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Thread: The Hopeless Passion: Requiem of a New Beginning

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    Hey guys, I've been working on this for a little over two months, wanting to make sure it is perfect before posting it. I am pretty experienced, and really proud of what turned out, especially with the dramatic and passionate tone that I was aiming for. Enjoy!

    Jadanthony was loving life. She had gotten everything she had hoped for when she was just a small girl. She had a large light blue house, with a porch swing that faced the neighborhood, and a husband, Gregory who truly loved her and listened to everything she had to say. But most of all she had three adorable and caring little children, Loubelle, Saramoha, Trident. Loubelle was the intellectual type, always winning science fairs, and inventing some new gizmo to help her mother. While Saramoha was the tomboy; if she wasn't sleeping, she was out in the yard perfecting her soccer moves. Finally little Trident, only 2, but showing development vastly superior to any other toddler his age. He was Jadanthony's pride and joy, she would do anything for any one of her little children.

    It was 5o'clock on a warm Sunday evening, Jadanthony had just finished preparing the families dinner of a baked beans and mash potatoes. She had began working on the children's lunches. Putting a witty and funny note, signed with love in each lunch box. As she was wrapping their whole grain putter butter and jelly sandwiches and preparing to call the family down to eat, she heard a faint ticking. A familiar ticking. A ticking that seemed to ring from deep down in her once forgotten past. She tried to ignore it.

    "Kids! Dinner is ready! Come now or it will get cold!"
    Trident had crawled over, and Jadanthony plucked him up and began cradling him softly, to the beat of the still ticking. She tried as hard to ignore it but she couldn't. When Jadanthony was just a girl, her father had dreamed of her becoming a great olympic track star. So everyday they went to the track and he would time Jadanthony as she sprinted. That silver pocket watch he used to time her with, had the most distinct ticking. It engraved into her brain each day as she strived to become the star her father had always wanted out of her. But those days were long gone. And finally out of frustration, holding Trident in one hand, she wretched open the cabinet doors to find the source...
    It was not her father's old watch. It was a large pipe bomb, strapped to the cabinet. A look of dread passed over Jadanthony's face as she saw there were only ten seconds remaining on the clock. She immediately tossed Trident to the ground and sprinted for the door. Shoving Loubelles face out of the way as she tried to show her new volcano, and ignoring Gregory's calls as he asked her where she was going. Just as Jadanthony made it off the porch, she felt the explosion thrusting her forward, as she flew onto the pavement and passed out.
    Jadanthony awoke with an empty cavity in her heart. The most important thing in her life was gone, and she wept. The firefighters had already put out the fire, and they were trying to console her. But nothing would ever heal this void that the explosion caused. If only she had looked at the noise faster, surely she would of had enough time. There is nothing that would ever bring back what was lost. Jadanthony sobbed and sobbed as she knew that her porch swing was gone forever.

    Yeah so that's only the first chapter. I have about seven chapters so far, so let me know what you think, and I'll post chapter two pretty soon. Thanks!
    I'll give you all a snippet of the next chapter just to tide ya over ; ).

    "Get a hold of yourself Jadanthony! If you don't get a grip, I swear I'll kill you right now! If you don't move forward right now, your swing will have burned for nothing!"
    "I can't Rejaxon! It is too hard! I'm trying my best, but even that's not good enough..."
    Rejaxon slapped her with one brisk swat.
    "I'll make it good enough, now move!"

    This chapter will defiantly show some great changes in Jadanthony's character. Also introducing some new major characters, while also shedding some light on Jadanthony's past and her connection with the swing.

    Thank you very much!
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