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Thread: Future Pokemon Generation? Generation 6 Questions!

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    Default Future Pokemon Generation? Generation 6 Questions!

    1. What will the new starters look like? What are their names?
    2. What will the new girl look like in the next Pokemon Anime?
    3. Will Generation 6 be good or bad?
    4. What is the next Pokemon Anime's name?
    5. What are the town/city names for a Generation 6 Pokemon Game/games?
    6. What is the Generation 6's game named? Examples : Pokemon Purple and Orange Version, Pokemon Pink Version etc.
    7. What will be the rival's name? Who will be your ally? Example : Bianca, Cheren, Silver, N, Hihihiorshi etc.
    8. What are the Elite 4's names?
    9. What are the Gym Leader's names?
    10. What is the new professor's name?
    11. Will you be able to customize your own trainer instead of picking them?
    12. What will be the player characters names for both boy and girl?
    Here are the 12 questions, you can pick one/more of the questions, or maybe you can answer all of them! Enjoy.

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