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I mentioned move tutors in the Cobalion POTW.
1. We weren't sure of mt's then. It was still a shot in the dark. They were only rumors until today.
2. Thx, sorry I wasn't really here to see that, if you did.
3. The Pokemon mt's will still need to be confirmed, which poke learns what(though some are more than obvious). The earliest that will be discovered will be when the game comes out on saturday, unless Nintendo wishes otherwise. So please, as it is a controversial subject as of now, no one discuss this until complete confirmation of the moves that the POTW will learn through these mt's. It will waist posts on what we really are supposed to talk about- sets of competive play, and additional present possibilities alongside that. I may not be in charge of potw, but I know when we are going off topic. So let's get back to
Terrakion, shall we?

Scizor can sting with bp, but it can't get in free. Jellicent, probably one of the best counters, because it can play mind games with this guy- it can switch in to a choiced fighting move, burn it, spray water at it. Other ghosts, such as Gengar, can come in to even a life orbed variant on the fighting move. It can set a sub, to stall, will'o wisp, Giga drain, and though I doubt anyone uses rain based Gengar with hp water anymore, it's still good against our big bully.
As it was said by another person on here, Azumarill is a good option, as it gets a good attack and priority, but like Scizor, it works only as a revenge kill because it can't switch in. Unlike Scizor though, Azumarill is rarely found in OU, if at all.
Any steel can come into a Rock move, unless its a Swords dance (or work up, as I have mentioned that option before. It's actually worth a try!)
Any ghost could really come in to a fighting or x-scizzor.
Burn ruins most variants except for work up, and hazers ruin those and swords dancers. Why you should carry Weezing, another counter of sorts. It can take a lot of it's Stab moves, and burn and clear smog back. Though, like Azumarill, it's not common in OU.