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Thread: (Poems and One-shots) Clowns and Others

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    Default (Poems and One-shots) Clowns and Others

    I've been big into poetry, among other forms of writing, for several years now and I'm wanting to get better at my symbolism rather than directly saying 'this, this, and this.' Anyways, I figured I'd post some poems and short stories here ^^ CnC is welcome

    ~The first post is a couple of my more recent poems

    The Clown with the Painted on Smile

    Juggle the stones and so carefully aim
    The clown with the painted on smile, vibrant eyes
    Won’t even stop to inquire your name
    So when the cheery orbs lock onto yours, take time to devise
    Devise your escape plan, concise, improvise
    Don’t be caught dead in your tracks, playing a con’s game

    When the stones go up, catapulted your direction
    The clown with the painted on smile, laughing hysterically
    Won’t even stop to deliver inflection
    So when the stones come closer, expect asperity
    And in a moment, slight moment, find clarity
    Don’t be caught dead in your tracks, lost to self-deception

    When the stones are too close, too close to evade
    The clown with the painted on smile will laugh
    Won’t even stop to play a charade
    So when all seems lost, don’t back down, cut in half
    Speak up for yourself and on others’ behalves
    Don’t be caught dead in your tracks, becoming a victim too afraid

    So when all seems lost, don’t back down, cut in half
    Speak up for yourself and on others’ behalves
    Don’t be caught dead in your tracks, becoming a victim too afraid

    (This one I really felt I ended too abrupt, so that's why the last three lines were repeated for emphasis and basically to say 'hey, this is the end of the poem,' rather than just stopping)


    Standing before the whispering flames
    The sensation of heat, for your heart aims
    Takes claim and crouches ready for the battle
    But these iron bars will not be rattled

    The waves of salt burns all wounds
    Just stand your ground, plan for Monsoons
    As the barrage of slander rains down around you
    Stand strong against the waves, defeat won’t imbue

    As the earth beneath you rumbles and shakes
    Hold your head high, ignore mumbling fakes
    Maintain your honor, integrity and respect
    Don’t let your image be what others reflect

    When the wind threatens to push you over
    Know in your heart what it means to be kosher
    Walk against the pressure, smile upon your lips
    With confidence write your own scripts


    ~Thanks for reading :3
    "Anarchism... stands for liberation of the human mind from the dominion of religion;
    the liberation of the human body from the dominion of property;
    liberation from shackles and restraint of government.
    It stands for social order based on the free grouping of individuals."~Jackson "Jax" Teller

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    I like the first one, (although I hate clowns) and how it spreads a meesage of courage against fear. However, you are right, it does end abruptly, specifically in the last line. It has more syllables than the others, so I feel like the emphasis it left would remain there just from being different than the others, and that by just saying the last two lines, you leave the reader on a frightening yet hopeful message.

    The second one I like as well. I can't really so much about the true feel of the poem, but I can think of one different rhyme you could use, since this line sort of stuck out to me as a little out of the rhythm.

    "Stand strong against the waves, you won't subdue"

    And that isn't really as much of a suggestion rather than an alternate route, I suppose.

    I like your stuff, please continue.

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    Default (Poems and One-shots) The Blaze: A Fatal Apology

    A/N: Thanks for reading and commenting. That is a good alternative, and it would help the flow of the poem a bit more. ^^ I've been meaning to update for a while, but due to my mom recently having a heart attack I've been taking care of her and attempting to get straightforward answers from doctors over the weekend. Anyways, here's a short story ^^

    The Blaze: A Fatal Apology
    The downpour echoed, amplified by the metallic roof of the Wal-Mart Supercenter. Raine Michaelson grimaced at the cart piled high with boxes, his shaggy black hair sweeping around his face like curtains. Dark, jade-colored eyes flashed as a resemblance of color through the translucent curtains, enhanced by the tan pallor of his skin.
    Pushing through the doors Raine glanced up at the passing man, Albert, he believed was his name though he wasn't entirely certain. He nodded politely, pursing to cast his gaze down again. His brows furrowed when he felt a vibrating in his blue jean pocket. Stopping he reached a calloused hand into his pocket, retrieving his flip phone. Glancing at the name he frowned, putting the phone to his ear, continuing to push the cart one-handed.
    "Hello?" he cleared his throat, realizing how hoarse he sounded. "Hello?" he repeated.
    "Hey, Raine, have ya heard?"
    Scowling he stopped, stepping away from the cart for a moment. "What?"
    "Yer dad's back in town..."
    Raine took a deep breath, leaning against the cool wall wearily. "What else?"
    "Raine," his reluctance was too apparent.
    Raine sighed. "Tobias, please just tell me. I'll find out later anyway."
    "Apparently yer dad has been hittin' every bar in the town hollerin' yer name."
    Raine closed his eyes, biting his bottom lip. "Well that's great!" he replied with biting enthusiasm, glaring at the cart disdainfully. "Look man, I gotta get off of here. Work," he clicked the phone shut, staring at the outer screen for a moment. It flashed in large, green numbers 3:27 AM.
    Slipping the phone back into his pocket he proceeded on to work.
    |~| 5:57 AM |~|
    Raine had proceeded to work diligently, uncharacteristically antisocial. When a customer asked about a product he smiled and pointed them to the correct aisle, but refused to make idle chit chat with anyone. After the remainder of his shift had dragged by he was pleased to find his night was soon to be over, and as he walked at a gradual pace across the Wal-Mart store he passed Albert, clean cut with pale blonde hair and sapphire eyes, appearing anxious while dealing with a customer.
    "Sir, is there an issue?" Raine interrupted the man's apparent uproar.
    "Senore! No Comprendo! Por favor, el no comprendo!" the man spoke with exuberant gestures at Albert who glanced in confusion at the man.
    Raine nodded, speaking carefully in Spanish. "Bien, he began, proceeding to inquire how he could help the man. He studied his skin, clearly he originated from Mexico or another country. His dark hair was cut short, dark eyes showing displeasure at previously being misunderstood.
    He also had a ragged, white scar from the corner of his mouth to his chin, and something about his rigid stance made Raine uncomfortable as he gestured toward aisle 10 across the store. When the man marched off without looking back Raine shrugged, "You're welcome," he replied, walking past the awkward man, eyes downcast again.
    Three times through the night his phone had vibrated, and each time he'd ignored it, shoving cans of food or dog food bags onto their shelves too harshly. As his footfalls pushed him through the doors though he found himself mechanically checking his phone again.
    Skimming over the missed calls he scowled. Two calls were from Tobias, who also left a voicemail, but the last number and voicemail were unfamiliar. Shrugging he listened to the voicemail from Tobias.
    "Ya better get a hold of me Raine, yer ol' man's been bangin' my door down for hours now, hollerin' some pleasant threats all the while-" he found himself tuning out the remainder of his friend's voicemail, nearly dropping the phone when a horn blared to his right.
    Looking around dumbfounded he realized he'd stopped dead in his tracks in the middle of the parking lot, and hastily walked the remaining stretch of asphalt to his beat up '03 Cavalier, medium blue. Reaching for his keys out of his back pocket he scowled, skimming through the voicemails again to find the peculiar number.
    Sighing he unlocked his door, slipped in, and clicked 'dial' to listen to the message.
    At the voice his blood ran cold. deep, gruff, and slurred the words, "C'mon you piece of crap son, pick up your phone and talk to me like a man! Don't act like-"
    He slammed his phone shut, tossing it in the passenger seat. He stared out the window for a moment before punching the steering wheel. Swallowing hard he jerked the keys in the ignition, starting up the car. With barely a glance in the rear0view mirror he put the car in Reverse and nailed the pedal.
    Another horn echoed in his ears, drawn out compared to the thudding of his heart, but he ignored it and jammed the lever into drive, snapping out of the parking lot recklessly into traffic.
    By the time Raine got on the highway he'd calmed enough to slow his peed, wearily looking around. His breathing slowed and gradually his pulse no longer vibrated through his head. He sighed reaching over with his right hand to retrieve his phone. Flipping it open he skimmed through this meager contact list and clicked' call once he reached Tobias's name.
    "It's 'bout time ya called!"
    Raine scowled, passing a semi smoothly. "He called. did you give him my number?"
    "No, ya oughta know I wouldn't send that drunk after ya. Have ya checked with Sherry?"
    Raine passed another car, hesitating. "No, we broke up yesterday...guess I'll give her a call."
    "Sorry to hear that, Raine. By the way, oughta warn ya, yer ol' man said he was gonna camp outside yer house if he don't hear back from ya soon."
    Raine scoffed. "Thanks."
    "No problem. Wouldn't worry too much 'bout it, he's prob'ly passed out somewhere."
    "Yeah," Raine sounded doubtful as he turned down a less populated road. "See ya next shift."
    Raine shook his head, took a deep breath, and pulled into a lengthy gravel driveway. It took little consideration on whether he would actually call his ex, not after how he broke it off.
    He sighed when he saw a tall figure at his doorstep. In the haze of morning his features weren't clearly defined, but the same dark hair of Raine's was prominent. Taking a deep breath he op[ened his door and got out wearily. Leaving the door open he strode toward the man leisurely.
    "What do you want?" he asked quietly, standing a foot away at most. His eyes glared into his father's grayish gleam. His father's sharp features seemed hazy and the putried odor of whiskey clung around his fingure heavlily. He staggered forward, his white cut-off hanging off his sickly figure. Even his pants seemed to hang off his bones.
    "Don't talk to me like that boy!" his voice rumbled incoherently. The man's fingers clasped Raine's bicep surprisingly tight.
    "Let go of me, and leave," Raine muttered, pulling his arm back. "You have no right-"
    "I have every right!" he roared, inches from Raine's face. The foul scent hit Raine like a whip.
    Without thinking Raine shoved him back, watching with dim realization as his father fell back, falling roughly against the concrete. Raine watched as his father's expression morphed from shock to confusion.
    "Leave," Raine nearly yelled.
    Neither moved for a long minute, but clumsily the man clambered to his feet, staggering away. Raine slumped against the door, taking a deep breath, releasing it loudly. Why does he show up every time I think I'm free? He glared at a clenched fist wearily when the sound of a car starting resonated in his ears.
    He froze.
    "That sick-" Raine watched as his father drove away with his car, knowing with overhwleming anger that he couldn't hardly stop him.
    Swearing he tried to focus on finding the key he'd hidden years ago, but his reeling mind refused to focus. Without hardly thinking Raine kicked the front door, vaguely noting the pang in his foot as a result. Pacing he reached for his phone, but came up short.
    Scowling he stopped pacing and concentrated. His phone... where was it?
    Uttering a few choice words while searching for his key he wandered about his house. After half an hour he found his key taped to the inside of a porch light on a stroke of luck, and with weary relief he unlocked his door, closing it behind him. His gaze roamed his three room house, noting with dim anger that nothing had been disturbed.
    Raine spent the next hour trying to call his cell from his home phone, and eventually it no longer rang, only directed him to voicemail. He hung up and got ready to go to bed.
    The sun was beginning to peak the tree lines, dusting away the foggy haze.
    |~| 3:43 PM |~|
    A phone rang.
    Raine opened his eyes enough he could see his room illuminated by the afternoon daylight, then his ears were attacked by the sharp tone brought about by his phone ringing. Yawning he rolled over, fingers blindly stumbling across his bedside table until he felt the shape resembling a phone.
    Another ring.
    Raine clicked 'talk' and held it to his ear with a sigh. "What?"
    "Aren't ya in a good mood."
    "Please say you have a reason for calling, yes I'm in a bad mood." Raine mumbled half-awake.
    "Ah, so I can assume ya know yer dad's drivin' 'round in yer car?"
    Raine moaned. "Yeah, I'm aware. The drunk showed up, I left the keys in the ignition and he drove off after I yelled at him."
    "So ya need a ride to work." It wasn't a question.
    "Better be ready by seven, Raine."
    He grunted, barely setting the phone on its holster before falling back to sleep.
    Raine stumbled through a familiar old house, his eyes roaming the area curiously. He was much shorter, maybe five years old. It was dreary outside and so his creative mind had imagined an adventurous game to take place in doors. He wandered up and down the hallway, crawling under furniture and hiding from imaginary 'traps.'
    He was laughing.
    Then he stumbled his way into hot lava, hopping from tile to tiel on the kitchen floor.
    "Boy what're you doing?"
    Raine froze. "Playing sire," his voice trembled.
    His father stood before him, belt in hand as he stumbled forward a bit.
    Raine screamed as the belt started to come–
    Raine jerked awake, dimly aware his cut-off was soaked with sweat. His eyes darted across the room, ensuring no one was around before he forced him tense muscles to relax.
    "Just a dream," he breathed out, glancing at the time wearily. He felt as though he hadn't gotten any sleep.
    6:07 flashed in his mind and he sighed, slipping from beneath the covers and dragging himself to a standing position. A chill met him as he grabbed a pair of khaki pants and a navy blue t-shirt. He took his clothes with him as he went to take a shower.
    |~| 6:45 PM |~|
    Raine stared out a window into the darkening atmosphere. His mind was blank as the first drops began plopping against the rooftop. He frowned, gradually becoming aware it was sleeting when he heard a horn outside.
    Raine scowled, getting to his feet and walking across the room wearily. He unlocked the front door and peeked out to see a red Chevy truck parked in his driveway.
    Ducking back inside he snatched his key off the table and grabbed his untouched sandwich, taking it with him as he slipped out the door. The rain, mixed with sleet, pelted his old leather jacket as he walked briskly toward the truck.
    "You said seven, didn't you?" Raine mumbled, sliding into the truck.
    Tobias smirked as he pulled out before Raine closed his door. "Ya oughta know I'd show up early."
    Raine sighed. "So where are you going?" he took a bite out of his sandwich , chewing slowly.
    Raine glared at him. "Your shift isn't for another three hours...And you're always late."
    Raine sighed, watching the road go by in a blur. The trees, bare except the thin coating of sleet, whipped back and forth lethargically.
    Over the next ten minutes Raine finished eating his sandwich and proceeded to glare out the window when he heard laughter, deep and rumbling.
    Tobias was laughing.
    "Ya know, I don't think ya been in this bad a mood in a while."
    A pause. "And you find that funny?" Raine asked slowly.
    "Nah," Tobias answered, still chuckling.
    "ya'll find out in 'bout five minutes."
    Raine sighed, shaking his head. Despite his vague attempt at maintaining a bad attitude he was beginning to be amused if by no other reason than by his redneck friend's backwoods answers.
    Annoyingly Raine found himself wondering where Tobias was dragging him, his gaze scanning the road in front of them until he spotted a sign; Honey Lake.
    Raine scowled, glancing at Tobias. "You're taking me fishing while it's sleeting?" he asked incredulously.
    "Nah," he answered.
    "Then what-" Raine stopped, the scene revealing itself rapidly. "A bonfire...while it's sleeting," he squinted and thought he made out the figure of Albert, another man he knew from work, and a few others from around town. "You're insane," he said though he heard the amusement in his own voice.
    "Ya can thank me later," Tobias laughed as he got out of the truck, closing the door noisily behind him. Shaking his head in exasperation Raine got out as well, greeted loudly by the small group of friends.
    Someone, Albert, tossed Raine a can of Mountain Dew, while someone else, a gray-haired man with a similar navy shirt and long khaki shorts wrapped a strong arm around his neck, putting him in a headlock.
    Raine laughed, breaking free easy enough. "Thought you were off today Joe?"
    The man shrugged. "Eh, picked up a shift."
    "Psh, don't work enough huh?" Raine mocked, laughing again.
    Joe smirked, walking back to the bonfire. Raine followed, greeted by another familiar face. Sharp features with pale, mossy eyes Raine had to look up to meet the man was wiry, covered in tattoos, and rough.
    His deeply tanned skin gave him the appearance of a southern farmer, while his surprisingly crisp grasp on the English language came off as a shock, his strained informal speech seeming forced, as was normal for him. His shiny, bald head seemed to reflect the sleet that persisted to come down.
    "Hey Lea, surprised you came down here," Raine spoke easily, forcing his ever-present concerns to the back of his mind. So what if he didn't have a car now, or a phone? He could ignore things for a while, couldn't he?
    Both started walking toward the medium-sized fire piled high with brush, closing the remaining gap. "Ha, you think I would have a head if I didn't come?"
    Raine shrugged. "Ah...No, probably not," he smirked when he saw the final invitee to the cheer-up bonfire organized proudly by Tobias.
    Fittingly her fiery red hair pulled back in a loose pony tail, emerald eyes sparkling with consistent amusement, her cool-headed temperament was always present. Her soft features with prominent high cheek bones seemed out of character with her black tank top covered by a thick, too-long leather jacket and equally dark jeans. Raine rolled his eyes at her common greeting, "Hey kid."
    He scoffed, "Kid," but his eyes traveled to meet Tobias' who was poorly containing laughter. I am going to strangle him later, Raine decided, picturing the scene with dim amusement. "So you came to join the 'cheer-up' party, huh?"
    "'course," she replied easily. Her gaze flickered toward the distance, a slight furrow forming between her brows.
    Raine swallowed hard, shoving his hands in his pocket only partially in need of warmth. "You work the register tonight?"
    "Nope," she answered simply. "Got fired, kind ol' manager decided I 'scared off too many customers,' or something like that." she smirked. "Got a job at the tattoo place on Pine," she frowned. "Actually, my shift is in ten minutes,"
    A brief pulse of relief tied with a stronger impulse of wishing she would stay, Raine laughed. "Can't get fired from that place, at least...unless you're late for your first day,"
    Ember shrugged. "Owner's family, anyway, I do have to go. See ya," she waved over her shoulder as she walked to where a motorcycle was perched, hopped on, and drove away.
    Tobias laughed behind him, and Raine glared. "I am going to kill you, man," he mumbled dimly aware his ears were warm.
    "Like I said, thank me later," he laughed, walking away again. Raine sighed.
    |~| 12:32 AM |~|
    Raine walked briskly toward the manager's office, his mind racing against his will. He quickened his pace, swallowing the thick knot of worry. Something was wrong, he could feel it, like some sixth sense.
    Something was wrong.
    He knocked on the door.
    "Come in!"
    Raine turned the knob, his heart beat quickening. "Sir-"
    He scowled, glancing to see Albert's solemn expression before taking in the grim atmosphere. "Is something wrong?"
    Raine examined the reluctance the flashed in the manager's caramel eyes, his crew-cut brown hair adding to the air of seriousness. "Raine, I just got a call from the hospital... From what I understand, your father" he paused, glancing briefly at Albert who looked equally lost for words. Taking a deep breath he spoke evenly, slowly. " fatal condition."
    He frowned, shaking his head. "I-"
    "I can't force you to leave, but I do believe you should go up to the hospital. I understand your father took your vehicle, Albert has volunteered to drive you up there, should you decide to go," the man's voice trailed off.
    "You-I," Raine stopped shaking his head, his mind had froze. "I'll go," he said finally, mechanically. "Yeah," a long pause. He looked around, avoiding eye contact. "I'll go," he repeated, his mind tuning out whatever else the manager might have said. Albert seemed to be trying to coax him into moving, and when Raine's feet propelled him forward he found he didn't have to think, just follow the babbling, uncomfortable voice the spoke his name occasionally.
    Follow the voice that acted as a guide through the impossible, because it wasn't possible. Doug Michaelson, the man who had tormented Raine his entire life, couldn't be dying. It wasn't possible. Fatal condition...wasn't possible.
    Not possible, he thought numbly, as though confirming the mantra. This...isn't real.
    |~| 1:00 AM |~|
    By the time Raine, with the guide of Albert, reached the hospital the doctor, a blurred image of a man...or woman, or alien for all Raine could discern met him in the waiting room wearing a solemn, apologetic expression.
    The doctor delivered a detached spiel about how sorry he was, and how they had done everything they could have to sustain him. By the end of the speech Raine was handed a phone, which a distant part of his brain told him was his. He stared at it with foreign detachment.
    "Perhaps you'll understand what your father meant when he said something about, 'make sure he checks the notes, my son,'"
    Raine met the doctor's eyes, shallow gray ones, and nodded silently. He understood. He flipped open his phone and skimmed through the buttons, finding 'Notes.' Clicking the center button his eyes skimmed what appeared, locking on two words out of the wall of text. Fatal, and Apology.
    In a brief blaze of anger Raine shook his head, handing the phone to Albert. "I-I don't want it," he mumbled, hot tears streaking his cheeks. "I'm going back to work, Albert, I'm sorry you drove me here. Could you just take me back to work,"
    The doctor put a hand on his arm, stopping him. "You're his son-"
    "Let the state take care of him," he answered crisply, tearing away from the doctor, a woman, he discerned, striding out of the waiting room. Through the tears his mind slowly began functioning again. He shook his head when Albert attempted to coax him back to the waiting room, instead waited for Albert to give up and drive. Raine took a shaky breath.
    I'm free.

    This was actually a project for my Creative Writing Class that my teacher handed in for a publisher without telling me, and I just found out a few weeks ago about her doing this. Anyways, I was restricted with the amount of pages in Microsoft Word that I could use, that's why it's a little choppy with the abrupt splits in time, but I needed the events to move along to fit 10 pages double spaced. As it was I went over by three pages xD Thanks for reading again ^^
    "Anarchism... stands for liberation of the human mind from the dominion of religion;
    the liberation of the human body from the dominion of property;
    liberation from shackles and restraint of government.
    It stands for social order based on the free grouping of individuals."~Jackson "Jax" Teller

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