangely, at times when I get only about 5 hours of sleep because I was up late working, I fell more awake then other times when I get 7 or 8.