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    Default STAGE ON! :: May/Haruka Fan Club

    (headers respectively done by Sweet May & Dawn and Piplup)

    Welcome! This is the place where you can chat with other people who are fans of the young coordinator and princess of Hoenn, May.

    In this club, you can talk about May, share pictures of her, quotes she has said, fanfiction revolving her, graphics you made about her, etc. Yep, anything about May is appreciated. Unfortunately the last club has gone inactive so here I am hoping to make this new club a hit! Let's work together, shall we? ^_^

    May's anime bio | May's game bio

    1. Please stay on topic.
    2. Bashing any character, pairing, or member is intolerable. Keep the shipping talk out of this club and respect each others' opinions.
    3. Keep your posts safe for work. Any sort of material you're unsure about, PM the owner, co-owner or Club Moderators for approval.
    4. Any information or news that has not been released outside of Japan must be placed under a spoiler tag.
    5. Any thing not made by you, please indicate the artist or source where you obtain the image.
    6. While posting, follow the general SPPF rules. No double posting, mini-modding, etc.
    7. Have fun.

    If you want to use them, please credit the maker at all costs!

    (by Dawn and Piplup)

    (by *futachimaru*)

    (by Dawn and Piplup)

    (by RealRaymon)

    (by PopPrincess_Lyra)

    (by PopPrincess_Lyra)
    (by PopPrincess_Lyra)
    (by PopPrincess_Lyra)

    No banners at the moment. Feel free to make your own and share.

    ~*Other Things Made By Members*~
    - Art by Dawn and Piplup
    - May ~Born This Way~ // AMV by Dawn and Piplup
    - May And Shiny Torchic 2011 // Art by *futachimaru*
    - Art by meowth_city
    - Art by Sweet May

    Any more works done by our members will be added here for display.

    ~*Members List*~
    Sweet May (owner)
    Dawn and Piplup (co-owner)
    the cricket

    + Why do you love May? (new members answer this first when you want to join)
    + What did you think of May when she first came?
    + Has May changed through out her pokemon journey, if so do you think it was a good change?
    + What's your favourite of May's Pokemon?
    + Would you like May and the Manaphy she bonded with to meet again?
    + What evil organization do you picture May to be a part of the most?
    + Do you think May's old outfit was better than the new one?
    + Does any one want may to have her own special ep.?
    + If May was to return, how would you like her reappearance to be like?
    + When watching other Pokémon sagas or movies outside of AG, do you still think of May (and maybe her Brother Max)?
    + What would be May's next journey?
    + What Unova region Pokemon would suit May?
    + Do you think May will make reappearance in future episodes?
    + If May was to have a new costume, if she returns what would it look like?
    + Have you played as May in Ruby?Saphire/Emerald?
    + If there was a game where you can play as co-ordinators, would you play as May?
    + If May were to not have Glaceon as her Eeveelution which Eeveelution do you think it would be?

    ~*Club Activities*~
    + FIRST EVENT! Celebrating Winter with May (Ends November 30th) - ONGOING

    Have fun!
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