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They are all goats. Think about it, I know they are supposed to be musketeers, but they do look that way.
Terrakion is a mountain goat. A rather bulky one too. Bahahahaha! (XD)

Other options
Work up and running mixed with maybe Hp fire, to make things interesting.
Ariel ace if it ever meets Heracross, and also, if smogon gets funny and bans this guy to the ubers sometime, then it can take care of Shedninja...(I know about Rock stab, just joking)
Reflect and Calm mind can both be run, though perfered together if you are running special scare.
Focus blast is for the special set. Name the hidden power you want (31 all Ivs for dark!)
Quick attack... Even the dumb kids know better. Seriously, it was only good for Scizor in 3rd gen.

This guy should get Megahorn. After all, Donphan can bounce.
Special terrakion LOL