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    Gender: Female Age: 12
    Personality: Alli was separated from her twin brother when they were
    only six years old when he turned into a Fairy. As no one believed her,
    Alli now strives to prove the existence of fairies by searching the
    world for Cryptids. She takes her studies of Cryptozoology very seriously.
    While friendly, Alli can be avoidant of humans due to being ridiculed for the
    story of her brother's disappearance. Instead, she enjoys the companionship
    of Pokemon and wild animals. Alli is usually eager for adventure, yet often easily frightened.
    Wish ListPCVisionary Glade

    Currently: Active Team

    Species: Lopunny Gender: Male Level: 11
    Obtained: Trade Ball: Premier Ball Birthday: March 29
    BP: 10 IQ: 0 Contest Stats: 0|0|0|0|0

    Ability: Cute Charm Nature: Naughty Characteristic: Highly curious
    Accessory: White Wig Equipped: Heart Container Extras: Recolored

    Level Up
    : Mirror Coat, Magic Coat, Splash, Pound, Defense Curl, Foresight,
    Endure, Returnšł, Quick Attackš⁶, Jump Kick˛ł, Baton Pass˛⁶, Agilityłł,
    Dizzy Punchł⁶, After You⁴ł, Charm⁴⁶, Entrainment⁵ł, Bounce⁵⁶, Healing Wish⁶ł
    Egg: Fake Out, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Sky Uppercut, Sweet Kiss, ThunderPunch
    Tutor: Drain Punch, Endeavor, Heal Bell TM/HM: Attract

    Personality: Frivolous and lackadaisical, Codi is a shameless philanderer,
    and is always on the lookout for females to flirt with. He is very cowardly,
    and doesn't like to battle. Codi can speak, but his dialog is often infused with
    sarcastic quips and lies that he'll use to get out of doing work.

    Currently: PC Slot #8

    Species: Axew Gender: Female Level: 10
    Obtained: Trade Ball: Pokéball Birthday: August 21
    BP: 0 IQ: 0 Contest Stats: 0|0|0|0|0

    Ability: Mold Breaker Nature: Bold Characteristic: Highly persistent
    Accessory: None Equipped: None Extras: Recolored

    Level Up
    : Scratch, Leer⁴, Assurance⁷, Dragon Rageš⁰, Dual Chopšł, Scary Faceš⁶,
    Slash˛⁰, False Swipe˛⁴, Dragon Claw˛⁸, Dragon Danceł˛, Tauntł⁶, Dragon Pulse⁴š,
    Swords Dance⁴⁶, Guillotine⁵š, Outrage⁵⁶, Giga Impact⁶š Egg: N/A Tutor: N/A TM/HM: N/A

    Personality: ...

    Currently: PC Slot #7

    Species: Darumaka Gender: Male Level: 50
    Obtained: Adopted Ball: Pokéball Birthday: August 5
    BP: 10 IQ: 0 Contest Stats: 0|0|0|0|0

    Ability: Hustle Nature: Brave Characteristic: Strongly defiant
    Accessory: None Equipped: None Extras: None

    Level Up
    : Tackle, Rollout, Incinerate, Rage, Fire Fang, Headbutt,
    Uproar, Facade, Fire Punch, Work Up˛⁵, Thrash˛⁷, Belly Drumł⁰,
    Flare Blitzłł, Tauntł⁵, Superpowerł⁹, Overheat⁴˛ Egg: Flame Wheel, Focus Punch,
    Hammer Arm, Take Down, Yawn Tutor: Heat Wave, Zen Headbutt TM/HM: Flame Charge

    Personality: Little Gar is the wild child of the bunch and is always full of energy.
    Gar tends to stir up trouble with his bold and otherwise violent actions. He speaks in gibberish,
    leaving his teammates clueless as to what he is actually saying. Little Gar rarely listens to anyone
    with only two excepts. The first is Mint who often watches over him like a protective big sister,
    but rarely demands anything of the young Darumaka. The second is Ruxtor, who Little Gar looks up to
    with much respect for his vast power and battle experience.

    Currently: PC Slot #6

    Species: Bidoof Gender: Male Level: 4
    Obtained: Trade Ball: Pokéball Birthday: October 16
    BP: 10 IQ: 0 Contest Stats: 0|0|0|0|0

    Ability: Unaware Nature: Bashful Characteristic: Alert to sounds
    Accessory: Bowtie Equipped: None Extras: None

    Level Up
    : Tackle, Growl⁵, Defense Curl⁹, Rolloutšł, Headbuttš⁷, Hyper Fang˛š,
    Yawn˛⁵, Amnesia˛⁹, Take Downłł, Super Fangł⁷, Superpower,⁴š Curse⁴⁵
    Egg: Aqua Tail, Double Edge, Endure, Fury Swipes Tutor: Covet, Iron Tail TM/HM: Ice Beam

    Personality: Roland struggles to build up his confidence to overcome his crippling shyness.
    His hobbies include gnawing down trees and then building things out of the wood.
    He is also very good at fixing things.

    Currently: PC Slot #4

    Species: Eevee Gender: Female Level: 5
    Obtained: Trade Ball: Pokéball Birthday: April 17
    BP: 10 IQ: 0 Contest Stats: 0|0|0|0|0

    Ability: Adaptability Nature: Quirky Characteristic: Somewhat of a clown
    Accessory: None Equipped: None Extras: None

    Eevee Level Up
    : Helping Hand, Growl, Tackle, Tail Whip, Sand Attack,
    Baby-Doll Eyes⁹, Swift, Quick Attackšł, Biteš⁷, Refresh˛⁰, Covet, Take Down˛⁵,
    Charm˛⁹, Baton Passłł, Double-Edgeł⁷, Last Resort⁴š, Trump Card⁴⁵ Leafeon Level Up:
    Helping Hand, Tackle, Tail Whip, Sand Attack, Razor Leaf⁹, Quick Attackšł, Grass Whistleš⁷,
    Magical Leaf˛⁰, Giga Drain˛⁵, Swords Dance˛⁹, Synthesisłł, Sunny Daył⁷, Last Resort⁴š,
    Leaf Blade⁴⁵ Egg: Covet, Wish, Yawn Tutor: Heal Bell, Hyper Voice, Iron Tail TM/HM: Swift

    Personality: Mint loves plants and especially flowers, which she collects to make crowns with.
    Despite being one of the youngest members of the group, she is one of the most responsible,
    and can always be relied on. Mint is supportive and understanding, causing her to get along with
    most of her teammates. She has an irrational fear of Bug Pokemon.

    Currently: PC Slot #1

    Species: Oddish Gender: Male Level: 10
    Obtained: Adopted Ball: Xmas Ball Birthday: May 4
    BP: 10 IQ: 0 Contest Stats: 0|0|0|0|0

    Ability: Chlorophyll Nature: Hardy Characteristic: Likes to fight
    Accessory: Sticker Beard, Sticker Eyebrows Equipped: None Extras: None

    Oddish Level Up
    : Absorb, Sweet Scent⁵, Acid⁹, Poison Powderšł, Stun Sporeš⁵,
    Sleep Powderš⁷, Mega Drain˛š, Lucky Chant˛⁵, Natural Gift˛⁹, Moonlightłł, Giga Drainł⁷
    Petal Dance⁴š Egg: Flail, Nature Power, Razor Leaf, Secret Power, Swords Dance,
    Synthesis Tutor: Seed Bomb, Worry Seed TM/HM: N/A

    Personality: After strict training in the militia and risking everything in the war,
    Ruxtor returned to normal life to find it mundane and oddly unsatisfying. Instead,
    he continues his training and seeks out strong opponents to battle.

    Lord Woo Fak Fak
    Currently: PC Slot #4

    Species: Chinchou Gender: Male Level: 50
    Obtained: Trade Ball: Pokéball Birthday: March 27
    BP: 10 IQ: 0 Contest Stats: 0|0|0|0|0

    Ability: Volt Absorb Nature: Adamant Characteristic: Somewhat vain
    Accessory: None Equipped: None Extras: None

    Level Up
    : Supersonic, Bubble, Thunder Wave, Flail, Confuse Ray,
    Water Gun, Spark, Take Down, Electro Ball, Bubble Beam, Signal Beam,
    Discharge, Aqua Ring, Hydro Pump, Charge Egg: Brine,
    Psybeam, Shock Wave, Water Pulse Tutor: Bounce TM/HM: Ice Beam

    Personality: Woofak is cantankerous, often grumpy, and has a short temper. He likes to
    squeeze into small spaces to be left alone, and is so conceited that he requires the
    addition of "Lord" to the front of his name. Woofak made a pact with Oliver to act as
    his "reverse body guard." He does this by remaining near Oliver at all times,
    ready to strike him down should his shadow form endanger Alli or Mint.

    Currently: PC Slot #5

    Species: Sableye Gender: Male Level: 58
    Obtained: Starter Ball: Dragon Ball Birthday: July 11
    BP: 10 IQ: 79 Contest Stats: 10|10|10|10|10

    Ability: Keen Eye Nature: Impish Characteristic: Thoroughly cunning
    Accessory: Chartreuse Goggles Equipped: None Extras: Special Characteristics

    Level Up
    : Leer, Scratch, Foresight, Night Shade, Astonish,
    Fury Swipes, Fake Out, Detect, Shadow Sneak, Knock Off, Faint Attack,
    Punishment, Shadow Claw, Power Gem, Confuse Ray, Foul Play,
    Zen Headbutt, Shadow Ball, Mean Look⁶⁰, Egg: Recover Tutor: Dark Pulse,
    Fire Punch, Gummi Bomb, Ice Punch, Metronome, Signal Beam,
    ThunderPunch TM/HM: Pay Day, Poison Jab, Thief

    Personality: Highly intelligent, yet mischievous, Pluto will often attempt
    to manipulate others for his own advantage. He tends to be very greedy,
    and is always on the lookout for treasure. When Alli holds Pluto in her arms,
    he falls into an odd comatose state. While this response might somehow be
    the result of being orphaned at a young age, the cause of this behavior is unclear.

    Currently: PC Slot #2

    Species: Shadow Slowpoke Gender: Male Level: 50
    Obtained: Trade Ball: Shadow Ball Birthday: March 13
    BP: 0 IQ: 1 Contest Stats: 30|30|10|50|10

    Ability: Own Tempo Nature: Jolly Characteristic: Strong willed
    Accessory: Crown, Royal Cape Equipped: None Extras: None

    Level Up
    : Curse, Yawn, Tackle, Growl, Water Gun, Confusion,
    Disable, Headbutt, Water Pulse, Zen Headbutt, Slack Off, Amnesia,
    Psychic, Rain Dance, Psyche Up⁵⁴, Heal Pulse⁵⁸ Egg: Future Sight,
    Stomp Tutor: Icy Wind Shadow Moves: Shadow Half, Shadow Rush
    HM: Strength, Surf

    Personality: A polite and very humble, Oliver is proper and
    respectful of others. His shadow condition causes him to have a split personality,
    becoming irrepressible and violent when coerced into fighting. Outside of battles,
    he retains control over his Shadow form through strict meditation.

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    #027 Sandshrew: Seen - Not Caught
    #037 Vulpix: Seen - Not Caught
    #043 Oddish: Seen + Caught
    #074 Geodude: Seen - Not Caught
    #079 Slowpoke: Seen + Caught
    #095 Onix: Seen - Not Caught
    #100 Voltorb: Seen - Not Caught
    #133 Eevee: Seen + Caught
    #170 Chinchou: Seen + Caught
    #201 Unown: Seen - Not Caught
    #208 Steelix: Seen - Not Caught
    #248 Tyranitar: Seen - Not Caught
    #302 Sableye: Seen + Caught
    #427 Buneary: Seen + Caught
    #428 Lopunny: Seen + Caught
    #529 Drilbur: Seen - Not Caught
    #554 Darumaka: Seen + Caught
    #585 Deerling: Seen + Caught
    #606 Beheeyem: Seen - Not Caught
    #607 Litwick: Seen - Not Caught

    Base Decorations
    Cute TV x1
    Glitter Mat x1
    Gracidea x1
    Kiss Cushion x1
    Kiss Poster x1
    Milotic Plush x1
    Pretty Chair x1
    Pretty Desk x1
    Pretty Flowers x1
    Smoochum Doll x1

    Berry Bag
    Aguav Berry x1
    Babiri Berry x1
    Bluk Berry x2 (1, 1)
    Durin Berry x2 (1, 1)
    Haban Berry x2 (1, 1)
    Kelpsy Berry x1
    Liechi Berry x1
    Lum Berry x1
    Oran Berry x1
    Pecha Berry x1
    Petaya Berry x1
    Razz Berry x1

    Coin Case

    Gummi Bag
    Black Gummi x9 (3, 6)
    Clear Gummi x6 (3, 3)
    Mysterious Gummi x3
    Orange Gummi x3
    Pink Gummi x6 (3, 3)
    Red Gummi x3
    White Gummi x1

    Miscellaneous Items
    Rare Candy x11
    Ball Capsule x6
    Black Persian Plushie x1
    Brain Freeze x1
    Casteliacone x5
    Charcoal x1
    Cranberry Vodka x1
    Delibird Plush x1
    Dusk Stone x1
    Gingerbread Man x1
    Heart Scale x3 (1, 1, 1)
    Icicle Plate x1
    Icy Rock x1
    Magical Chocolate Coated Carrot x1
    Mug of Fiery Fizzybrew Beer x1
    Pikadoo Doll x1
    Red Nosed Stantler Plushie x1
    Shoal Salt x2 (1, 1)
    Sweet Hearts x5
    Unknown Z Plushie x1
    Yellow Flute x1

    Poffin Case
    Blackberry Poffin x1
    +20 Lemon Poffin x1

    Chocolate Ball x1
    Christmas Pokéball x1
    Cyber Ball x1
    Ice Ball x1
    Love Ball x1
    New Years Ball x1
    Pokéball x9
    Premier Ball x5
    Snow Ball x1
    Vampire Ball x1
    Were Ball x1

    Pokeblock Case
    Cranberry Pokeblock x1
    (Expires February 23, 2014)
    +20 Black Pokéblock x1
    +20 Olive Pokeblock x1
    Passion Pokéblock x1

    Seal Case
    Star Seal A x2 (1, 1)
    Star Seal B x1
    Star Seal C x1
    Star Seal D x1
    Star Seal E x1
    Star Seal F x1

    TM Case
    TM Attract x1
    TM Drain Punch x1
    TM Flamethrower x1
    TM Ice Beam x1
    TM Rain Dance x1
    TM Thunderbolt x1
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    Imagine the colorful bedroom of a child, lined with more toys then ever countable. Alli loved all her toys, and lamented that she could not bring them all with her on her Pokemon journey. She was already 9 ˝, and would be embarking on her quest is less then six months. And yet, for how eager she was, she was quiet frightened at the prospects that lay ahead of her. Many of the adults in her life questioned if she was really ready for such an enterprise. Despite her age, Alli was still easily frighten by most things, and frequently showed concern that a monster was living under her bed. She even began referring to the monster as "the mysterious creature from Pluto." Adults denounced these stories and reasoned that they must have emerged from Alli's overactive imagination, but Alli continued to believe her claims faithfully. She knew something was there, as she could prove it.

    Of all her toys, Alli's favorite was her tin robots. She collected and shined them daily, and quickly began to notice when they went missing. She would on occasion find parts from one- an arm here, an antenna there- and could tell from the severed limbs that her beloved toys had been eaten. Additionally, during the nights, before she fell asleep, she could hear the scuttling of something under her bed. Frantically she often fled from the room, and refused to sleep in there, but on the odd nights where she decided to brave it out she could hear more. She could hear the mysterious creature crying.

    The pity she felt for her unknown roommate grew, until at last it dominated over her frightful imagination. Finally, on one stormy night, she could no longer bare the lonely cries and gathered up the courage to peek underneath. Leaning over her bed, she pulled up the sheet and gazed below and saw in the distance was appeared to be two dim flashlights gazing back. Thunder cracked loudly outside, and Alli jumped back up with a start and hid under the covers. For a while, all was silence, until again the poor creature began to weep again. Alli gathered up all her courage, and boldly dashed from her bed to the light switch. With the lights on she again glanced underneath, and saw in the back corner, an infant Sableye gnawing on a robot arm.

    After much coaxing, the young Sableye came out and Alli picked him up in her arms. When was the last time the little Sableye had snuggled up to another warm body and felt so safe? To him, it seemed like forever ago, and the far distance memory of his own mother flickered in his mind for only a second when he looked up at Alli and contently fell asleep in her arms. How the little Sableye got under Alli's bed, no one knew. Alli continued to believe that he really was an alien from Pluto, and the name gradually stuck.

    Pluto was an interesting pet, as he was quiet destructive and could chew through anything. Alli adored Pluto in all his crazy antics, and cared for him as he grew up, which unfortunately, happened very quickly. In a blink of an eye, Pluto wasn't a child anymore, but a full-grown Sableye. During the same time span, Alli only advanced from being 9 ˝ to 10 years old. Suddenly their relationship was very different. Alli was no longer an adoptive mother to him as she was only a little girl. Pluto was an adult now, and he could see this. Alli was only a child, and she could not. Still, for reasons he was unsure of, Pluto could never bring himself to part with Alli.

    Six months after meeting one another, the two set out together on their journey.


    Forgotten Ruins
    Alli and Pluto start out their adventure. Believing the
    Forgotten Ruins to be guarded by Aliens, the duo go to investigate.
    Chapter OneChapter TwoChapter Three
    Chapter FourChapter FiveChapter Six
    Chapter SevenChapter EightChapter Nine
    In Progress

    Energos Quarry
    Alli and Pluto head into the mines. Alli is in search of
    Pokemon, while Pluto plots up a sneaky scheme to obtain jewels.
    Chapter OneChapter TwoChapter Three
    Chapter FourChapter FiveChapter Six
    Updater Currently Inactive

    The Well
    While searching for Cryptids, Alli and Mint
    come across an old well in the lost city of Solaris.
    Chapter One
    Not Yet Picked Up

    Burnt Forest Wastelands
    Believing the damage done to this area was caused by a
    Cherufe, Alli and Little Gar examine the charred forest for clues.
    Chapter OneChapter TwoChapter Three
    On Hold

    The Upper Floors
    Alli, Codi, and Pluto travel to the Phantom Isle and
    find themselves exploring a haunted hotel. Alli is questing
    to capture a Will-O-Wisp, while Pluto seeks treasure.
    Chapter OneChapter TwoChapter Three
    Chapter FourChapter FiveChapter Six
    On Hold

    Shale Beach
    Wanting to dig up some Salamanders,
    Alli brings with her the hardy crew of Codi, Mint, and Little Gar,
    the later of which who quickly stirs up trouble!
    Chapter One
    Not Yet Picked Up

    Find the Unown!
    Alli travels to the Lost City of Alph with Mint in order
    to capture some Unown and stop a psychic sandstorm!
    Chapter OneChapter Two
    On Hold

    Alli and Codi head out on a special training mission together.
    Alli hopes to aid Codi in overcoming his fear of battling,
    while at the same time attempting to capture a Pokemon.
    Chapter OneChapter TwoChapter Three
    Chapter Four
    In Progress

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